California foreclosures go green

Want to make your lawn look lush and green all year round?

A Stockton man sees the growing number of dead brown lawns of foreclosed homes in the area and sees nothing but green.

Nick Terlouw has launched the Greener Grass Co., which amounts to a service in which he sprays dead lawns with a deep green, water-based dye that makes the turf look good enough for a golf course or a professional football stadium.

For between $175 and $225 per yard, Terlouw uses a motor-powered 50-gallon insecticide sprayer designed for treating orchard trees. He waves his magic wand and in broad sweeps, a la painting a house, makes tired, if not expired, turf sit up and sparkle like Shirley Temple.

Full article here.

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Mold City

RE: Bailout plan rejected – Wow! And check out how the markets reacted. Dropping 400 points in 10 minutes. Anybody here planning on retiring soon?


By next summer we shall see how the provincial budget pan out, given the lower sales tax and overall slower economy.

That's the real budget of course. The pretend budget will come out before the election, but a mini-budget will have to be introduced afterwards due to "unexpected" economic circumstances.


I think teaching people how to live in a van would be the way to go. Wages are poor, rents/housing is unrealistic, this is the perfect solution that responds to poor wages, unrealistic housing, warmer climate on the coast. There should be more trailer parks in Vancouver area, they should allow emty lots to be campgrounds, and hand out used card board boxes and tarps. Bring in a hose or two for water and a couple of porta potties.

I know housing is very expensive, but at least this is better than sleeping on the pavement, it gets noisy with cars racing by. This way they will save on housing costs and the politicians can still have their raises. It is a win/win.


I wonder what sort of business I could start in Vancouver. I think the lawn spraying thing wouldn't do too well. Maybe a scientifically designed perfumed spray to hide the marijuana smell? Any other ideas?


OK, we have gone through incentives. Now we are at "re-partment". By Christmas we'll have phony auctions. By spring of next year we should have developer bankruptcies. By next summer we shall see how the provincial budget pan out, given the lower sales tax and overall slower economy. This whole thing is going down much faster than expected, even though it took forever (2 years behind US) for the downturn the get started.


This off topic but I couldn't resist. The Sun has an article about the "Branches" apartment complex in North Van. "The 50 homes in the first building went to market in mid-June, and some 38 have been snapped up, many by people who used to live in North Vancouver, and have decided the time is right to return." And a few sentences down: "A week from today, approximately 45 of the 84 two-and three-bedroom apartments in the second Branches building will be offered for sale. (Polygon is also erecting a third building on the Branches site, comprised of 31 rental suites.)" When was the last time a condo developer built rental suites? I guess they know they'll never sell so might as well make it look like you planned it this way all along… Burn Baby Burn. Full article: