“Vancouver’s Best Realtor” leaving town

Local Realtor Paul Boenische has been providing daily statistics for the lower mainland market since the end of 2007. In 2008 he won the Georgia Straights reader choice award for “Best Realtor”.  Many of you have read his blog and seen his comments on other sites (like this one) under the name PaulB, so it is sad to see that he is leaving Vancouver for the improved quality of life in PEI.

We initially were interested in Charlottetown because we have some family there, and after researching it and visiting PEI, the vastly improved quality of life is what convinced us. Sandra and I want to have the time to be very involved in the lives of our children, and PEI is affordable as well as being beautiful.

I will miss the opportunity to work with many of you. I always got a kick out of meeting the person behind the avatar. However, I look forward to selling real estate in a market where I can more easily see value for the dollar. Selling first-time home buyers into a 200k house will feel good compared to the recent speculative mania that has infested BC real estate. And when you toss in beautiful beaches and the best golf in Canada it all made a tough decision a little easier.

You can read the rest of his farewell message on his blog.

I skipped town during the ‘Best of Vancouver’ awards party, so I never got to meet you Paul.  Best of luck with your move, I hope that you will keep us updated on how you and your family are enjoying your new home.

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"In what country, right now, are people of Chinese origin not allowed to vote, not allowed to form free trade unions, subject to prison labour, and not allowed to freely live where they want to? I have a little problem with people who get rich exploiting workers under such a system. How about you"

I never said the posters or anglos had a monopoly on racism or exploitation. Classic racist-in-denial arguements. When called on being racist you point to some other marginally related injustice committed by the group you are targeting to confuse the issue; Blame asians for wrecking the "character" of the city and when called on it defend yourself by saying that asians are racist too.

Canada's Poores

It seems like Kuroame's the one whose touched a few nerves around here with a wonderfully succint riposte to the racists on this blog : Overcome your upbringing.

There's no doubt in my mind at this point that the Pope has no problem with the hare-brained xenophobic commentary posted by some of the regulars on this blog. He censors RealPaul, but enables the xenophobes to continue polluting every last thread. How does it feel to let your own blog go from decent to not-so-hot, Pope?

If it were up to me, the xenophobes' posts would get the boot, not the ones that go harsh on "realtards". (Thanks for that one, RealPaul!)

But, it's not up to me, so I am recusing myself from this increasingly irrelevant forum.

Bye Bye.

Canada's Poores

Patriotz said to Kuroame:

I have a little problem with people who get rich exploiting workers under such a system. How about you?

It's so beautiful how it comes full circle, doesn't it?

Now over 1000 of those Chinese who got rich by being "racist" to other Chinese in China are heading over to PEI over the next few months. And they'll be a needing $200,000 "starter" homes to live in, won't they?


Enter Paul B., stage left.


"He could be like Chavez.

Anyway I made a couple of pepperoni sales in LA."

OMFG, the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks, John. As always, a breath of fresh air in the NO-LYMPICS zone.


NO -LYMPICS: Thanks, but I'm sure identifying people personally unless they out themselves with thier own personal deeds is not the way to go. Most of theses people I speak of so fondly are just dumb chimps. I like to get after the real idiots when they start to take themselves too seriously by doing or saying really outlandish things. Then they are fair game and it's OK to call them out. Uber Dipshits like Booby Runniepants for example who's new boyfriend must be using LSD soaked condoms. That fart blowing dickhead deserves a public firehose enema for talking the bullshit he does. To list all the realtards who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time even if it was on the way to stealing thier mothers purse is akin to beating a dog, just no fun for… Read more »



It's a bit like being a farmer and getting shit on your shoes, it comes with the territory. A supervisor, director and/or employer doesn't have to like all his empolyees do they . If that were the case you'd never get a job would you.



Oh, I see so because some Chinese are racist too and some rich chinese people who can afford a nanny exploit them it is then ok to say racist things about asians. Cool logic.

That's your logic not mine.

Here's a little quiz for you.

In what country, right now, are people of Chinese origin not allowed to vote, not allowed to form free trade unions, subject to prison labour, and not allowed to freely live where they want to?

It's not Canada.

I have a little problem with people who get rich exploiting workers under such a system. How about you?

