Friday FREEEE for ALL!!

I’d like to get a jump-start on the weekend.. Any objections?  Ok Then, lets kick off the open topic discussion a little early this week.  Thanks to everyone who’s posted links here, I’d thank you all individually, but that would take extra time, effort and space.  You know who you are.  Here’s a few gems I’ve noticed this week:

The Best Realtor Ads EVAR!
Leaky Condo owners spittin’ mad about stalled loans
You just bought $21.9 Million more worth of Olympic Village
Bad neighbors get $15,000 fine
Could we please have a proper house price index?
Nanaimo Realtor: No better time to buy than now
Annual inflation rate falls again
Low Rates? Buy another condo!
BC folks dig that recreational property
A recession spawned baby boom?
Carney: Currency intervention an option
Bailout Costs vs. Big Historical Events (graphic)
50 US cities discover land-making machine

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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#50 Tacoman

Bravo article Economic Catastrophe Unfolding-ZERO HEDGE

Anyone thinking Vancouver RE needs to READ THIS!

Congratulations Tacoman to find this!


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pimppin, you don't expect him to actually get his facts right, do you?

pimppin tom


Dude, your rants would gain much credibility if you made an effort to spell the name right. It's D Z I E K A N S K I

And before you ask, yes, it does make a difference. especially to his mother and other polacks like myself.


"My interpretation our fearless leadership didn’t like what they heard didn’t want it to be true so axed the messenger."

What did they axe him? 😉


$2000 / 2br – Olympic Rental – Oct. 1st – 2 Bedroom Garden Suite (E. Vancouver)….


People only want to hear what THEY want to hear.

other ted

Interesting story I would like to share. Its not quite real estate related but I think it sheds some light on the psychology of the average canadian and why we are in this mess. I work on a trading floor. And a month or two ago we got rid of an analyst. I was surprised as he seemed intelligent and overall reasonable. Well no one knew why but talking the other day to a fairly new young coworker who happens to be in with some of the higher ups. He made a comment. I can sort of tell when a comment is a genuine observation or a comment from someone else. He claimed in his experience the analyst was a doom and gloomer. My interpretation our fearless leadership didn't like what they heard didn't want it to be true so… Read more »


It's amazing to see peoples determination to self destruct their (financial) lives for a piece of RE. Before any media hype brainwashed bull calls me bitter renter, I admit I am renting because I am (as they say) "priced out". The funny thing is that I really like being in this situation. It makes my financial decisions so simple. I contribute to my RSP, contribute to my children's RESP, go on vacation, eat out, and YES, rent for half price of owning in the "Best place on Earth". Life's really good! And reading blogs like this and the economic blogosphere in general makes me think that "ignorance is bliss" is not applicable to me anymore. And as a side note for those who think that chinese RE "investors" will save our local market, please read the article in the link… Read more »


Also ….

U.K. home sellers drop asking price 0.4% in June


I just watched a segment on CBC on the recent uptick on the market. They interviewed people thinking it's a great time to buy. One guy even thought it was a great time to buy a second place with the low interest rates and a 'stablized' market.

It's funny how people put more time and research into buying a car than they do with property. That guy and many of the others who are buying fearing prices rise back to 'par' pre-slump will be in for a big surprise.

It doesn't help when they interview a industry person saying that the lower mainland's inventory is dwindling and prices are creeping back up.

I gotta stop watching the news 🙂


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#46, RO, you just have to read the papers dude. Everything I included is right out of the national editions. Go stick your head in someone elses sandbox. The truth will set you free.

The cops are getting a well deserved 'outing'.

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realpaul, you are a nut who is offending all of us who have relatives in the police forces. am sick of you spamming this blog, so stfu. all, and ALL police forces around the world have a SMALL percentage of overzealous/corrupt/problematic employees. unless you can create a perfect world, live with it. "The public perception of the police force is that they are all liars and thugs with no compunction against murdering citizens." – bullshit. YOUR perception is this. Not "the public's". "They planned to blast Djikanski no matter what the situation they found " – bullshit. speculative. evidence please? "every other moral and ethical citizen who has a concious is sickened" – bullshit. EVERY? No, YOU. once again. "here is a very public uproar" – yes, just look at the protests and blood in the streets. ….. or not.… Read more »


