Condo Buying Tips in the Condowiki

I was doing my normal clean up of spam and vandalism in the Vancouver Condo Info Wiki when I discovered this gem – It looks like Jesse and John Harvey have been hard at work creating a useful list of things to consider when buying a condo, particularly a new presale condo.

The Condo Buying Tips wiki page has info on bait and switch scams, weasel clauses to look out for in a contract and advice from an inspector on what to check before you take possesion of a condo.

I’ve changed permissions in the Wiki to require a user account to make changes to help cut down on garbage.  Anyone can sign up for a wiki account on this page.

A big thank you to everyone who has added content to the wiki to help make it a useful community resource!

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NO -LYMPICS: i have also seen a mature bldg with long term owners who have allowed the Strata fees to 'creep' up to several hundred dollars a month. I have been asked to move into several complexes to help get things re-set, thats impossible of course. The main problem is complacency. many owners get comfortable seeing a few percentage points added on a regular basis. At 10 0r 15% a year it doesn't seem much until it becomes agregious. 'Fee Creep', is the issue that a lot of older owners find is most distressing because of thier own fixed income. The best thing to do is to stay active in the starta council and a;ways call for competative bids whenever service contracts expire, including the property manager itself, before costs are out of control. Secondly, many people buy into projects… Read more »



Truth hurts but that's not my concern i have delivered that valuable information at my expense however you did not mention $1003k vs your fakely stated 2008 assessment=what? minus lowest of 2007 at 928k for 2009 this house has been sold for neck to neck for 71k profit while you have calculated 15% less than million.


Informer10: You're WAY off! So off in fact that you could've bought yourself one of these with the difference.


Anonymous:Seems like that house was sold for $999.000,Lowest of 2009 vs 2007 at $928k Orignal Value at time of listing $1000k check listing #14


I'd rather live in a used condom than ANY Vancouver condominium. With the former, one can at least get out and clean up.



Today I drove by a condo/apartment…(3 )SOLD signs on the old sticker flicker. However, the building is approx. 30 years old…but this also implies a full building aka stable ownership likely with its strata act together.

Re Management companies…yeah, that is a real dog's breakfast. Had to assist some family members with a reno project..couldn't get through to the management company which had some documents on file, tradesmen had to bail, a day wasted. They eventually fired the management company. I wonder how many just sit on their ass and collect fees,…but when they actually have to do something prove to be money well wasted. I wonder how big a scam that biz might be re: poor service vs good service.


The first thing you should do when considering the purchase of a condo is decide to take your time and do it right. 1) Hire a lawyer who will remover all the weasel clauses out of your sales contract. He will also make sure that you are protected from any changes made to the bldg envelope, upgrade your warranties etc etc. 2) Hire an experianced realtor ( if you absolutly can't think for yourself) not affilited with the project to negotiate your deal. Theres plenty of deals so don't get stuck on one. The vendor pays 100% of the commish. Ask for all the most recent comps and don't get a realtard who'll show you design books and lifestyle magazines while talking about recent sales. 3) Anticapate further price weakness and lowball the crap out of any deal. And remember… Read more »


What is going on with MAC Marketing ?

Given their latest ad campaign , they seem to have flatlined with their mega condo sale…stuck at "alleged" sales in mid 200 units range , from a total of 375 ?

Did they bag the last batch of "greater fools" and piss off the competition ?

Head up Arse Syndrom

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And lets look at this $ 30 BILLION going up in smoke to keep GM making autos nobody wants. That is about 25 fully paid for Olympic villages.

Best Condo Tip

Don't dare buy a condo now you dumbarse you.