Government announces new ‘deficit surplus’

The government of Canada is moving farther away from it’s policy of not running large budget deficits with today’s announcement of a new “budget deficit surplus” policy:

Today’s announcement by the government has surprised and angered many supporters of the Harper government, but newly appointed spending secretary Amhed Uhpnaym argues that it’s an important first step to getting the economy back on track.

“we looked at all our options and decided this was our most prudent option at this time.” explains Uhpnaym “Unemployment levels are rising, and our largest trading partners aren’t showing any signs of a quick recovery from this recession.”

“On the positive side, prices on Vancouver real estate are at a three year low! Have you seen some of the incredible deals out there? By running a surplus deficit now we’ll have enough available Capitol to invest at these rock bottom prices. I mean seriously, only $600 per sq foot in the prime edge of Yaletown! It’s time for us to hop down off this fence and invest, our children will thank us.”

The plan announced today will see an additional 2.8 trillion added to the deficit, which will then be used as down payments on presale developments across the lower mainland. The prime minister is said to currently shopping at Ikea for a smaller couch that will fit his favorite floorplan and was unavailable for comment.

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In the event of an economic crisis please

remain calm and carry on.

Fckin Denalis

Got me. I guess I'll have to wait to hear Supra's bullish BS again..


Fckin Denalis: April Fool

Fckin Denalis

Supraboy – what happened – you thought it was time to buy at the peak! Now you're agreeing with us all – the bubble is bursting. Lucky your Supra is payed off (they haven't made those since when?)


Fish is back! He has a Vancouver housing blog that is worth checking out, if you haven't already.


Supraboy: Who are you?


Absolutley no one believes that a recovery is on the way. In fact the current published recession projection numbers have already been surpassed to the downside by the stats that were oublished today which indicates that things are getting worse faster than anyone can track. "The U.S. economy will contract this year much more sharply than the Obama administration has forecast, and next year's U.S. unemployment rate will reach double digits, far higher than the White House has predicted, according to a report issued Tuesday by a group representing the world's most advanced economies. The U.S. recession "has deepened sharply, with output contracting at an alarming pace and the labor market weakening rapidly. Since December 2007, nearly 4.5 million jobs have been lost," the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said in its report. "The financial system remains fragile… Read more »



#10 Addendum to this story. The news release stated that the 'PRIVATE SECTOR' lost 742,000 jobs in March. Why were public sector losses not counted or published for counting? How many people in the public sector ecperianced jobs loss? I have been reading about MANY public sector workers in every area being laid off in the tens of thousands. Why are those numbers absent? Very curious.


I think Harper should squat low in an asparagus patch.


Dead cat bounce over? Very soon. The BC real estate market is a fraud, absolutely no different to the U.S. Last 7 years nothing more then an explosion of mortgage debt by hundreds of billions. The BC real estate price level was supported by massive underwriting of mortgage debt rather than income & dividends. I tell you one thing, I would not hold one Canadian bank stock, take a look at Citigroup's chart. And our banks our different and conservative, what a crock of BS that is. Basic economics suggests at the end of the day, a healthy economy needs real wealth producing industries to sustain income. What happens when the rich foreigners stop arriving, instead it is those who have little money and need services. The credit bubble is exploding fast, the end of zero down in October 2008… Read more »


nice link deathspiral.

I wonder why vancouverites are so confident that housing prices will hold up. Every open house that I go to, the agent puts a spin on things telling me it's the time to buy, rates are low, etc…I walked in to a house near kerrisdale last weekend and 2 ladies were telling me to buy before it's too late. Too late for what? 1.8mill for a starter home, a 33×140 lot. What a complete joke. The house itself is not worth more than 150k, the land itself at most is worth 800k and I'm being generous here. And they want 1.8 mill.


