Friday Free-for-all!

Are you ready for Friday, the weekend and all that implies?  Let’s do our weekend round up and open topic discussion.  Here are a few stories I’ve noticed lately:

Vancouver house prices fall for the ninth month in a row
CMHC predicts falling housing market across Canada
Rental increase met with demand to lower rent.  Success.
Will ‘rookie’ homebuyers save the market?
Las Vegas and Phoenix house prices down more than 50%
Green shoots or yellow weeds?

So what are you seeing out there?  Post your news, links and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Craigslist Comedy

This guy is giving away $35k to try and sell his place (or should I say, making it look like he's giving away $35K)! 🙂….


it's true supraboy is just bitter because he can't get any girl, the asian woman think he's gross, the rest of the woman think he's gross.

Luckily he still lives with his Mummy and she thinks he's hot!

global view

global real estate prices down for Q1


Carioca Canuck: #107 CC, It's pretty hard to say 'investment' and 'automobile' in the same sentence without a smile on your face. You can still misle the old ladies with ' offer ends at midnight', or ' it's the last one , or ' my manager will fire me if I give it to you at that price, but I'll ask him'. Bwahahahahahaha. Meanwhile the morally bankrupt city planners aquiesce to developers pressure ( and maybe just a little incentive) to ' not force any expectations' and ' allow more casino's' and 'space for more condominiums'putting the final nail in the coffin of Vancouver downtown.… Has anyone ever been to a professionally developed city where the waterfront is instead used for recreation and commercial applications where people can eat outside and shop along the balastrades? This condo ghetto isolates… Read more »

Carioca Canuck

Patriotz says……"No car dealer would ever claim that owning a car is the key to financial security, or that you had better buy now or be priced out forever."

You've got that right. And if I (or someone else) did, our licensing body would be all over me so fast I wouldn't know which way to turn. Unike realtards……who are allowed to carry on with their fraudulent shenanigens almost unimpeached.


My wife works for a law firm specializing in commercial bankruptcies. Well, very recently, business has been picking up quite rapidly. It's been quiet in their office for the last several years. Now it's happening.

Low borrowing costs again staved off many of these bankruptcies for an extra year or so, but… for many businesses, the end of the line is now on the horizon.

A couple more of my friends are facing layoffs, they're all in construction, no surprise. Still working away for now, but they're not sure what the future holds.

Imagine if we didn't have the construction boom in anticipation of the olympics, etc… This city without construction and real estate boom would be a disaster. Now, with the bubble bursting, construction wrapping up, the recession taking hold, interest rates creeping higher… what's worse than disaster?


other ted:

I know what your saying but people saw a lot of things coming like the housing bubble.

I take it you mean the collapse of the housing bubble, not the onset of the bubble itself, which like all bubbles was inherently unpredictable. Well yes some people saw the collapse coming (like us), but what matters is what the people who were and are buying think, not what the bears think. There is nothing the bears can do except wait for it to collapse as the greater fools run out.

In the stock market people who think a stock is overvalued can short it. Thus both the bulls and the bears can put their money where their mouth is. That's why the stock market discounts known events so quickly. You can't short RE.



#102, Whatever the sociology behind the 'Asian girl-other guy syndrome. The bottom line is I see some very fine Asian girls of many colours out there. Yabadabadoo. Maybe it's just a matter of " if you chase , you might catch, no chase, no catch'.

other ted



It didn’t have more effect on the stock market because everyone saw it coming."

I know what your saying but people saw a lot of things coming like the housing bubble. I think once this sets in the markets will take a hit. On top of that I think this recovery in the markets has been false. There is no good news out there.



people are people regardless of color, race, wealth, etc etc …

That's a commendable attitude but believe me that's not how most Asians think. So maybe some Asians marry non-Asians because they think like you.


those women are just self haters( not just asians ), people are people regardless of color, race, wealth, etc etc …


other ted:

Even though everyone saw this coming I thought it would have more of an effect.

It didn't have more effect on the stock market because everyone saw it coming.

other ted

GM declares bankruptcy, stock markets seem to not be phased. In strange times right now. Even though everyone saw this coming I thought it would have more of an effect. It seems that nothing will wake up the sheeple that we can't keep on living beyond our means. TSX is up so is oil and everyone thinks the good times are around the corner. I thought this was the year of that the downturn would be undeniable to anyone. Maybe next year.

read on

perhaps. I never asked my ex-brother in law why he married her. I think he just liked her. But why… oh the reasons run deep.

No Longer Looking

read on, very interesting.

Its a two way street.

I think some Western men find in immigrant women something they don't find in more "Westernized" women.

read on

Well, this is anecdotally what one of my "hot" asian female friends told me (my ex-sister in law):

For women from traditional asian backgrounds (ie: from Asia or 1st gen immigrants), marrying a non-Asian guy allows them to escape the whole "wife do the work at home, raise the children, be obedient" thing that many traditional Asian cultures still have (and that the West had until maybe the 70s). She saw one of the attractions of her husband (quite a nice middle class white guy) as an entry in Western culture faster than marrying a chinese guy.

I have no idea whether this is true on a wider scale – it's just what she told me.


'The current 'dead cat bounce' just a 'sugar high' according to World Bank.

And whats up with that Asian girl thing? I see more fat bald White and Indian guys walking around with decent looking Asian chicks while primped up Asian boys are driving around in borrowed cars with other Asian boys. The boys might be spending too much time on thier hair and not enough time on the bottom line. Remember guys, just because Mom loves you it doesn't mean everyone else does.

Is it a new kind of 'strange stuff' fever?


Supraboy has overlooked another key point.

Hot Asian Woman detest asian men. Especially Asian Men who live with their Mummies and Daddies.

This explains why you see so many hot Asian woman with average white guys. The Woman bring the looks and the money.


a story about dreamers, suckers and reversion to the mean.


Yeah this recent stock run up is interesting that's for sure. Some stocks are trading 18 times earnings. I really don't think that earnings are gonna be turning around THAT much in the next 6 months. I'm in the stock market now myself, but I am very deversified and bought alot of my stuff when it crashed. My stuff has gone up around 30% since and seriously I'm waiting for the day that the market just tanks again. I don't want to keep all my money in cash either though. If I did than if/when inflation hits I'd be creamed. I just feel keeping all your eggs in one basket is not smart. Better to be deversified. I'd prolly buy more stock than I have now if the earnings multiples came waaay down again. We'll see I guess. But I'm… Read more »



The bear market bottom in March was the second worse ever (after the 1930's), and that may well have been the final bottom. Or maybe not.

I'm neither buying nor selling now (i.e. neutral) and if we test the bottom again, I will buy again.

Remember the the stock market ALWAYS bottoms and enters a new bull market long before housing or employment recovers. The bottom for the stock market in the early 80's was in summer 1982.


I am not so sure about comment #89. History has been known to repeat itself.

Above link to past bear markets from the NYT


You know what? I realized that this website is for the middle class who can't afford a decent home and who wants to buy a home but are left out in the dust. Vancouver's housing prices obviously hasn't fallen much and the middle class here who doesn't have a house are begging for a big crash which is all a fantasy. I believe it might be too late for those 'hoping' to buy a house to get one. The stock markets have stabilized and it's going higher. It's a forward indicator. Those who loaded up the past few months are getting rich now. I'm heavy on oil stocks so I expect oil to explode back over 100/barrel in a few months. Today's market spike is only the beginning of a realization that everything will be a lot better later this… Read more »



I agree, check this TED video out called: ' Don't eat the marshmallow yet '