Follow up on contacting your MP

At the end of last year we had a post about contacting your Member of Parliament to find out their stance on Canadian Housing Economics and the role of the CMHC.  Did any readers out there contact their MP and get a response back?  If you did get a response, were there any suprises or did they see keywords ‘housing’ and ‘economy’ and send you back an unrelated form letter?

Are there any MPs out there that are actually looking at the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the role they play in pumping up housing markets?

If anyone feels like contacting their MP, here’s a contact list for Vancouver area Members of Parliament.

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You should read before you comment. The grin was in reference to our current Premier and his mugshot when arrested for DUI in Maui. It was very funny to see Uhaul look like an idiot. Not a big fan of anyone who gets placed in a riding when he doesn't live in it. This should be changed IMO if you don't reside in the riding you can't represent it. It would stop other stupidity like a husband and wife as dual mps in two different ridings.

I really enjoy seeing politicians of any race or religion get roasted in any media format especially one I am not terribly fond of.



Wow, for once I agree with "Realpaul". A brief flash of clarity as opposed to your typical vitriolic rants. Hopefully, you won't return to your regular programming.



Since then hes been nothing but an apologist for his ethnic community

The Sikh community is pretty much as divided as it ever was, it's just that the violence seems to have been diverted into the drug trade instead of Punjabi politics.

And I can tell you that Dosanjh remains as unpopular with the Khalistanis as ever, although I don't think he gets death threats any more.

Oh BTW his wife has been a longstanding crusader for equal rights for Punjabi women and is equally unpopular with the reactionaries.



I don't buy the 9/11 report either.

Anyone who does is a fool.


#69 P , but as another unelected premier after that inept union organizor Dan Miller, Dosanjh was a real fuck up in the end. The NDP was just daring the opposition to berate him so that they could start screaming 'racism', he was nothing but a stopgap measure by those desperate commies and never the choice of the people on either side of the divide. As it was the entire Air India investigation was misdirected away from the Sikh community wherein the problem was and had originated and still exists. Strange how the police treated that political constituency with kid gloves wasn't it? Was it because it was the only Liberal constituency left in the west. Were a few hundred lives overlooked due to the machinations of the Ontario Liberals? We are still sheltering thousands of wanted Sikh terrorists in… Read more »


@Disbelief: It's satire, yeah? Colbert's people ask the interviewees to hold a straight face and not laugh while they do the interview, and afterward, they edit together humorous responses. The tiny bit shown usually is compiled from a much longer interview. Criticizing Dosanjh for his politics makes sense on issues where you disagree with him, but to criticize him for his facial expressions on a satirical show where he's trying not to laugh doesn't make sense. (You know it's not really news, right?)



Feel free to criticize Dosanjh's career as an elected politician, but there was nothing moronic about his opposition to Sikh terrorism in the 1980's, for which he was almost killed.


Did you see the roasting uhaul dosanjh took from Colbert. It was hilarious made him look like the moronic bastard he is. I am glad he didn't admit he was Premier for albeit a nanosecond but still how embarrassing. I would love to see Gordo on that show would have probably shown ole Gordo in the mugshot with his shit eating grin.


@domus: That's not a bad plan. My MP is Dosanjh, by the way, should anyone else in the riding wish to write to him.


Libby Davies is always on the ball? She's one of the silliest MPs in the House. Just one example, here is a little petition she introduced to Parliament a couple years back:

"We, the undersigned citizens of Canada draw the attention of the House to the following:

THAT, scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraudulent document and that those behind the report are consciously or unconsciously guilty of covering up what happened on 9/11/2001. This evidence overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by demolition explosives and that the official theory of the towers collapsing from the airplanes and the ensuing fires is irrefutably false."

Economic illiterate, loony conspiracy theorist and just plain dumb socialist.



I met with Libby Davies before to discuss fractional reserving, she knew nothing about it. The cool thing was she didn't pretend to know anything about it. But there I was thinking… this is one of the people running my country and they don't understand how money is created. Yikes!


Geez what's with all the bitterness around here, Meth, Patriotz? It's like the Olympics beat you up, slept with your wives and stole your Prozac or something.



Arwen, it would be interesting if you took him up on his offer. Relay all your concerns to him and let us know what he has to say. That's one not to miss……..


Before Christmas I wrote to my MP about the issue.

He offered to meet with me to discuss it: it was not his schedule but my own that meant I couldn't take him up on the offer.

According to his aide, it was of concern to him as well.


Ya, WinWin you should be listening to Jeff Beck instead of "I'm a loser Beck". Dude for people not to be drinking the kool aid and living in a happy land of advertising spin is not being negative its more like being the only sober person at a monster truck rally in Chilliwack, it doesn't make you want to particapate with the high fives, the belly slaps and the sreaming of anthems.I happen to know that the ad spin on everything in this town is total and absolute. There isn't an iota of truth told on the radio, television or in the newspapers 99% of the time. I'm not not negative or cynical, I'm just not naive and gullible. In my book ( now call me old fashioned) its a good thing to expose the liars and the scumbaggery that… Read more »



$1350? Is it just me or is that a little pricey for a basement suite??? One day I hope my mortgage on a whole house won't even exceed that! Just imagine!


The amateur landlords in this town are getting dumber and more desperate by the minute.

Can anyone spot how many things are horribly wrong with this ad?



So you're anti-everything too! 🙂

No wonder you want to kill yourself, you're so conflicted 🙂 🙂 🙂


Why don't you kill me. cause i'm a loser! Babe!

I disagree with everything I hear on this blog!



It is well known that the Russian Atheletes are financed by the RUSSIAN mob!

More Said?

Too much parting? It was obvious!



@ Winny. Let us know when your speaking tour begins, you can be Tony Robbins short and pudgy sidekick.



Relax, my little empty-headed cheerleader – we're just having some fun here.

Why so negative? Come on, pick up that Chinese made flag, give it a big wave and SMILE 🙂


Send your MP a death threat to see if he/she is paying attention. A few months after the Mounties knock down your door and knock out your teeth, you can explain to the judge that it was "just an experiment born out of frustration."


Not understanding where this blog is coming/going!

Are you Bears anti RE, anti Van Government, anti Olympics, Anti everything including yourselves-where is this BLAH BLAH all going positivily?

What Who Where When Why is this all about besides being NEGATIVE.

Good Luck in EVERYTHING!

mad Serb

reports are emerging that Nabokov the Russian goalie got lots of cash prior to the game against Canada! Now this explains a lot!