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I thought that place sounded a little too good. The going rate for deposit is half months rent not $1000. Nobody here measures in Metres. Its BS, while your at it why don't you send money to that scam in Nigeria where he is rich and can't get his money but you send $10,000 and he will send you $500k. A fool and his money….


Lily Pad, that is too bad.

The going rate fr that unit is $1800 so $1500 sounded realistic considering someone has been trying to rent that unit for two months @$1990 (which won't happen because the new ritz, shangri la etc. are going to get snapped up first and there are still countless units available)


RE#97 check out scambaiting



What's this about developers, rental housing and tax breaks? Sorry boys, the party's over. The economy is tanking, there is already an oversupply of residential units. This oversupply will need to be focussed on . Will they be sold or rented? Are the developers saying they should build more housing? Why? Just to remain solvent? The focus now is to stop these already built units from turning into a disaster,ie slums, crime dens etc. This is the looming disaster with so much overpriced and overhyped strata type of housing in a collapsing RE market. There must be a point that any given strata must have secured ownership before it unravels. I remember the 1980's MURB program which was dedicated to rental housing. When the economy tanked , they too were desperate for renters, but there wasn't as much product on… Read more »

Lily pad

Re: #82 bdk: I emailed and got the following response on the 2 bd. 2 den 2 bath Pallisades apartment. I would say a good 30% of the ads on craigslist apartmental rentals are scams. Thanks for your mail. I am west,the owner of the apartment you are making enquiry of .will be available for 3year or maybe longer .It was due to my transfer to EGYPT for a course ,that was why it is vacant for $1500 per month the deposit is $1000 Moreover,are you very clean,kind and easygoing?because i spent alot on my apartment,so i want somebody who can take care of the apartment as his own.Can you? .Kindly let me know as soon as possible because i want somebody who is realible to occupy it. • The ground floor 85 M2 (square meters) apartment with central heating… Read more »


Dumboo bear who use my name to make bearish comments need not to use it because vancouver real estate has only one way exit that's up,up,and up. What does that mean by up?That's mean people who chose to sell at anytime in decade does not exit without making profit out of it and people who get in they never pay more than it's future.Ask some of previous seller who has sold it on different time and different years like strataman and "sold2soon" 2005 up ,Kfinancial 2006 up, "M" and Brittanny 2007 up, Daman and Krrish2 got rid one out of his five in 2008 up.I request all the bears to use your full force put more solid argument in favour of r.e. melt down but remember one and only true fact about vancouver real estate buy without fear and buy… Read more »


smart money say's no recovery until after 2010 A ) Housing Slow and Points to Obama Economic Quandary The massive stimulus package will be running against a slowing economy and unemployment that may add 500 ,000 persons per month to the unemployment rolls. Now today's new that price and sales sales are still falling – the only glimmer of hope is the decline in starts that will eat at the inventory numbers. Sales of existing homes plunged far more than expected last month as buyers recoiled from October's financial wreckage on Wall Street. The median sales price fell by the largest amount on record. The National Association of Realtors said Tuesday existing home sales fell 8.6 percent to an annual rate of 4.49 million in November, from a downwardly revised pace of 4.91 million in October. Sales Price Drops 13… Read more »


Sub-areas of Los Angelas now off 81%. Median house prices heading for $100,000. It's going to happen. We'll party like it's 1995 !!!!


It is widely acknowledged that BC is lagging the US market but statistics show we're falling off a cliff and WE WILL reach terminal velocity in early '09.


at a time when it appears that no one is willing to buy.

no one is willing to buy


roll this around in your head a couple of times…… bet you never thought this could actually happen did you?

no buyers…. nada!

even for TV Towers…….

umm happy holidays btw


VANCOUVER — With the British Columbia condo market in a deep freeze, developers are looking at constructing a form of housing that hasn't attracted their interest for 35 years – rental apartment buildings.

Major developers say they are looking at ways to make rental work, in order to keep their companies in gear at a time when it appears that no one is willing to buy.

Patiently Waiting

Original Globe and Mail story:


Patiently Waiting


I'm now going to try to locate the original story.

Patiently Waiting

Developers considering building rental apartments


"According to the Globe and Mail, the Urban Development Institute is holding a workshop in January to help builders understand the market.

For the past 35 years, rental apartments have fallen by the wayside and many buildings in Vancouver were bulldozed to make way for condos, resulting in a severe shortage.