Dan in Calgary

Listen to yourselves. Overcome your upbringing.

kuroame, take a breath and listen to yourself, please!

Clearly I and others touched a raw nerve. My apologies. Having said that, I think you need to overcome your own upbringing. Your family memory is important and no amount of restitution could ever make up for what happened. But imHo you brought this memory inappropriately, with considerable vitriol, into the present. That was your first post. Now you just won't back down. Your eyes have glazed over.



Post # 130

Good rant..right up there with scullboy classics.

However, I might advise you provide a few good anecdotes from the experiences with realtors you allude to in Post # 130…through some meat on them bones.


Rich Women Blog About Bad Economy, Bad Sex Lives http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,485633,00.htm… QUOTE: Their clothing allowance has been halved, they've had to fire their personal trainers and their sex lives have tanked. They're the once-pampered — now highly disgruntled — women partners of U.S. bankers and they're speaking out about how the financial meltdown has changed their lives and their relationships. "The sitter's hours are cut, both the family and my private credit card are cut in half, and I'm switching from having my facials and massages in my earthy, yoga-and-wine serving downtown spa to a midtown been-in-business-forever place with ladies in cubbies wearing pink jackets and lots of make-up giving facials only," says one entry from Cathy, who wrote about life in Manhattan with a banker husband whose income was cut in January by 75 percent Ryan Tate, writing on Gawker.com,… Read more »


I've been pondering this post since the departure of PaulB. While I appreciate the time and effort he put into his daily numbers that have helped me to avoid buying into the MAC/Rennie Marketing systems dream, I am also drawn back to the issue of leaving for betterment of life to PEI. Seems to me being a realtor in the past 4 years, '03-07, whith PaulB's accumen, would have put oneself and their family in an above average Vancouver income bracket and quality of life. Enough one would think to wait for the bears to come out to buy in 12-18 months time.. I can side with anyone making a decision to put one's self and family first, but as it is with most industries the people you don't want to quit,do, and you are left with the lesser lights.… Read more »


I was just in LA and let me tell you things are hoping again in the US as we've seen with the HUGE increase in retail sales last month. It was like the Obama rally extended into every day life. Everyone was talking about hope and change and spending money. No need for a stimulus just have huge 100 million dollar parties for Obama on tv. He could be like Chavez.

Anyway I made a couple of pepperoni sales in LA. The rich asians all asked me about condos in Vancouver. I played it hard to get so I can get multiple offers.


"I have in the past managed realtards by the hundreds as part of my departmental responsibilities as an executive with a large diverse investment firm here in Vancouver."

so if realtors are icky and you managed hundreds of them, doesn't that kind of make you… ickier?


MickeyFinn: There was no recession here: Feb ‘07 2,859 units Feb ‘06 2,941 units Feb ‘05 3,068 units.but there seems to be downturn compare to peak prices and peak sales after july 2008 That's why Feb 2009 sales and prices are very important in comparison with January 2009 sales and prices,seems like they had sustain the hard knocked injuries and recovering really fast in shape of 12.1 magnitude that was recorded last month by rebgv.


Is Dubai Vancouver's Twin ? For many foreigners, Dubai had seemed at first to be a refuge, relatively insulated from the panic that began hitting the rest of the world last autumn. The Persian Gulf is cushioned by vast oil and gas wealth, and some who lost jobs in New York and London began applying here. But Dubai, unlike Abu Dhabi or nearby Qatar and Saudi Arabia, does not have its own oil, and had built its reputation on real estate, finance and tourism. Now, many expatriates here talk about Dubai as though it were a con game all along. Lurid rumors spread quickly: the Palm Jumeira, an artificial island that is one of this city’s trademark developments, is said to be sinking, and when you turn the faucets in the hotels built atop it, only cockroaches come out. Comment:… Read more »



Informer10 – I don't understand why you are comparing February market activity with January? Historically, February is one of the peak selling months and should well outperform January… afterall it's the beginning of the spring sales surge.

