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Discussion seems to be getting heated around here, and people seem to want to talk about a number of different topics, so I’ve rebuilt the forums.  If you have a VCI user account, you’ll be able to post topics and take part in the discussion there.  There’s a link to the forum at the top of the blog pages, and recent forum posts will show up in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

As always feedback is welcome.

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How about some commentary on the numbers you post. What areas? What is the significance? Nobody can draw any conclusions from them now…

[…] Alum at vancouvercondo.info 10 Mar 2010 9:34 am – “Go Vancouver RE……Go….!” [a reference to Olympic cheerleading; possibly intended as sarcasm; representative of current bullish sentiment and belief nonetheless] […]



Yes, the States is a mess, but some metropolitan areas must be fine – what about New York?”

No better example than Tim Geithner's house. This is 1/2 hour from Manhatten and is in a area comparable to Kerrisdale/Shaughnessey (although outside NYC itself – remember the metro has almost 1/2 the population of Canada).


Geithner has been unable to sell for $1.5 m. Zillow estimate is $1.367 m. The house is now rented for $7500/month.

These numbers speak for themselves. Anyone who cannot see the difference in affordability and value between Vancouver and New York is completely hopeless.


BTW, my friends are on holiday, not emmigrating. With the collapse of their real estate holdings (2 houses) and the British peso, they have been well and truely priced out of the Vancouver market. They had considered moving as she has a Canadian passport.


A friend and his wife arrived today from Belfast, N Ireland. It was the bubbliest place in the UK over the past 10 years. Apparently the locals thought it was different in Belfast and fundamentals didn't apply. It's now off 40% from the peak. My friends bought their place for 93k in 03, at the peak houses on their street sold for 275k and they put their house on the market last June at 189k. I asked them today if they'd had any offers. No they said, not even one viewing. Now THAT's a bear market. Since June they lowered the price in increments to 149k and still NOTHING. When i explained the Vancouver housing mania to them (we're different, offers 100k over asking, real estate always goes up etc) my friend's wife said "Oh that's what we all thought… Read more »


Don't care for the forums much. I like a one-stop-shop. I don't care if random conversations happen. I'm a big boy, I can scroll through all the bullshit and sift out the posters with anything relevant to say, on either side of the argument.

So, count me for leaving things as they are on the board.


You might lure back freako from RET if the nut jobs you have here put up a better fight. Some posters claimed they called the police after some of his posts over there after being torn apart by his arguments. Great stuff.

The Ant

@superduperbull: Unfortunately I rent a brand new condo, I'm afraid I have to, because I'm saving up to buy a house like this so I too can be a home owner!



Maybe we should consider archiving superduperbull's comments. Future historians might be interested:

"In the early 21st century, renters were considered pariahs, social outcasts, losers. Society valued homeownership, debt and golden calves . This was only a few years before the second great depression, which turned out to be much greater than the first one in the 20th century. Treated like the cockroaches, they shared another trait with above-mentioned insect: They survived the nuclear financial holocaust unscratched and bought houses for pennies on the dollar…".





"Yeah sounds real nice loser. A fucking ground floor moldy shit hole. This site is just filled full of little loser dreamers like you."

Lack of sleep due to financial stress is very unhealthy. It causes nervous breakdowns and lack of control over what comes out of one's mouth. You should consider visiting your psychologist that is if you are not embarrassed of him reminding you to pay your bills…




R E B G V Inventory 2006 to 2007 Jan 1, 2006 = 6603 Jan 15, 2006 = 7453 Feb 1, 2006 = 7501 Feb 15, 2006 = 7965 Mar 1, 2006 = 8219 Mar 15, 2006 = 8699 Apr 1, 2006 = 9097 Apr 15, 2006 = 9025 May 1, 2006 = 9429 May 15, 2006 = 10396 Jun 1, 2006 = 10121 Jun 15, 2006 = 10434 Jul 1, 2006 = 10374 Jul 15, 2006 = 11016 Aug 1, 2006 = 10935 Aug 15, 2006 = 11083 Sep 1, 2006 = 11043 Sep 15, 2006 = 11714 Oct 1, 2006 = 12169 Oct 15, 2006 = 12769 Nov 1, 2006 = 12608 Nov 15, 2006 = 12481 Dec 1, 2006 = 11624 Dec 15, 2006 = 10996 Dec 31, 2006 = 9881 Jan 1, 2007 = 9215 Jan… Read more »



Why so much anger?

Feeling scared?



How does it make you feel?

Superduperbull, do you kiss your mother with this mouth?


@Best place on meth: Yeah sounds real nice loser. A fucking ground floor moldy shit hole. This site is just filled full of little loser dreamers like you.

Keeping an Eye on th

"Michael Levy is on CKNW talking about the “turnaround” in the economy."

Isn't that loud mouth fool becoming as embarrassing as Bill Good?

Notice just how much they have cranked up the hype machine lately, the other day the snake oil sales team-oops I mean the “CKNW business experts” were making reference to the claim that 3.5 billion people watched the Olympics on TV and each one of those people wish they could move here.

Better we call Chippy and see if he can set us up with a condo and possibly secure some easy financing, before all those 3.5 billion decide to move here next week.

Best place on meth

I wouldn't accept a free $35,000 if it meant I had to buy the fucking house and take on a $665K mortgage.

Keep the money, please.


I keep checking in on Ben Jones' blog over at housing bubble blog. Rarely does a day go by without a reference to Canada's housing market, and rarely does it pass without someone commenting on our delusions. They sure are getting a kick out of us! I told my partner that my uncle in the US had offered to give a downpayment to his daughter and her new husband for a house. They refused, saying they didn't want to be committed. "Smart move" my partner commented. Then I told him "The house they're looking at is $150k-4 beds and 2 baths, 10 years old" He nearly flipped. Too bad someone won't give us a downpayment for a $700k house in Vancouver. Oh right, they will…I think it's called the CIBC 5% cash back mortgage. Here, have a shovel, we'll help… Read more »


Not that I have early onset Alzheimer's or anything, but it seems to me the "Olympics" are fast becoming a fading memory.

Is it any wonder then, why Joe Sixpack feels the urge to list?

Even he is beginning to realize the pre-Olympic hype was just that. Hype.

Matt and Meredith have gone back to New York, Quatchi is in the discount bin and Michael Levy is on CKNW talking about the "turnaround" in the economy.

Maybe Joe thinks somethin's up? Or, goin' DOWN?

Kite towards moon

@Anonymous: Jobs and citi never sleep and that's what everyone wants otherwise you should be in Detroit.You are here because you want to be here so does everyone else "GOTTA BE HERE".



Thanks for the numbers. I just started a thread over on the forum to keep track of your numbers.


Best place on meth


I'm in a ground floor apartment with a yard for my veggies and a patio for my furniture & bbq. All my herbs survived the mild winter, I don't even have to replant. It costs me about 65% of what it would to own it.

Well, things just get better and better for us bears. Another day, another MONSTER batch of listings over at Larry's site. The biggest one yet.

Vancouver East & West*

New Listings – 92

Back On Market Listings – 1

Price Changes – 34

Sold Listings – 33

Vancouver All Areas*

New Listings – 368

Back On Market Listings – 3

Price Changes – 109

Sold Listings – 96

Suck on it, cheerleaders.


R e b g v inventory

Mar 9, 2010 = 13244

Mar 10, 2010 = 13439


@oneangryslav2: You have no yard. That's the real difference little forenter. Yards are nice to have but I guess you wouldn't no anything about that. Have fun this weekend wallowing in your sorrow wherever you're going. I'll be in my yard playing with my dog and the kids.