Real Homes of Genius

There was (still is?) a great ad campaign down in the United States, called “Real men of genius”, which mock salutes occupations. Listen to some of the ads at this URL:

That, and this house that I saw on the MLS, inspired me to write the following “real home of genius” copy.  I hope you enjoy it. I wonder how much this little gem will be worth by the time 2012 rolls around.

Vancouver Condo Info Presents: Real Homes of Genius
(Real homes of Genius)
Today we salute you. Mrs. West-Side Vancouver Development Opportunity
(Mrs. West-Side Vancouver Development Opportunity)

Without you, there would be no need market for demolition contractors
(Blow it up and start all over!)

Built during the depression-era of the 1930s, you have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and an
unfinished basement
(Who needs drywall anyway)

You’re “charming” and “intimate”, with character, and your kitchen was remodeled as recently as the 1970s.
(Mahogany rules)

Anyone who buys you, will end up tearing you down just to build you up again. And for the opportunity to do this, you’ll charge them only 1.3million dollars
(Plus 6% commission)

So, pop open a nice cold Bud light, you doyen of dreams, because there’s only so much land in Kits, and you’re nice enough to be squatting on only 33ft. of it.
(Size is over-rated)

-The Dude

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Drachen is back in action good answer drachen good answer!

Lily pad

To give credit where credit is due I based my little ditty on Mr. Fancy Coffee Shop Coffee Pourer to be found at the link above. LOL



If the condo is full of people (who live there) they can't be homeless… Can they?

Or were you using an oxymoron on purpose?

(I was going to say "being oxymoronic" but that might be taken the wrong way)



buying a condo for $400,000 was dumb and you can only exit now by selling for $200,000 or walking away from $80,000 deposit or live in it and pay $3,000 every month to live in a condo full of homeless people!

sorry I won't feed the troll again



An 11 year old 3 bdr pile of wood shavings, no land… in PoCo, 509K.

I can get it brand new, here in Richmond for only 10k more…

Good luck with that one….





You got busted in this thread i think you are the one who has spend two weeks on the blogs throwing misleading info in the blogs hmmmm?


The Dude,

Realtors commission is included in the list prices and seller is responsible to pay his realtor at the end of sale so it's not a listed prices plus commission but for sellers it's a listed prices minus realtors commission,buyers never pay any commission to any of realtor.


buy bye specuverstors!

look our for falling knives!

i haven't said anything intelligent for years!

where am i going to put my porsche's! outside my basement suite!


In Housing Fall, Breaking Up Is Harder to Do :


Many banks don't have enough money to survive in 2009, but mergers will keep their brands alive, said Ralph Silva of TowerGroup (CNBC Video)

1/3 of Banks Will Disappear Next Year>


>I wonder how much this little gem will be worth by the

>time 2012 rolls around.

By the time 2012 rolls around, we'll be looking at an over 50% haircut on Vancouver home prices from their peak in May, 2008.

Long way to drop still. Prices are going DOWN, DOWN, and DOWN.


Vancouverboom2, samlee, rmdrmd, hkboy, thompson, fryhousegroup, cupertino et al… go back to your audience at vansky and westca. Stop embarrassing your community with your chinglish. Your gibberish is making no sense even to the chimps at the zoo. I really worry for your sanity.

Where is old bill now? Who will find him first? his creditors? Or the coroner? Amen.


#3 other ted, you're right, a waste of time.

Lilypad, funny.


You might want to give credit to the following popular blog below which has done this for years already.

Lily pad

Hey Dude, Very funny stuff! I went to the link and listened to some of the Real Men of Genius commercials and LMAO! Someone ought to write one for realtors. Today we salute you, Mr. Downtown Vancouver Real Estate Agent. (Mr. West-Side Vancouver Real Estate Agent). What do you do with a grade ten education and no skills? You get a realtard certificate. And flog condos for a living. (Flog them, baby). Why is it called a condo? Maybe because it leaks and needs to be covered with a green condo-om. Someone need a place to live? Step aside and let the downtown man who works the downtown streets take over. (Step aside). Sure you charge 500 grand for a shoebox condo. It's charging that Mount Everest commission that takes the real guts. So crack open a nice cold bud… Read more »


Classic. I love those commercials, been listening to a U.S. radio station from San Francisco over the internets, and been letting my coworkers listen to those when they come on. Great job!

other ted

I find this thread incoherent. Not going to waste even two seconds to read it.


I'm number 2 ….I tink….But then again its only VB2


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