Vancouver 5 year population growth

5 year population growth comparison for North American cities

You know how everyone wants to live in Vancouver right?  Well apparently not so many of them are achieving that dream.  Crabman posted these numbers in a comment last week putting our population growth in perspective when compared to a few other North American cities.  That’s us over on the right in the graph above, with a measly 6.5% population growth over five years. The numbers come from Statistics Canada and the US Census Bureau.

Now what you’d expect with rapid population growth is higher prices for real estate, while anemic growth should result in slower appreciation.  A couple of the quickest growing cities in this list are notable for their rapid rise in home prices: Las Vegas & Phoenix Arizona.  Both cities saw a big run-up in prices until just a couple of years ago.  As most of you know, prices in those cities have since corrected by as much as 50% despite their real population growth.

So what’s happening in Vancouver? We clearly haven’t had a tremendous increase in population compared to other North American cities, so what keeps the cost of our homes so high?  Is the rain dissolving our buildings faster than we can construct them, thus keeping supply low?  Are we just a whole lot richer than other cities or are we drunk on rampant speculation and easy credit?

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I've been hearing that Vancouver is due for a correction since the last "BIG" correction.

Enjoy paying rent…


@Realist says:@shikko: (snip) …What is it? What is it that will keep us safe from a 22% drop in home prices? They are in the United States, the differences are obvious. If they're obvious, state them! Otherwise you're doing what's called "argument by hand-waving", which is not so much an argument as it is admitting you don't know what you're talking about. Try a search for subprime. Please define what you mean by subprime in this instance. Is it the low down-payment loans, or the Alt-As, the option ARMs or something else? While we're on the topic, ARMs can be considered subprime; can you tell me the difference between a 3 year VRM in Canada and a 5/1 ARM in the States that makes the VRM "better" than the ARM? Do you really think Canada (and BC specifically) doesn't have… Read more »

Guess Again

"are hoping posting on these boards will influence price declines so they can jump back in and join the speculators."

Lol. You admit the market is based on speculation. And we all know what happens when the speculators dry up or turn tail. They are the first ones in and first ones out, so the rest get holding the bag.

And if you think this is little blog can influence prices, and compete against the marketing effects of the RE industry, central banks, media, and the government, you live in your own little world.


@shikko: You’re right; Calgary is a bad comparison. How about Seattle or Portland? Portland is of 15% from peak; Seatle is off 22%. What does Vancouver have that Seattle or Portland don’t? Industry? Popular sports teams? Access to outdoors? Culture? What is it? What is it that will keep us safe from a 22% drop in home prices? They are in the United States, the differences are obvious. Try a search for subprime. Please support this statement or admit you’re blowing smoke. How many people do you know that don’t live in Vancouver? How many of them are actively pursuing relocation here? I have just about as much evidence as the people who count dark windows. How many people do you know are actively moving to Calgary or Toronto? And how many have moved here? The common thing you hear… Read more »

Hot Air Bloweth


Right on cue for your delusional rants. Lol.

Yes, lets put the RCMP officers on trial in the Hague because they are clearly on par with Serbian and Rwanda genocide participants.

You remind me of the lone crazy citizen at a council meeting who ever councillor knows because of his incessant and predictable rants.

That citizen is the venerable expert on all matters, and he always has something to complain about. And yet he enjoys the very amenities provided by the government, and the broader freedoms supported by those that maintain law and order. That is his right of course, but he is still an irritant, much like your rants.

Judging by the "scores," looks like others recognize you for what and who you are 🙂


@Hot Air Bloweth…: What a crok of shite. The RCMP are not kittens any more than Willie Picton was a boy scout. The fact is that our venerable police force HAS killed more citizens in the past 30 days than Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan in the same time frame. Thats just a fact douchebag, live with it. The Judge at the Braidwood Inquiry has stated that Robert Djikanski was killed outside the law and outside any procedural doctrine resented IN COURT by the RCMP, live with the facts douchebag. The RCMP is beating newspaper delivery men and then denying it ever took place. Shooting people in the back of the head while in custody and denying it ever took place even against the testimopny of active police professionals that the case as presented by the RCMP lawyers and administration… Read more »

Hot Air Bloweth...


Have to agree with you BB on all fronts. It just goes to show you how a little knowledge, and literacy in this case, can be a dangerous thing.

This guy could produce a venomous attack on little kittens. You just have to give your head a shake, and feel sorry for the guy. But being a "sociopath" apparently prevents me from doing that 🙂 lol



#103 funny enough I did learn to weave a basket when I was in Bali not too long ago, so there.


"Canada has become more statistically dangerous than Afghanistan with more citizens shot by the RCMP in CDN cities and towns last month than CDN soldiers in Afghanistan." -realpaul

Yep. Not only an A-hole, but a delusional sicko.

Bye now.


