Migrant workers protest at Pulse

There was a crowd outside the sales office at Pulse in Kitsilano this weekend, unfortunately many off them were migrant workers claiming they’ve not been paid for their construction work on that condominium.

The shirts were emblazoned with messages denouncing Bastion Development Corporation and its contractor HDM Hudson Enterprises for what the workers claimed is nonpayment of wages owed to 17 workers, not following basic labour laws, and failing to produce proper employee records.

RDM Hudson could not be reached by The Vancouver Sun, however, Kim Maust, a vice-president of Bastion, said her company paid its contractor in full and has no involvement in the workers’ unpaid wages claim.

She said Bastion paid RDM Hudson a lump sum to perform finishing work such as painting and following that Bastion has no responsibility for what is alleged to have happened after.
“We’ve paid out the contractor,” she said.

Full article in the Vancouver Sun.

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I am Yoga bear

Yoga Girl

I think Bikram yoga is calling you yoga boy…

You clearly have a lot of toxins that need to be cleared out of your system….

Yoga Boy

@Yoga Girl:

"Hence, why they have no problem driving their SUVs to pick up some acacia juice en route to yoga…

You meant acai juice, right?

See, it's simpletons like you who know nothing about organic foods or yoga for that matter that made this city unbearable for the rest of us, the beautiful people. You're probably Mexican too. Would you use some high SPF sunscreen lotion already? Your prematurely aging skin will thank you.

Yoga Girl

Lol – you people assume that people who buy organic are concerned about the environment.

The primary motivation amongst those with higher incomes is their health, not the environment. They are concerned about eating foods that reduce the chance of significant health risks as well as eating foods that contain antioxidants to keep them young.

Hence, why they have no problem driving their SUVs to pick up some acacia juice en route to yoga…


@No Longer Looking:

that people who buy green/organic are more likely to wreck the environment with SUVs, expensive crap, trips everywhere etc.

But people who buy organic are likely to have higher incomes than average, and thus more likely to own a SUV, etc. What is the true correlation?

You have to normalize for income to see if there really is a correlation between buying green and SUV's, etc.

No Longer Looking

@taylor192: There was a recent study that confirmed just what you're saying: that people who buy green/organic are more likely to wreck the environment with SUVs, expensive crap, trips everywhere etc. Too lazy to find the link right now.


LOL @ Starving Artist – so true.

I live in Kits and see the hypocritical nature all the time. The gas-guzzling traffic jams and packed parking of luxury SUVs on 4th probably offsets the organic/local/green crap they are buying. 🙂


Ahh Condohype, we miss you.

Starving Artist

I'm sure all the principled Kitsalino ex-hippies will stand with their downtrodden brothers and refuse to buy any of these dishonest products.

Like, man, all these guys are totally blocking parking so I can't get into Capers and buy my chocolate covered goji berries for $12/100g! I'm going to be so totally out of energy for my bikram yoga!

Aside, how many freakin' underground economies does this city have? It's like Greece here


What I find amazing is that this is still in the UP phase. The developers are making TONS of money on the back of the greater fools. What will happen in the DOWN phase? When they start losing money?

Poor Mexicans. But it's not only here. Everywhere you have 'aliens' building 'palaces' they get 'the shaft'. Since the dawn of history. Some people never learn.




I'm surprised how many Mexicans are working in Vancouver. I'm not sure if they are working legally, but it seems to be growing. Mexican drywallers seem very common on job sites. That's a hell of a long way to travel for sub-standard drywalling wages.

I actually think it's good for some (not a lot, just some) exchange of workers between countries. It's the best way to get to know different cultures.

Still waiting

I heard that many of those workers are illegal migrants and that they were threatened by the contractor to stay quite or to face deportation.

Mr Reasonable

Don't worry Davers, I'm sure the model got paid, after all that's where the real value of these places comes from. I mean anyone can build a condo, but not everyone can sell a lifestyle. You can bet marketing was paid in full.


Oh no!

One can only hope that condohype's favourite model got paid for her ad work on the project.



Ah, Vancouver BC, where wages are low and that's if you're fortunate enough to get paid for the work you've done.