The Best Blog on Earth!

..Well, best local blog in Vancouver anyways, according to the Georgia Straight readers choice survey.

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, has been voted as the ‘best local blog‘ in the 2008 Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver Readers Choice awards.  As you can probably tell, I’m pretty hyped about that.  Pardon me for a moment while I shake my arms over my head and make crowd cheering noises. We’re number one! We’re number one!

A hearty congratulations to Paul Boenisch who won for ‘Best Realtor’, and a big thanks to Condohype for pointing out that the Straight was running this survey and who posts brilliant deconstructions of condo advertising at the Condohype blog.

Thank you to everyone who voted for this blog, and all the readers that have contributed ideas, conversation and information – you’re what really makes this site worthwhile.

If you’re new here, welcome!  Take a look around and join in the debate – is Vancouver real estate over valued? Are property prices set to crash like they have in California, Florida or Nevada?  Does the Vancouver leaky condo problem concern you?  Are you touching Vancouver real estate with a ten foot pole?  Buying? Selling? Holding fast? Your thoughts and anecdotes are welcome here.  Cheers!

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pot luck maybe 😉


Well done, well deserved.


Congrats Pope,

You do indeed deserve the accolades, you have managed to hang in there a long time, when others have not. Great job, and I hope that you stay blogging through out the downswing as well. This is practically a public service you are providing.


"There is no way in hell I am reducing it 10%, that’s $30 grand!."

To lose what one never had in the first place… that's the worst loss of all… 😆

Patiently Waiting

Thanks Pope, you deserve it.


Hey Deja Dosh and the rest of you, After a rather challenging summer, I'm splitting a place with a friend. We're paying $850 each for a penthouse apartment (23rd floor) in the West End. It's AWESOME…. great dishwasher (not stainless steel but gets the job done nonetheless 🙂 huge kitchen, stunning views and not one but TWO balconies, one off my room! Best of all I'm now paying the lowest rent since 1997. Rental squeeze, my ass. You just have to be patient and smart. So, six months from Dosh's post, Vancouver's become *cheaper*, meaning you don't really have to pay a premium to live here, unless you're dumb enough to buy during a bubble. ex: We're entering another stage of that whole Kubler Ross thing….. anger. 🙂 I'm so excited, I think the next phase is the bargaining phase… Read more »


Congrats Pope! Here's an anecdote to show the mentality of at least one seller… I was speaking to a co-worker today who listed his property 3 weeks ago and has rented a house – he has enough saved for 3 months worth of rent. He has had 3 open houses and no showings, and the Agent has contacted him asking if the price can be reduced. He is PISSED that the Agent is not doing their job right because they want a reduction when they haven’t had any showings (no traffic = 100% agent's fault). He’s willing to wait 3 months before he “panics” and reduces his price. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I told him to remember that he has DOUBLED the value in his property, and that it is better to reduce it now and get… Read more »


krrish1 Says:

March 1st, 2008 at 11:02 am


That’s needy stuff because worldwide companies have to establish their office in all the stuning cities of the world on any cost and worker always bet on higher rates of pay he is right on restricted way,Vancouver is right on direct/ indirect pull over for quality of life.

******No Head Offices then or now*******


Dosh Says:

February 29th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

scullboy, your story shows exactly why real estate wont go down here. even with a good job offer and lower prices you dont want to move away. you think your the only one who will pay a premium to live here?


Congratulations, the pope, and a heartfelt thank you for all your efforts!

I must admit that I MUST read something from this blog before I go to bed, and boy I have a good night sleep after that :)!

I also would like to thank all the contributors to this blog, and in particular patriotz, jesse, and Drachen for their valuable input. You guys have saved me a lot of money, and headache!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


Thanks for keeping this blog going….Its been provided a much needed voice of reason in this insane market


Hey, man. You don't mess with this kid. Congratulations Pope. I tried to vote for you but I was a bit slow on the draw. Glad to see you won none-the-less. Cheers! Messin' With The Kid Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rory Gallagher, Junior Wells What's this a-here goin' all around town The people they say they're gonna put the kid down Oh no, oh look at what you did You can call it what you want to, I call it messin' with the kid You know the kid's no child, and I don't play I says what I mean and I mean what I say Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh look at what you did You can call it what you want to, I call it messin' with the kid You know the kid's no child, and I don't… Read more »


Long time lurker congratulates you.

Keep the faith, savers (hopefully) will be rewarded


Great job, pope.

Now shouldn't we all get back to our usual pessimistic selves?

BTW, fannie, freddie, merrill, lehman, bear, HBOS (UK), Northern Rock (UK)…why can't we have a banking failure or buyout in Canada?

We all know we have too many banks as it is…come on Canada! Pls not Vancity or Citizens though…:-)


Congrats on a great blog.


A well deserved honour indeed. While Vancouver real estate agents urged us to buy at the top of the market a voice of sanity at gave a different perspective. This blog saved saved me from making a very expensive mistake.


WEll done Pope! You (and Mohican)have done a great job of filling VHB's rather big shoes in the Vancouver RE blogosphere. At this point, scary as it sounds, I don't know if I could have my morning coffee without you (cue creepy stalking music).

On another note, I was just thinking, with all that has happened in the market in the last week (and with Van RE so far this summer/fall), I'm thinking that the bulls have been right all along – it really IS different this time!!


Well deserved. I'm pretty sure I voted for you (you or condohype). I'm a regular to both (as well as Paulb) so you guys are my lifeline.

You don't realize that if it wasn't for VHB and his original and highly preiscent blog, and then yours, legions of us Bears might have been sorry owners. I can count myself as one of the lucky ones who found the blogs before I gave in to the pressure.

Thanks for saving my financial life.


Great site….a clearer view high above the haze of MSM smog.


Congrats Pope!


Congrats, but more importantly, Chipman didn't win, blah hahahah. Sorry, maybe that was mean, I used to read and post over there but gave up after watching him slowly and steadily flip from bull to… well not bear yet but he'll get there and state "I've always said _________ ".


Nope, decimated comes from an old Roman military practice of killing every tenth soldier in a group.

Mr. Market

"You know decimated means ‘reduced by ten percent’ right?"

I think decimated means reduced by a factor of ten, by the movement of a decimal point.



I love your blog a lot.


Ted: Yes, that was me. I just bought a house in Pitt Meadows. Pretty happy there too (taking the West Coast Express in to work beats the crap outta the skytrain), but of course I know I'll be losing money. I'm just hoping that since it seemed reasonably priced compared to other stuff in the area, and we drove a hard bargain, we won't have lost *too* much over time if we decide to sell in a few years.