THROW THIS ON THE "HOLY CRAP" FILE Companies in the U.S. cut an estimated 742,000 workers in March, pointing to no relief in sight for the labor market amid the longest recession in seven decades, a private report based on payroll data showed on Wednesday. The drop in the ADP Employer Services gauge was larger than economists forecast and the most since records began in 2001. February's reading was revised to show cut of 706,000 workers, up from a previous estimate of 697,000. Companies are slashing staff as tight credit conditions and shrinking household wealth cause sales to shrink. The Labor Department may report in two days that employers cut payrolls in March for a 15th consecutive month, putting jobs losses in the current downturn at more than 5 million, according to a Bloomberg survey.… This shows a HUGE… Read more »


I just love when these little nuggets of truth slip out of an officials mouth.

Marc Carney;

The central banker said any rebound would be at a much slower pace due to the "substantial capital misallocation" of recent years in the global economy. As the highly-levered move to aggressively pay down debt, demand for Canadian exports will dampen — leading to a "significant reduction" in Canadian incomes and the ability to sustain domestic demand at past levels.


Anybody wondering why the local MSM whores are printing 'buy now' fibs for the auto industry?

DETROIT – March proved to be another dismal month of steep declines for U.S. auto sales as low consumer confidence and job uncertainty continued to keep buyers away from showrooms, but the improvement from February signaled that bargain-hunting buyers may be providing the momentum for a turnaround.

General Motors Corp.'s sales fell 45 percent from a year earlier, while Ford Motor Co. reported a 41 percent drop. Sales at Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan were just a few points better.

truth hammer

BOC M.Carney does a 180 on his economic prediction. Who is this clown? He now states that his ' on a wing and a prayer' strategy for the CDN economy is for the rest of the world to recover first. Very scary statements from a BOC governor, OTTAWA — Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney now says the recession will likely persist into the second half of the year, although he questions the need for more government stimulus. Speaking to a business audience in Yellowknife Wednesday, Mr. Carney continued to walk away from the central bank's prediction in January that Canada's gross domestic product would expand by 3.8 per cent in 2010, an outlook that left him uncomfortably out of step with Bay Street predictions for a rebound from recession at about half that pace. While he stopped short of… Read more »


Get ready for a no show Olympics as corporate sponsors issue the subtle signal that they're bailing out of the show.

is this secretly why Vanoc and the IOC wanted to close down the schools and government buildings? Was it ( IS IT) a recognition by them that the seats won't be filled and they want the kids to fill in the blank spaces left in front of the camera.

“And a lot of us decided to give our tickets back because we weren’t going to give an experience that we felt was going to be negative to the type of people we bring to the Games, and that is what we have to analyze with all of these venues: Is this experience going to be an experience we want our guests to have?”


Re YLTNBoomerang's question of did anyone catch the special “Mortgage Section” of the Vancouver Sun today?

Did the irony escape me? No.

Especially since the link from the Sun Business section was titled "A Savvy Way to Manage Money". Apparently, borrowing for consumption against an asset declining in value is now a savvy financial move.

Canwest should be sued for giving financial "advice" such as this.

global view

The big picture is getting worse when you look at the big picture. April 1 (Bloomberg) — U.S. manufacturing probably shrank further in March, a report may show today as the recession enters its 17th month and becomes the longest since the 1930s. The Institute for Supply Management’s factory index was at 36 last month, compared with 35.8 in February, according to the median of 74 estimates in a Bloomberg News survey. Readings less than 50 signal contraction. Another report may show companies cut more than 600,000 jobs for a fourth month. Big slide in global trade looms over G-20 meeting By BRADLEY S. KLAPPER – 1 day ago GENEVA (AP) — With global trade sliding, analysts say some of the world's most powerful leaders may need to offer more than ritual support for open markets when they meet this… Read more »


Did anyone catch the special "Mortgage Section" of the Vancouver Sun today? It should be classified as advertising as pretty much every article was spin to make now look like the right time to buy. My favourite though, by far was this title: "Need renos? A car? Try a home equity loan – Favourable interest rates on line of credit give homeowners another way to borrow money"

Seriously! With the Equifax study that more and more people cannot cover credit card interest, do we really need the Sun instructing Sheeple to go get those "needed" reno's or new car by taking advantage of their home equity (before it disapears or turns negative…)

Ahhh, I smell forclosures

Don Lapre



april fool = ftb?