dboy: #41 DB, The Braidwood Inquiry has plainly disclosed the fact that the RCMP thugs and bullies who killed Djikanski lied on the stand, conspired to lie, created false and misleading evidence, had conspired to enter false evidence to commit perjury and misle the public officers of the court and Her Majesties representatives. Provided false and contradictory testimony. Mr. Braidwood has said so himself on the public record and remarked that some of these officers have displayed illegal and offensive behaviour on several occasions outside this courtroom. The native Indian cop, for example, killed a young boy in Tsawassen while driving drunk with his kids in the car and then fled the scene. Oh yeah, he pulled his badge out and told the witnesses he had a right to do his offensive and illeagal runner because he was an RCMP… Read more »


Cracks seen in foundation of U.S. housing recovery

Though buyers are rushing in, rising interest rates, growing unemployment and a likely new wave of foreclosures signal that problems in the sector are far from over

Mr. Reasonable

Can we vote realpaul and stinkyron off the island and get back to real estate and the economy?

Some people seem to think the Canadian housing collapse is over, but we enthusiastically took part in the credit boom and still have a lot of debt hanging around.



What has the YVR incident have to do with anything? And as police officer I find your comments offensive – I very much doubt that police in Canada and senior brass are involved in a campaign of death and destruction. You seem to posture as though you are some type of intellect yet you fall blindly in with the ranks and spout the same diatribe ….. can we get back to re?

You need a life buddy –


I find it very interesting when people rant on about gen xers being stupid, lazy self entitled and so on. Last I checked, it was the gen xers that are having to clean up after the previous generations gluttonous lifestyles. In my workplace, the only people greedy enough to commute in a single occupancy vehicle are over 50. They do this so that they can have their giant house in the burbs that they share with their partner – no kids, they've already left. They don't recycle, and they sure as heck hate that Suzuki guy for questioning their gluttonous over the top consumption. We haven't grown up feeling like the world owes us a living, and we have to get a lot more education just to have that job that the lazy complacent older generation complains about until retirement… Read more »


Ulsterman, advice please –

If you had school age children in BC at present (you may well have, for all I know), would you educate them in the public or private system?

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no idea. is there another local election coming up? (gods help us)

Mr. Reasonable

What's with all the nut-bar idealogical comments this weekend?

Mr. Trotsky

realpaul: "the BCTF was dumbing dumb the school districts"

My Komrad!! I am from komunist skool bord – you must not reveal our sekret dumbing dumb of the school distrikts on public blog sites. I am suspecting you are produkt of such institvtion, no? is why you are write so good, yes?


stinky ron:

#32 SR, This is classic. Whenever you win an argument with a socialist they start throwing weeds in the air and chest thumping like chimpanzees.

The Provincial exams provide proof positive that the BCTF was dumbing dumb the school districts which they could control while other districts scored much higher. The introduction of a fair and balanced assesment turned the BCTF on its head and they started trying to lynch the messenger. Just like the responses you have recieved to your posting of the dumbing down article. Obvious socialist response to non liberal arguments.

" If you're not a socialist, then you must be a fascist and a rascist and a child molester and a generally bad person…..ya right.


Brilliant and incisive piece analysis stinky ron! My preamble should have made it clear that i have seen both side of the story:

1) working in an epicentre of world capitalism a.k.a. the square mile in London

2) Working in the BC education system

Now let me think, who would be in a better position to make a comparison – you or me?

There are multiple reasons for a perceived lack of spelling and writing skills in high-school graduates, but i don't want to bore YOU with the issues. Keep up your joe six pack commentary.


stinky ron: What a load of rubbish… The task of education properly is difficult enough without ideologically-spun drivel passing as expertise. From the first page, the author explains that the reason kids are dumber in the USA–not Canada–these days (are they really dumber? I'd argue that the answer is much more complicated than the author seems to suggest.) is because of a fundamental change in the philosophy of education. She argues that today's educators define education consistent with this view: "learning is the result of modifiability in the paths of neural conduction. Explanations of even such forms of learning as abstraction and generalization demand of the neurones only growth, excitability, conductivity, and modifiability. The mind is the connection-system of man; and learning is the process of connecting. The situation-response formula is adequate to cover learning of any sort, and the… Read more »