From the REBGV historical data, here are the total sales of detached, attached and appartments for:

Feb '07 2,859 units

Feb '06 2,941 units

Feb '05 3,068 units

Geez, I guess I should be even more bearish than I already am… it would appear that we've got record high inventory, with massive additional supply coming onstream for a couple more years and current sales activity which is pathetic when looked at from an historical perspective. Hmmm, I wonder what that will do to prices?


No one tell "SUV n' pepperoni" John about this …promise! Laid-Off Foreigners Flee as Dubai Spirals Down http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/12/world/middleeas… DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Sofia, a 34-year-old Frenchwoman, moved here a year ago to take a job in advertising, so confident about Dubai’s fast-growing economy that she bought an apartment for almost $300,000 with a 15-year mortgage. Now, like many of the foreign workers who make up 90 percent of the population here, she has been laid off and faces the prospect of being forced to leave this Persian Gulf city — or worse. “I’m really scared of what could happen, because I bought property here,” said Sofia, who asked that her last name be withheld because she is still hunting for a new job. “If I can’t pay it off, I was told I could end up in debtors’ prison.”… Read more »


The Pope: Nope, what I have said in earlier strings was that I have in the past managed realtards by the hundreds as part of my departmental responsibilities as an executive with a large diverse investment firm here in Vancouver. Developing new real estate franchises was one of my business models. Several of the businesses I helped create are still in existence. I designed buisness models to sell to new immigrant Canadians. I didn't say that 'I'd had a bad experiance with a realtor' I said I knew the realtard soul in and out and can say without reservation that this lot are the worst sales slime on average more than anyone can imagine. My boss used to ask me not to be so 'slaphappy' with these clowns, but because I would have to peel thier asses off the floor… Read more »


"The website will live on!".-PAUL B.

I am very happy that we can continue on. The new site owner is a fantastic Realtor and most importantly honest and objective. I could not have left the site in better hands".-Paul B.


MickeyFinn: Which is better? Half Truths? …..or White Lies? The "good time to buy" is simply a relativity argument, not an absolute argument. One looks at the Big Picture. Connect the dots. Who would buy…? —do parties have all cash offers to throw around ? — are the banks being far more conservative when lending in a market that is ALSO experiencing massive job losses ? It's much like a person drowning 20 ft. from shore, a person throws them a 15 ft. rope and says " I met you more than 1/2 way…. what's your problem ?, you want my help or not " ? The RE bubble didn't exactly blow up to ground zero, it is deflating. —-There is nothing to suggest it will inflate,….and —-Nothing forseeable to stop it from deflating. THUS,….What other conclusion can one make… Read more »


MickeyFinn: Yours welcome and please take your time unless you think you were right but no rush weekly stats prices are at 802 compare to 782 for four weeks,Eight bussiness days sales stand at 580 compare to 773 sales for january.


realestatescatterbrain: Mickey has requested an update graph nope? however i was not sure if that will turn your face like brownie 😉


Affordable Housing: Five Myths http://thetyee.ca/News/2009/02/12/HousingMyths/ Myth #1: The market correction will restore affordability Myth #2: As home prices fall, so will rents Myth #3: Empty condos will loosen up the rental market Myth #4: Build more homes and prices will drop Myth #5: The government needs to subsidize more housing =================================================== Interesting read . Fellow VCI poster may want to really look at some of the rationale behind these. QUOTE: Kelowna and Victoria boast the lowest rental vacancy rates in Canada. Vacancies averaged 0.3 per cent in both markets, according to a survey by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Vancouver finished close on their heels in the October 2008 survey. Of roughly 54,000 market-rental apartments in Vancouver, a mere 160 units were available. As long as demand for rental apartments continues to outstrip supply by such a large margin,… Read more »


Informer10: Informer10 thanks for the link to the graph. Much appreciated. Yes you're right the "majority" may feel that it's a good time to buy, but then again the majority are sheep. Go have a read of the analysts' opinions on Nortel in the year 2000 – after Nortel had started to seriously fall from it's all-time high of $125 per share set just about a year earlier – most of the investment bank sheep were bleating that it was "cheap again" when it had fallen in the $90 per share range. Oops, guess they were wrong on that one. Oh well, it only wiped a mere $350 billion off of the sheep investors' account statements. I wanted the updated average price graph chart so that I could send it to a friend of mine who lives in Singapore. He… Read more »