@Hot Air Bloweth…:

All this madness coming from a petulant jerk off who belittles the murder of Robert Djikanski? Even the judge said the death was caused by ' a premeditated attack'. You and your buddies in serge should be ashamed of yourselves. Of course as we all know psychos and and sociopaths feel nothing for their victims.

#102 BB are you still so mad at me that your down to attacking my keyboard skills. do you think I'm trying to impress YOU with typing? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Thats toooo funny.


@Hot Air Bloweth…:

100 , actually , they came to Canada when the Ayatollahs guys started muredering citizens in the streets like the RCMP are doing now. Are you suggesting we vet the refugees to your way of thinking before we allow them sanctuary in Canada Adolf?

Canada has become more statistically dangerous than Afghanistan with more citizens shot by the RCMP in CDN cities and towns last month than CDN soldiers in Afghanistan.

Hot Air Bloweth...

"these tactics by the RCMP don’t frighten these people, they piss them off. theres the differance pally."

And what are all your big, bad neighbours going to do when they do get "pissed off?" Bribe them like they did in China? Or flee their country when the ruling regime gets a little too intrusive like they did in Iran? Or are they going to revert to the "bad ass" Canadian tactic of "suing the police force or maybe starting a petition? Lol.

You cannot have it either way. Your bad ass neighbours either revert to tried and true methods from their home countries that are illegal in Canada; emigrate somewhere else; or do the panzy Canadian thing and threaten a lawsuit? Those are their choices when they get "pissed" from the "fascist, thug, pig" Olympic shakedown. lol



Face it, chum(p)…you have been exposed for the phoney that you are.

So sad.


"I’ve been self employed for over two decades…" rp

Basket weaving would barely cover the rent for that basement suite of yours, wouldn't it?



"…teh Shaws secret police"

I think you mean "the Shah's…"

(That would have been the Savak, by the way)

Well educated too, I see! Bravo for you!



I've been self employed for over two decades my little flower. My work self is engaged only when I'm offered something interesting. If you get any more anxious regarding my ability to spend my free time blogging ( some days like today its weather related)your head will explode.

BTW I posted an edited version when the first one didn't take. Solly all.

Hot Air Bloweth...

"The persians know all about the misplaced power and abuse a police force can wield and what is happening in Canada doesn’t frighten them it reminds them of the tactics used by their own secret police and it just pisses them off to no end." Are those the same persians that fled in 1979 and came to Canada out of FEAR because of those security tactics 🙂 Lol. Maybe we will see another mass exodus of 30,000 persians from West/North Vancouver once this Olympic "fascist, pig, thug shake down" occurs. Lol. Wait a second, that might just solve our high housing market prices if 30,000 new units come on the market. The reason they are not afraid by the way, is because they know that we live in one of the strongest democracies, where established civil liberties are entrenched to… Read more »


@Hot Air Bloweth…:

you have poor reading comprehension skills. My neighbours are successful and powerful people who have no fear of the police. I have a neighbour from Iran who lived under teh Shaws secret police and knows all about the misplaced power and evil that be generated by an unchecked gang of thugs.

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Oh, and one other thing, realpaul, for such an important and astute "businessman" (or whatever) you certainly have a lot of time on your hands, judging by the number of posts you have made thoughout the day.

Does your boss know?


"Get the tazers out.

It's "taSers", by the way, numbskull.

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@Hot Air Bloweth…: Your comprehension skills are at odds with the context. My 'neighbours' have no fear of the police, they are extremly intelligent and powerful people in their own right and would question the authority of anyone who came around asking questions for some bogus Olympic security ruse. You put some numbskull RCMP agent from bumfuck Saskatchewan up against an engineer from Iran and the persian will tear the cop TWO new assholes. The persians know all about the misplaced power and abuse a police force can wield and what is happening in Canada doesn't frighten them it reminds them of the tactics used by their own secret police and it just pisses them off to no end. Don't get me started on how a successful business person from China would react to this thuggery. I would love to… Read more »

No Longer Looking

@Hot Air Bloweth…: I'm going to keep this brief (off-topic): I agree with realpaul on this one. The authorities seem to have confused our local hippies with Al Qaeda. It is right to be very worried when legitimate political dissent is attacked by the Powers That Be.


Here's another case of taking a $1250-1300 unit in a C building and asking $1700!

I'm going to go view it and then ask why the professional management companies, like easyrent, usually ask uner $1,300 for the same 536 sq ft unit!

Hot Air Bloweth...

You have to see the irony in ranting against municipal police and the RCMP with such venom, all the while living beside neighbours that are "nastier sons of bitches" who "would most enjoy tearing the asshole out of an inquiring amateur thug."

Nice neighbours – maybe you would benefit from some of the law and order the police can provide rather than ranting against them all the time. Sounds like your neighbours might need to be cracked down on if they are are "hard bitten Canadians with no fear of authority."

Too funny…

You certainly lead a *cough* interesting life….



#85 Well said.