Political Free-for-all

Oh looky here, a can of worms! Lets open it!

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a provincial election coming up next week.  So for this weeks open-topic Friday lets do a politically charged free-for-all.  This is the place to post your thoughts on who is best prepared to lead BC through this recession.  Who has the best housing policy?  How much control does the provincial government have over issues like affordability and homelessness?  Would the Single Transferable Vote system change provincial politics for the better or worse?

The Green Party of BC
The BC Liberals
-The 29 other parties running
BC Single Transferable Vote
Patriotz on housing policy and politics

You are of course welcome to also post links to economic news as normal, but let’s hear what you think about BC politics as well. Good voting to you all, keep it civilized and have an excellent weekend!

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"Jeff Barkley Says:Reply to this comment

May 8th, 2009 at 2:10 pm

It was a gold rush for the forest companies, at first, as they clear cut and sent all the logs to china."

BC sells very little wood to China. The number one market is the US, with Japan a distant second.


don't forget to vote today!!


Okay this is off topic but kinda fun! "Its full impact on the UK is not likely to be known until the annual flu season in the autumn and winter, when a "really major epidemic" can be expected in the northern hemisphere, says Professor Ferguson." http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8045364.stm So here is the scenario.HEADLINE Vancouver airport YVR has closed because of the world wide flue epidemic. Although well protected against the unlikely event of a terrorist attack YVR had absolutely NO infrared scanners for detecting fever and did not have even one well trained medical evaluation "swat team". Due to this the winter Olympics has been canceled. However due to the large number of security personnel the facilities will be used as various police and army navy air force personal with nothing to do have a competition. 🙂 My comment? This is way… Read more »

Clam Chowderhead

Spring is here the bears should be waking up. The Bulls have been busy nailing cows for the last couple of weeks.


Isn't there a political forum somewhere where you can talk politics? This was a real estate forum last time I checked. Let's keep it this way.


Moderation is a form of censorship. I will not post here anymore. Strange how people fear words…it seems that words, people feel, now have as much power as a gun to enforce harm.

Or is it just that people's paranoia is now a force for good. I shudder at the thought.


DO NOT VOTE: The case. As everyone is well aware the participation rate among voters over the years is dropping. Many people have their reasons, especially politicians, and academics. It doesn't take a genius to understand that people do not get involved with something unless they feel they get something out of it. And that's the problem, voting is becoming more and more an action in futility. Politicians do not answer to the people, in fact they do not even listen to them, unless it is one of those very rare occasions when the People's ire is up. So why is this so? The problem is very simple to understand. We have a political system where the people are disengaged from how they wish to be governed. This disengagement is facilitated by the political system we have (and that exists… Read more »


Doesn't matter what party is voted in. Real estate in greater Vancouver is going to crash!!!!


I'm fairly indifferent with respect to the party (not a big fan of any of them), but I figure the single transferrable vote (STV) would mean more power to the voters and less to the parties, which I count as a good thing (no surprise that the 'No' campaign is primarily staffed by party insiders like Tieleman and Schreck). Plus the seat counts under STV by party might match the vote counts by party reasonably closely, and running Conservative candidates wouldn't help elect the NDP, and running Green candidates wouldn't help elect the Liberals so those would be nice improvements from the current dysfunctional system as well. I'm cautious by nature so I see some reason to be careful in changing the voting system, but if you figure the proposed system (STV) has been used in Ireland and parts of… Read more »


Did Canucks depress everyone?

Seems nobody wants to vote here, so do I.

We may be better stick to Vancouver RE.


From Comrade Patriotz' manifesto: "The housing bubble is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on workers by the rich…."

Funny, I don't remember any pinstriped bankers showing up at my door to force me to buy a house. Maybe I'm living on a different street than some of my comrades.


