Friday Free-for-all!

Alright!  The end of the week means it’s time to do our weekly economic news roundup and open topic discussion.  Here are a few recent stories I’ve noticed:

New mortgage rules to create short term boom?
Danielle Park on new mortgage rules (video)
Record household debt not a crisis
Your bubble is my debt burden
Canada not immune to downward housing pressure
Inflation rate jumps to 1.9% in January
US Jobless claims unexpectedly jump
Interest rates still headed higher

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have a golden weekend!

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caps for sale

at duru

"For the woodward family… if you are not in the rush don;t move, i actually heard that the ad was 1250/month for a 2 bedroom."

thanks, we decided to wait. I think 1,280 was for a handful of subsidized suites. still not quite sure. we just decided living downtown wasn't for us, though looked good on paper.

caps for sale

at Arwen

"Is Woodward’s BC Housing? At $1400 for a 2 bedroom, with BC Housing policies, a family would need to make at least $50400/year to qualify to live there."

Yeah, they did a check to make sure we earned more than that…well, a little more than that actually. .It's not for minimum wage earners was my point. Reading on here, you get the impression it is for very poor people.

We didn't take it by the way.


@Maggie Chipman:

"so many that even Bill Good couldn’t make it jive."

I know I make mistakes too, but that word is a pet peeve of mine. It's "jibe" not "jive" you're looking for.

Jive is a type of music, dancing or joking.

Jibe is a sailing term for cutting back and forth across the wind or (to quote "to be in harmony or accord; agree: The report does not quite jibe with the commissioner's observations."


I was listening to the CBC this morning when the announcer started talking about the visit BC ads you see during the Olympic coverage. I thought he was going to gush about the scenery, but he wanted to know why the celebs who were saying "you've gotta be here" seemed not to be in the pictures.



Good news!

Economists: Recovery is firmly on track

However, it took me less than 2 minutes to dig up what the same economists were saying in 2005.

There Is No Housing Bubble in the USA

Housing Activity Will Remain At High Levels In 2005 And Beyond

It's always good to start a Monday morning with some humor.


This blog is for naggers,losers, out of money people, who missed the RE train.

Go Vancouver Real Estate……GO Vancouver… condo RE….


@anon: Weather here is pretty awesome! It hasn't been cold in the least. It's overcast today but the cloud cover in the Maritimes is much higher then in Vancouver so you don't get that closed in feeling. It never feels quite as chilly and damp here in the winters. I think there's less humidity. There's a little snow on the ground but not much. Yesterday my friend, her cousin and their kids came over for a togobbaning party. I live next to this enormous hill that's great for sledding. All the neighborhood kids come. The hill is so terrifyingly steep only kids are foolish enough to try and conquer it. 🙂 Since I'm still adjusting to life here, there are all kinds of things I notice are different from life in Vancouver. Once of the things I notice is there… Read more »



Could he be sued? Does he have to disclose this type of thing to a prospective buyer, or is it truly caveat emptor?

I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is that the seller of RE has an obligation to disclose only extraordinary problems such as being a former grow op or drug lab, or environmental hazards on site.

It's the buyer's responsibility to look into ordinary maintenance problems.



“Leasehold deal leaves homeowners facing huge repair bill”

…the Beckets are facing the shocking prospect of becoming homeless after being handed an out-of-the-blue home repair bill of $47,000.

<a href="…..07942.html

” target=”_blank”>…..07942.html
Appallingly badly written article. The reporter does not understand the difference between renting and leasing. The latter is ownership over a limited term rather than unlimited as with freehold. Leasehold owners have all the responsibilities of freehold owners.

The article even repeatedly calls the lessor the "landlord".


I was DT most of the day today these Olympic games are meant for the rich and IOC family members. For the vast majority there isn't much just tons of people who will watch any lame performance or lineup for hours for a 100ft zip line or to be able to act like a CTV anchor. Way too many people doing way too little. Stay home and watch it on your plasma. We have to pay for this party that loser Gordo and his drinking buddies are enjoying. The Traffic Nazis should take a chill pill. I was at the Bay and there were idiots in line to buy the way overpriced Olympic stuff all coralled in like animals being led to a slaughter. I guess all that credit card debt will come in just in time for the overblown… Read more »



That's really mature of you to use my signature and try to use my nick. I don't appreciate it. Play clean. I have never harrased you on this site, show the same respect.




Anyways, enough of my bickering. I'm going to worry about real estate after the Olympics. Let's hope Canada wins hockey gold so we can all celebrate together regardless of which side we are on.




"Leasehold deal leaves homeowners facing huge repair bill"

…the Beckets are facing the shocking prospect of becoming homeless after being handed an out-of-the-blue home repair bill of $47,000.

Ouch, ouch….

