Jackbooted thug conspiracy thread

Are they watching you?  Have you seen the black helicopters?  Are we moments away from bayonet wielding thugs with barking dogs on every street corner?  Really?  Well ok, better warn the world and here’s the thread to do it in.

Over the weekend it seems like concerns over civil rights and law enforcement took over the discussion thread.  We’ve strayed pretty far from the real estate topic, and some posters are unhappy, while others really want to talk about this topic.  So go ahead.  I’ll be removing comments on this topic from the next conversation to keep it more real estate focused. More proof that the freedom of speech is slowly being taken away!

Just remember, you’re still responsible for what you say – the normal rule of law for libel applies.

If you want to control the conversation you can easily start up your own blog on any subject you like.  I recommend either wordpress.com or blogger.com as a simple and quick way to start a blog.

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Yes these are real issues, but when you jump directly to Godwins law and start making goofy statements in an unrelated forum you are doing a diservice to the cause.

It reminds me of the way RCMP and other agencies have been known to send agitators into protests to try to push them into illegal action so they have a reason to move in.

I've heard of all the previously listed injustices through the mainstream media, so how can you say they suppress the truth?

The real question is What are you doing about it, because sitting at home posting goofy rants on unrelated blogs is a waste of everyones time.


Not only people on this blog are concerned. I just heard a piece on CBC Radio yesterday on the gradual erosion of police accountability across Canada.

Realpaul may be over the top sometimes but these are real issues, even if innocent souls diligently keep voting him down.

pundit bandit

Conspiracy? These violations are real.

Got a big window facing westview and was planning to put up this one:
now they tell me I'd go to jail for this? WTF??? This really is like China or Nazi Germany. That's what they did. Say something against their 'vision' and you're in jail. For people that skipped history class, that's how WWII started…minor changes in freedom of speech (coupled with pro-'vision' propagande via media, back then radio)

The worst is, they're taking the olympics out on the back of the people that hate them the most, the people that lived here for ages and did their best to preserve this beautiful spot. I mean come on, they're using the first nation's Inukshuks as logo cashing in on the first nation culture.ASSHOLES!

other ted

I would like to asd that we have no consumer protection in this country the big stores can do and will do anything as long as you don't fit into a certain group that brings media attention. I had an acqaintance robbed by a sears secutity guard. He went to return the item. He had a receipt. they tried to accuse him of stealing it. They said there is no proof this is the same item that he bought or another. So they erred on the side of taking it from him. Threatened to have him arrested, police found no proof of Sears' claim. But they still kept the item.

other ted

I wouldn't call it a conspiracy theory that we don't have the rights that most of us think we have. When the economic conditions are alright and most of us fit in the middle class category we don't experience it. But slowly I am realizing things can change. Is it going to be jackbooted guys on the street with guns, no and it doesn't have to be.


Denial is official. Don't talk about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Toooooooooo scary !! If you're mortgage has got you so freaked out that you're willing to hide your head up your ass and forget everything that supports the societal issues providing the foundation for that value then……………..you get the point.

All I can say is …………………..pretty weeny.

Starving Artist

THANK YOU. I'm so bloody tired of hearing that crap on the other threads.


If I start my own blog, will you read it?


Just a little anecdote, since it's finally on topic…

I have a young child, so we spend a lot of time in playgrounds. One local playground got some fresh graffiti this summer on its park benches. One bench said, "Die yuppie skum!" The other said, "RIOT 2010" That's annoying, but I'm sure the city will get around to cleaning it up some day, right? Well, kind of.

After about a week, the "2010" was sanded off.


what fun !

ok I'll start.. the UN is an evil enterprise taking over america.

Obama wasn't born in the US so he was not elligible to be elected president.

The gov't can't make you pay your taxes.

H1N1 is a plot by george bush jr and Donald Rumsfeld (who is chairman of corp that owns tamiflu).

the H1N1 injection cotnains a tracking device.

and umm.. I'm out.. sorry