One developer is in talks with both Vancouver and Richmond, hoping to get a temporary break on property taxes in exchange for a promise to keep the buildings as rentals for ten years or more."

I'm not sure how they will make this work. My guess is either low-end highly-subsidized rentals or high-end with extra special luxuries to try to justify high rents.

Either way, this is an kick in the crotch for the specuvestor accidental landlords.


Thompson-the-no-more-numbers-monkey said:

“Merry Christmas! Bears, Bulls, and …. Pigs.”

There must tons of them where he came from.

Crassest pig indeed.


All the parasitic Mike-Thompson-JH suckers are the bottom dregs that are part of this Golden Ponzi Century.


I, too, hope that late next year we can come up with some arguments to start looking to buy. At least to seriously start checking out some listings, even if not to the point of writing offers yet And that would indeed, be a better argument to a Realtor in desperate need of a commission cheque.

Wonder if he can hang on that long?


Good luck selling that condo you made your mum buy at firenze Mike Stewart.

Maybe she can furnish it and you can rent that one instead of your west end bachelor. Nice top hat too.

Best of luck being the king of the overpriced listing while workinga t downtown shittiest realty office Mike Stewart, here's to another $200k year as that shithole you rent in the west end will only go up in price!

Mike Stewart

Have a good Xmas bears!

Hope you have some better arguments next year!



Hey…how about Wayne Cox and the Hospital Lottery ads.

I think you can either

(i) win a house "worth" over $3 Million


(ii) take approx. $2 Million cash instead

Dam…decisions ,….decisions

Toss a coin?


$1500 / 2br – Coal Harbour, Downtown 2br + 2 den + 2 bathrooms, 1000 sqft

This is The Palisades building.

16th floor, almost 1000sq feet of living facing south!

Great location near Robson st, walk to everywhere including Stanley Park and English Bay. New urban fare, close to the new Shangri-La Hotel and Urban Fare!

Prestigious living area of Downtown.

Very new cherry colour laminate floor!

2 bedrooms (master bedroom is ensuite)

1 den

2 full bathrooms

1 kitchen

1 living room

1 parking stall

1 large storage locker

Washer and dryer

Gym and swimming pool, conference room

Rent: $1500

Available: NOW

Please email me


Tony Danza Says: September 13th, 2007 at 7:52 am sweet succulent grouper: tinyurl.com, enter the link in the box click on the button, copy and past url into post. I believe that we have only seen the beginning of RE appreciation in Vancouver. Thousands of units added to inventory, thousands of people moving to Vancouver every day to take up jobs at Tim Horton’s, many RE agents, baristas, taxi drivers and hairdressers owning multiple properties, front page stories on condo assignment flipping, etc… This market has only one place to go, up. How could it not? Who says you can’t use past performance to predict future gains? satv, Chief, thank you guys so much for finally stringing together a cogent argument and opening my eyes to the new paradigm that is Vancouver real estate, the best real estate in the… Read more »

Draken is an ?

Tony Danza,

You’re not as dumb as I thought!

September 13th, 2007 at 7:52 am

Tony Danza#98

Satv, Chief, thank you guys so much for finally stringing together a cogent argument and opening my eyes to the new paradigm that is Vancouver real estate, the best real estate in the WORLD!!


#76 The City sold off Expoland for a song!

May be after 2010, the related land and assets will be sold off for a dime!


Crossroads ? : Oh yeah http://www.busby.ca/clients/CrossRoads/index.htm I drove past it the other night. Between the Vancouver City Hall and the VPD building . Got to hand it to them for creative marketing and optimism. Must be using the brochure language they drafted a few years back. Reference to Expo 86 ? Seems to be coded language trolling for Rich offshore specuvestors. Seems to have secured a number of commercial tenants, but how many will still commit to closing in March 2009 ? QUOTE: " Please note that contract assignments will not be permitted after January 31st 2009." (aka Watch for any ads for Crossroads assignments over the next Month…ie over the next 38 days.) QUOTE: "With the billions of dollars about to be spent on the Olympics, Greater Vancouver is about to do it again! Permanent infrastructure, including the Canada… Read more »

Tony Danza

2009 is going to be a great year for me.

Congratulations Dave on getting out of the RE racket, you're not as dumb as I thought!