Government employed artificially bouys the market. Jobs still being lost. It seems that the government has stopped counting the numbers they don't like. Elsewhere, manufacturing employment is down 106,300 jobs or 5.4 per cent, while construction has shed 86,500 jobs or 7.0 per cent, so the April pause is source of hope for the sectors. Aerospace manufacturing in Quebec has been holding its own on the job front, said Serge Tremblay, executive director of the Centre for Aerospace Manpower Activities in Quebec. There were ominous sings in February, when some big players began announcing layoffs to cope with the slowdown in orders. But there have been no major additional layoff announcements since then. And Bell Textron said recently it has been calling back 400 of the 500 employees who were let go in February. In Alberta, the sudden drop in… Read more »


Are job losses slowing down or has the government just pulled a bag of bullshit over your head?

In the US we have freedom of information so unlike Canada it is easier to follow the game. We see that jobs numbers in the US were only mitigated by massive government hirings. What does that mean? Sort term McJobs and monster taxes to follow.



The NDP will help bring down housing prices. Of course that will have nothing to do with their housing policy.




Wow – Saturday morning – only 1 comment.

#1 – Vote Liberal, could you imagine what the NDP would do to one of the worlds seemingly most stable economies?

#2 – BCSTV will make the process slower, endless studies, people from all angles arguing, no consensus, never a majority. Have you heard of a horse built by a committee? A Camel? I know it isn't perfect, but this isn't the answer.


Why did my post get removed? All I did was post the job numbers. Talk about myopic.


that is "would vote" in the previous post 🙂


We need a new party and totally new politicians. I would would for Patriotz and a bunch of other guys from this forum!


I really haven't decided who I'll vote for. On the one hand, I hate Gordon Campbell and fear what he will sell off to his cronies if given another term. On the other hand, I don't think Carol James is much of a leader and think their discriminatory nomination process is complete bullshit. On the other other hand, the Green party platform is still a weird amalgum of radical environmentalism and crazy libertarian economic theory, so even as a protest vote it's a little unsettling.

If it weren't for the STV referendum, I might not vote at all.


Let's be honest, neither the Liberals or NDP stand out a party to vote for. They spend most of their debate time pointing fingers at each other. I rather hear what they have planned to help improve the quality of life for people in BC.


I'll vote for STV, which might be than our current system and probably won't be worse.

Between the Liberals and NDP, I normally wouldn't mind which way it goes, but I REALLY don't like the idea of axing the carbon tax, because I don't believe the NDP will actually replace it with cap and trade (which I agree would be better).

I personally believe if they won they will come in, cut the carbon tax, then pretend to try and push cap-and-trade but back off as soon as unions in carbon-intensive industries complain, and the environment will be worse off for it.


This blog is now dead. Stop reading it please.


Since my job has no effect from the Vancouver economy I will vote for any party that trashes the economy the worst and slides the prices of houses into the ocean 🙂 Seriously though I'm sick and tired of Gordon Campbell and the Liberals. But what the hell is the alternative? NDP, I don't liek NDP on a good day but even if i did want to vote for them who the hell can take Carol Jame seriously. Why do the NDP forever take bad leaders. Like my wife says "NDP will do everything they can to capture the minority vote, but don't you think if they want to get elected they should go after teh majority?" NDP are brutal, and the Liberals only pander to money. Greens are completely unrealistic. So what are we left with? We need a… Read more »

Jeff Barkley

I'll be voting NDP. I would hate to have saved for years,waited until prices moderated, only to be saddled with mega debt via the Liberal initiated selloff of our rivers. BC Hydro is being forced to pay these new IPP's 12 cents per kwh, and they will be forced to sell it at no more than 5 cents per kwh. BC Hydro has more than enough power for British Columbia's needs, this extra generating capacity is pure profit for Campbells friends in the corporations and for export only. The list of former BC Liberal this and thats that are now on the boards of all of these new power companies is prodigious. This will dramatically force the cost of heating our (future) homes higher and higher, as we subsidize the profits of those best described as "the pig men". How… Read more »