BC drags down national forecast

Ladies and gentlemen, please bear with us for a moment, we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with the Crystal-rear-view-mirror ball. For whatever reason it appears that BC house prices have not continued their ever upward climb to the stars. This temporary setback has caused the CREA to readjust the national forecast in a downward direction.

Here is a CBC news video about the local Vancouver market ‘cooling’. It features many pretty faces such as Cameron Muir, Jake Moldowan and Larry Yatkowsky.

Thanks to Anonymous and Jesse for the links!

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Here is a chart worth a boo. Especially concerning when you consider how many second and third homes most Boomers have sitting vacant.

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Good Post

Rent to own BC

Thx for sharing the links and generating a great discussion! Keeping fingers crossed for BC housing.



A friend bought an attached property on the North Shore in 2005 for $520K. Comps now selling for $680K. Subtracting $30K for upgrades, $50K special assessment and $20K realtor fee nets $580K.

Total gain $60K or 10% or 2% per year over 5 years! A 10% drop and they are at breakeven.

Like many others, you are forgetting to include the difference between ownership costs (mortgage, taxes, strata fees, insurance) and the cost of renting an equivalent property over the period of ownership. For a 2005 purchase, that would probably amount to around $50K today on a present value basis. If he's sells today he barely does better than breaking even. And today's prices won't be around tomorrow.


@Chilled: Look at his face and that fucking smile, guy is apparently paying for some nasty sex and thinks business should work the same way.


@Anonymous: Many of these people will come to the GVRD and will need a place to live…

How about the work? Are they going to need to work somewhere too or all will be flipping condos perhaps?



True. At 4:1 leverage (25% down) it works out to 8% annual gain. A 10% drop in the property price still brings it back to zero though.



I agree ever since the roller coaster was added the site is really slow.


June average dailes so far:

Sales: 148

Listings: 299

In June 2009:

Sales: 195

Listings: 238

In June 2008:

Sales: 119

Listings: 315

Note that in 2009, the MAX listings for any day in June was 289. Each of the three days in June so far this year has exceeded this max level.



sorry to be a pain, but want to let you know that using the site is becoming increasingly difficult. It takes on average 20 to 30 seconds to try and load a full page of comments like this thread. And 1 in 2 times (especially when the thread is long) the download is interrupted before being completed.

I love the forum, and appreciate your work, but this must be the least pleasant blog to navigate among the few I occasionally visit.

It is heavy and slow.


:Vancouver has been consistently voted in the top 5 best cities in the world to live for the last few years"

Who votes in these studies? Members of the BCREA and Bob Rennie? Believe me, if I wanted I could find a study that would find that Anonymouse is the smartest person alive.

Vancouver does not belong in the same sentence as Hong Kong, Paris London, New York. Al those cities are major financial and political centres. Vancouver is a third tier city at best. We're not even the highest profile city in our own country, fer cryin out loud. Toronto is.


from the article from the Sun … ' Vancouver has been consistently voted in the top 5 best cities in the world to live for the last few years. Our real estate is a bargain compared to London, France, New York, most of Japan, Hong Kong and many other big cities of the world. There is only so much land in the lower mainland. "Statistics Canada predicts the population in B.C. will jump from the current 4.5 million, to as high as 7.1 million by 2036." Many of these people will come to the GVRD and will need a place to live. They all have to live somewhere and many of them will be buying their place not renting. Don't believe that there will be too much of a correction for too long…..unless of course the world does slip into… Read more »


@Superfly: "Total gain $60K or 10% or 2% per year over 5 years! " You are calculating the rate of return on the total value of the house. The actual rate of return would need to be calculated on the cash that the homeowner put into the house (i.e. the initial downpayment plus capital outlays and other negative cashflow). So his actual rate of return may be substantially higher. This is the power of leverage (on the way up at least) However you make a good point about something that I frequently rant about. Which is that many people overstate the gains they have made on RE. People will often say "I bought it for $300k and sold it for $400k" thus giving the impression they have pocketed $100k. They forget to account for the following: – Excess of interest… Read more »



A friend bought an attached property on the North Shore in 2005 for $520K. Comps now selling for $680K. Subtracting $30K for upgrades, $50K special assessment and $20K realtor fee nets $580K.

What was the special assessment for?

New roof. Complex is 20 years old.



More wealthy Chinese officials will divert their hidden money to Vancouver for sure,and it will in turn ensure a healthy and solid Van RE for future decades .


Check out the WSJ/CR on China: It's over, dudes.

"The housing market in many—though not all—Chinese cities seems to have nearly ground to a halt after the government moves. On average, the number of residential property transactions in the four weeks after the restrictions were announced is down 40% compared with the four weeks before the measures, according to figures covering 24 major cities from real-estate consultancy Soufun.com. "

Folks, this is in the WSJ, not some crazy blog. China's property bubble is done.

Any impact on Vancouver?


What's the current inventory?



Hurry dear, lets pay $200K more than the place will be worth in 2yrs so we can get that gift card!!!!!!

How low with they go? What an industry.


One of my former colleagues called HGTV the "Real Estate Porn Channel" — setting up newlyweds for a lifetime of unrealistic expectations.


If you think that being a landlord is easy, here's some perspective from a professional landlord. As Apu would say, "Being a landlord is easy not always."

Negotiating 101 – Landlord Edition

No Insight

I've seen those types of shows before. Not this one. It's about maybe 20 minutes of fluffy feel good real estate porn? Do you really think they have time for INFORMATION? How much did they even show of the people? Aren't they usually doing voiceovers and b-roll footage? I'm betting anything informative ended up on the cutting room floor (like any good interview). Did they say any of the addresses?

I think the only HGTV show I've ever seen with info comes from Mike Holmes… and then only because I catch him breifly mention something and then I have to google it.


@Love HGTV: Have to agree with you just watched it! Will emphasized low maintenance fees without once elaborating…for instance that maintenance fees on new units are subsidized heavily by the developer, and will increase exponentially once the building is turned over to the strata. No effort on the part of the Realtor to inform the client as to the terrific washer and dryers at the entrance as to the chances that they would work incredibly inefficiently taking up to THREE times the hydro the same washer and dryer in a properly designed place would use. (In 501 the dryer ducts are contorted with multiple bends and will take three times as long to dry). Nope your average buyer is dumber then a toadstool! Unbelievable that a real estate agent can make more than $500.00 bucks on a sale because that… Read more »


@Anonymous: Granite and stainless are to this boom what shag carpeting and avocado and harvest gold appliances were to the 70s.