Thieves working at open houses

No, not the Realtors®.  Thieves have been posing as prospective ‘buyers’ and stealing small valuable items from homes being shown for sale including jewelry and electronics.  There have been a rash of thefts from Langley open houses according to a bulletin sent out to all FVREB Realtors.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of similar problems in Vancouver.  If you’re holding an open house you might want to keep an eye on your stuff:

Multiple thefts at Langley open houses and private showings

Langley RCMP are asking members to be on the lookout for suspicious “buyers” targeting showings in the City and Township of Langley and to remind homeowners to secure their valuables.

Between May 2 and 10, thieves stole jewellery (rings, necklaces and watches), designer sunglasses and electronics on counters and in drawers. No suspects have been identified.

Please report any suspicious activity to the Langley RCMP at 604.532.3200.

Hat tip to chilled for the link.

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Sour Grapes

@Anonymous: It's just like a bribe, only legal! Hey, wait, why is it legal?

[…] points out that the phrase ‘CMHC is forecasting’ is a perfect anagram for ‘Comic things, farces‘ […]


Me thinks something was messed up in the listing system today.

Wait for an onslaught tomorrow?


You think our Olympic mascots were dumb looking? Move over:

No More Gordocracies


where are today's inventory totals? Thank you



What's the listing today btw? This is where we were a five weeks ago:

Inventory Says:

April 12th, 2010 at 11:42 pm

April 12,2010 = 15462


Surely VIP investors get their units below market price.

Tony Danza

Didn't Larry "Husba" Campbell buy two (Boom Boom) of the OV condos? If a smart guy like Larry planned to flip the OV there's got to be a lot more out there..

Care Bear

Re: the OV sales:

– The paper today said that the sales over the weekend were not yet "completed" so who knows how many of those "sales" will actually pan out.

– None of the owners (either pre-sale or recent buyers) have taken possession of their units yet. I think they are still working to get the suites ready.


June rate hike still likely amid Europe turmoil: analysts say

Read more:



Bad grammar make you sound like a dumb, dumb.


Here's some bull facts:

1) Bond yield continue to slide on greecian debt problems BOC sez no rate hike ever again

2) Millions of rich greek come to Canada to open bad pizza and pasta restaurant and buy condo in Vancouver

3) Robbing bank make people wealthy so Whalley crack head can now buy condo bear!

Keeping an Eye on Th

The back side of the steep multi year climb, will be a long, long, long, tumble. Just put a mirror on the graph, and get a clear picture of what the next 2 decades will be like.

Imagine if you will, there will come a day when nail salon “technicians” turned Realtors will no longer be earning as much as doctors.


Reports tonight that the BoC is no longer tightening in June due to deflationary worries. Bond Yields plummeting, Sales spiking, inventory stalling…..what a day to be a bull!!!


"Tomorrow will be better for sure." -Domus

I agree. Take today, for example…

For the past three days, I had absolutely ZERO auto-updates from my VOW site for the Tri-cities area.

However, at 5 o'clock or so, I checked me email, and there it was.

106 (one hundred and six!!) listings for SFH alone!

So, Domus, et al, I would suggest that today's high sales numbers are merely "noise".

Y'know, like those "breaking-up" noises like the Titanic made…



don't lament my dear friend

if this is as bullish as it gets, who gives a pututi….

i'm still looking for a 500+ list day and a few days of sales below 125

bring it on

let see what tomorrow brings

loads of folk are commenting on the huge amount of new for sale signs…betcha developers/realtors are getting a tad nervous…only the beginning

the low rate folks are still out there running around and the buy before hst group has another solid month to go too

then what?

we know exactly what

expect sales for may to come in below april and listings way higher

my guess is prices are down down down for the month of May


Looks like that's about it. And that wasn't meant to be a happy face. lol


New Listings 269

Price Changes 166

Sold Listings 200



Talked to scullboy about cookbook he's writing. Sound like good business venture since scullboy failure in everything else must be good at cook. His recipe sound really bad though so anyone have advice? Should sell my a condo and invest with scullboy on dady's lobster truck?


VHB Says:

May 19th, 2010 at 1:22 pm

: Carefully read the last line of the post. You got your hat tip!!


Oooopps!!! My readin' is goodly but my comprehension skills suck.

Back to my English as a First Language class.


Think about it: a sell/list above 60% and we think it is a bullish day!

It used to be the case we would consider it bearish just a few months ago. We have come a long way.

We might add only 50 or so additional listings to inventory today. Tomorrow will be better for sure.


This market is akin to a 30 car passenger train going over a high trestle that has been washed out.

The locomotive and first car have plunged over the edge and are plummeting towards the rocks below while the people in car 15 are sipping their lattes completely unaware of the impending doom but even if they were they would be completely helpless to avoid it.

Two weeks ago the locomotive went over. It won't be long before the whole train is in a wreck at the bottom of the ravine.




"How about wealth creation debate be taken to Chipman's site!!! We don'y need endless debate for days here."


Or better yet, take it to the Johnny Horton blog. They'll do a number on it complete with pictures of animal porn and disfigured persons.


@paulb: It's been a while since it's been a bullish day like this. I posted a couple of days that many people with 90 days pre-approved mortgage rates who originally resisted are jumping in due to the price drops (drops still high today). A condo I visited exactly 2 months ago was listed at $450k. I suggested to the realtor I could potentially put in a offer for $430k to gauge reaction and was promptly turned down. It's now been re-listed at $435k and I got a call from the realtor last week telling me "good news – the seller is more motivated now and he believes $425k would seal the deal". I still have my low 5 year fixed quote for another couple of weeks, but no thanks. However, I would bet there could possibly be a greater fool… Read more »


#58 T. so their saying that inventory, building starts and prices will continue to move up? I think someone is spiking the 'Loon – Aid' with LSD. Well on the other hand it was an article released by the Vancouver Bullshit newspaper.