But I don't understand why they complain? The house is theirs, even if it's a lease, no? How does it work?

If the same thing happened in my complex (which is perfectly maintained by Metro Vancouver), I would not have to pay a dime.



Maggie Chipman

The whole story doesn’t make sense…..just too many inconsistencies; so many that even Bill Good couldn’t make it jive. Flaherty would not make new rules based on the Vancouver market alone, so does this mean he sees a bubble in the rest of the country, where prices are half of what they are in Vancouver? Does that then mean Vancouver’s Bubble is a Bubble gone Wild, and the pop will be even more spectacular? And what about the new mortgage rules as it relates to investors? How would the 20% down affect the investors? Aren’t they supposed to be super rich who buy cash? And just how many of these super rich immigrants are there? Why aren’t they buying up businesses, the commercial real estate is in the dumps. The market is supported by overextended illiterate working stiffs, being fleeced… Read more »


anyway, fuck the olympics, i'm spending my time renting myself out to IOC bigwigs (I love consulting to big wigs). scullboy is one of my clients, although his "tip" is small, unlike the IOC guys. so, more "consluting" for me and then I can buy 3 more condos and rent them to your poor rentas!

Loud Speaker

@jesse: And loser don't feel shame despite followers are being priced out month over month and year over year.Only an idiot can run this bearship in Vancouver,There is no professor to nail it down even Robert Shiller put his hands up,Garth Turner an idiot writer of the book owe 45% of R.E. value to every single bear on the board but posters are not accountable because if R.E ever goes 2% down in next decades they will be right even if bulls go mortgage free.


scullboy, how's the weather?


follow up… this is the answer from: Membership Committee Charles Square I'm afraid we don't have any openings at the moment. We are currently accepting applications only for three bedroom suites (you would qualify with your child) or two bedroom subsidized suites (for which your household income must be below $37,000). If you wish to make either of these applications, go to our web page at and print out an application, then mail it to us. If you are going to do this, I also suggest you attend our next orientation session which is on Sunday, March 14 at 2:00 pm. Our address is 1555 Charles St. We give priority to applicants who have attended one of these meetings, which are held twice a year. You can see updates on our waiting list and the dates for futre… Read more »


@scullboy: Scumboy staying up late in Halifax to watch the Swedes and the Finns play. How sad, if you stayed in Vancouver, you'd see what's going on in town. The atmosphere here is unreal. There are over 100,000 people packing downtown everyday. You're missing out sucka.


@What's to debate?: What a fool. Americans care more about college sports than the olympics and that's well know. You must be living in a box. College football is a greater draw in the US than the world cup of soccer. Why don't you go down there while the World Cup is on? I bet you they'll be showing baseball highlights instead of the world cup. Pull your head out of your arse and get with the program.



You think so? And if it was a Norway vs Belarus finals, you think people would pay $1000 for that game? I wouldn't even pay $50.

What's to debat

We pay 10% of our monthly income on rent. 65% into savings. If we bought a comperable place, we would likely spend 65-75% on interest from the mortgage. It really isn't that difficult to understand, there is no debate when it comes to rent vs. buy with those figures. I don't get why people on both sides of this issue get so caught up in it. If you're making money buying, good on you! If you're saving money renting, good on you too! What's with the attitudes? I just can't wrap my head around that. Anyway, went to the US this weekend. Had a blast! It may shock some people who read this but it was sunny and warm in Seattle too! Crazy, I know. Another mind blower – No one there gave two shits about the Olympics. Not one… Read more »


For the woodward family… if you are not in the rush don;t move, i actually heard that the ad was 1250/month for a 2 bedroom.

We are moving in metrotown next week on a 1000 sqft apt, renovated for 1200 (new hardwood floor, new dishwasher), and i bet in the spring/winter the pressure will be on for the rental market. We looked for 2 months but we were constrainted to move, so my advice.. wait!

PS i have sent applications for co-ops in vancouver and burnaby and couple of them answered, but unfortunately one was too late. We were accepted also for a townhouse coop in new west, but CMHC raised the rent from 1100 to 1300 in 3 years for this 3 bedroom townhouse.



Of course you don't need the money. You already told us you're living in Daddy's basement, rent free. I'd guess mummy is still doing your laundry and cooking rat-poo dim sum.

I'm sure you've given up work. I mean honestly… how much wear and tear can can your poor knees take, plus getting all those coconut oil and God – knows- what else stains out of the ol' Japanese schoolgirl outfit and the Hello Kitty panties has gotta be a LOT of work.

Does your mom ever ask why there are so many protein stains on that schoolgirl skirt? Or how you come across a grand?

That one was just… too…easy.


@bjorn: VHB-Freako-Jesse have been sitting on theories since 2004

Well go out and buy then. Theorists don't care about reality until it happens.