Crackshack or Mansion? Ask Petr & Ola

Petr and Ola are the creative duo behind Crackshack or Mansion, the online quiz that serves up very clear visual examples of lunacy in the Vancouver housing market.  They recently updated the game to a second version.  Can YOU tell the difference between a crack shack and a million dollar house in Vancouver BC?

They have agreed to do an open format interview that will let you ask the questions.  Post any questions you have for them in the comment section and vote up the ones you’d like to have answered.  I’ll  send on the top rated question comments to them and post their answers next week.  Ready?  Ask away!

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Van MD

I think the Income Tax payment deadline of April 30th has some effect of slowing down RE action this week. Many of my friends/colleagues are busy doing last-minute tax filing.

But don't you worry, people's attention will be back to hosting open-houses next week!


Market hot like cheese sold at pub! Just like cheese bear everyone want to pay high price for it. Bear is like pub cheese buyer, bull is cheese taker. Be like bull bear and take cheese.

Kite towards moon

@Keeping and Eye on The Pimps: That's not the case.Some anecdotal preview at downtown tells me that some over age owners who can not stand infront of beautiful ladies and some heart patients who are unable to drive over Cambie,Granville,and Burard bridge are trying to trade their properties from Downtown to other areas.On the otherside most of the Pizza Hut and Panago young customer have a dream to buy downtown condo and most of Cactus Club customers have dream to buy penthouse in downtown.Once exit from downtown will admit them in other part of Vancouver while other young stuning beauties will enter into downtown to put pool type actions in the heart of Vancouver.

Keeping and Eye on T

Yeap, the bulls see the cliff ahead, emergency brake cable broken, master cylinder bone dry, accelerator stuck on full throttle, and they don’t have the balls to jump off.


So what's the real inventory?


@Inventory: Earlier today it was 16,924. Do you mean 16,966?

Kite towards moon

@Keeping an Eye on YatterMatter:No comments, no dallies,Just one listing in a month.No more new rules,no more April 19.Ben Bernanke says no to interest rates hike.What to expect from Marcarnankeney? Bears case:Will see how it plays out while Kites stay on fire.


Profile of a Recent First Time Buyer –

“About a month ago I became a first time homebuyer in Vancouver. I have been living here for about 15 years, and seeing prices triple, or quadruple in some instances, and I just thought “Wow, I need to get on this wealth train”.
[An informative anecdote extracted from a telephone interview between CBC Cross Country Checkup host Rex Murphy, and a caller from Vancouver named Steve Z., 25 Apr 2010]

[Hat-tip to AnonymousAA at 25 Apr 2010 3:17 pm]


Party's delayed!

Apr 27, 2010 = 16,846

Apr 28, 2010 = 16,866


nope, sorry, I sent it about 21 hours early – watch for the official 17k party announcement tomorrow (that was just a test of the emergency broadcast system)






Superrepetitivebull said: "Get in now or you will pay my mortgage again next year bear."

That just may be true… via CMHC and a foreclosure proceeding.




Hunglu Khorse

Keeping an Eye on The Pimps Says: April 28th, 2010 at 4:59 pm @Boombust: Boom, you can take this to the bank: The script has been written, and the cast already selected. 1) The phone lines will be “stacked” You mean like how Keith Spicer, the 1970's Ottawa Commissioner of Official Languages never stood a chance because angry housewives were yelling at him on Cknw talk shows to "stop ramming French down our throats?" 2) The experts will confirm it will be a gentle glide, possibly a minor correction, on the way to greater appreciation. Like Ex-Lax? 3) "This is the best place on earth" You mean like "The Happiest Place on Earth? Like Disneyland? 4) Running out of land, you know… the North Pole to the north, The ocean to the West, and USA to the South, and the… Read more »


"I go to open houses every weekend just to use the washroom and help myself to snacks."

Careful. Easy does it. It could be cat food on crackers.

Best place on meth

@painted turtle:

I go to open houses every weekend just to use the washroom and help myself to snacks.

Next time I may try the Family Guy Tom Vu method of using a toilet.

painted turtle

I really like the idea of having a fake "open house" sign on my rented home, and wait for a stampede of hypothetical bulls full of cash… I can always claims it is open for free lemonade.

That would balance all the property for sale that do not post any sign. On Sunday I checked a neighborhood that had 45 homes for sale and only one obvious sign posted !

When do you guys think we can start going to open houses to low ball 40%? July?

Any great ideas about how to shaken the twilight zone?


Bear as inventory rise FTB shark attack like feeding frenzy on chum. That is what happening this summer bear. FTB shark attack inventory and price go up big time. Get in now or you will pay my mortgage again next year bear.

Boog Rennie

To the best of your knowledge, do any of the crack shacks have re-development potential, i.e. can they be assembled with other neighbours and developed with condo's or townhomes? I have a hard time with these values, and this is coming from the one and only Boog Rennie.

Jim Bob

Prices will likely go up in the short term. As first time buyers are squeezed out of the market, lower priced homes will start sitting on the market causing average and median prices to move up. This happened in the US when their bubble started to burst, rising prices coupled with inceasing inventory.


I've never really been a sports fan but I can imagine that it must feel something like the adrenaline rush that inventory numbers bring. When I find myself watching a hockey game with friends, all I see on the scoreboard is the sales and listings numbers.


@oneangryslav2: Based on my comment score, it would seem that a few of you are sarcastically-challenged. 🙂


@ Inventory – everyone has to file their taxes so perhaps no time to list the house….