A future of higher mortgage rates

Did you get your special edition 2009 rock-bottom interest rate loan yet?  Better get it quick, because you’re running out of time.  We’ve heard from the Bank of Canada, and Harper says the same thing: expect rising rates.

Down south Freddie Mac sees mortgage rate rising to 6% in 2010, while Morgan Stanley is betting on 30 year rates of 7.5 to 8%.  These are still historically very low, but changes like this can have a dramatic effect on high debt levels.

Any more rabbits in that hat?

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Jenny The Troll

I tried to post this on Chipman's but I have been censored, has anyone else been censored

56 Econ Student Tue, Dec 30, 2008 | 10:34 am What’s your prediction? ”

My prediction- prices will go up.

The prediction is based on a study I read on Hong Kong’s property crash.

It seems everyone there jumped in when they thought it was safe, just before the big crash.

I anticipate a false recovery, followed by a big crash.

It could be as early as Spring 09, followed by a crash late summer, but if I were to bet, (not more than 1 dollar), I don’t think we will see the big crash until summer of 2010.


scullboy – hate to break this to you but, on reading the tone and off-topic nature of your posts, there is also a fair case for calling you a troll. Why would anyone move away from a place they obviously didn't like and yet continue to read and talk about it? Makes no sense. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you and Supraboy are one and the same. Your comments about farmers markets, for example, don't make sense – there are a lot of farmers markets in Vancouver. In fact, Vancouver is the home of the 100-mile diet you seem to be a fan of. I'm sure you are enjoying your new life in Halifax, but you don't seem to realise that life is not all about where you live – it's about who you know and what you… Read more »


@The Best Real Estate Anywhere: "The plan is to engineer a housing correction."

Hmm… very plausible as 1) High real estate prices is gross mis-allocation of capital (We need real, productive industries– to make stuff that we can sell to the rest of the world, not just have R/E jerk circles), and 2) Banks are ready for a correction. (As we all know banks have not been increasing their mortgage books for the last few year. Large percentage of recent loans are CMHC insured and securitized –i.e. Bank will not care if RE market tanks.)



You are right there is also a troll that likes to try to pull the topic to dumb right wing cop bashing, judge bashing, intolerant rants but we just ignore him too



Skip my posts, then.

Anon 64: Trolls never go away. Just look at Browntown. They're good for only one thing, and that's honing one's insult skills. Calibrating your insults perfectly and getting a reaction is an art form. Just look at post 58. Clearly something got to him.

The guy offers nothing to the conversation and won't ever go away so it's an affordable pleasure to see just exactly what insult will finally annoy him the way he annoys everyone else. Sure it lowers the conversation but no more then the loonies that rail on about unions and cops and the like.


Scullboy, Supraboy is not chinese. He is pretending to be to incite you so that you'll appear racist and discredit yourself. The best thing to do is ignore the troll. It probably doesn't even live in Canada and it's idea of a good times is to rile people up. if you do an internet search there was an article about trolls. It describes supra exactly. Just ignore it and it'll go away. Just like dave, john, satv, etc. If you recall the troll admitted to being all of them. Anything to incite people (stupid, idealisitic, naive, ignorant etc.) Don't take the bait you are bigger than a little troll. It wants to get a rise out of you so if you react it wins. In real life it probably has no friends so this is the way it gets attention… Read more »



Boys, this real estate discusson is being ruined by your participation.


I believe it. There are theories that USA didn’t go to the moon an faked it. There are theories that the US government bombed their own World Trade Centre.

-sigh- the retards and whackos are out in full force.

Must be the holiday season.


Supra@58 (cause who are we kidding, that's who you are)

Wow, struck a nerve did I? Finally.

Tell me, what bothered you the most? Was it the slights to your masculinity? The graphic sexual imagery? Maybe it was the comments on dim sum.

Tell me, I'm dying to know. 🙂


i blogs with da best of dem



i agee too. US is full of shit.



Scullboy, get the F**K out of here. Go on blogs on the east coast.

Maggie Chipman

"Just hung up from a conference call with the Prime Minister and several Finance Ministers.

Bad, bad news for specuvestors, especially the ones in BC."

Best Realestate:

Are you pulling our legs? I can't believe you would have been a participant at such highly complex discussions. Are you a qualified Realtor or professional Mortgage Broker?


Van Province categorizes RCMP as 'weasels'. Well said IMHO



@The Best Real Estate Anywhere: Well that would be exciting. Can't wait to hear more!


Teranet monthly report is out:


Vancouver prices up again in October by 1.85%. Still below the all-time high water mark of Sprin '08, but getting close. When does the madness end?


Interesting links: I think the first one shows that wives can support their husbands in moments of need. If there is a major financial shock it might be that they are even forced to support each other. Marriages involve a large share of 'convenience'" but if the house you live in depreciates both partners become poorer and they might have to stick together. Selling the house would be disastrous for both and divorces are expensive.

If only one partner lost their job, things might be different.


It seems that contrary to what one may think a housing crash forces

people to stay together.



marriage and financial health.


do you reckon that married people will divorce more when the *&*! hits the fan in Vancouver and house prices drop?

Many marriages are based on the agreement to take the RE gamble, but soon will be tested hard!


1800 complaints against RCMPsychos. The current ratcheting up of cop numbers by the government to head off revolution has swept so many psychos off the bar room floor that they're killing each other.


Trying to lie about the law hasn't saved them from Braidwood.

Guns and Tasers are not Wii paddles, too bad the average RCMPsycho recruit doesn't have the IQ to understand that.

The Best Real Estate

Just hung up from a conference call with the Prime Minister and several Finance Ministers.

Bad, bad news for specuvestors, especially the ones in BC.

The plan is to engineer a housing correction.

I’m too busy to give details right now, but it has something to do with Canada not being cost competitive with the US now that housing correction in America is almost over.

More details to follow.


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