Robson Street ‘surprisingly affordable’

Surprisingly affordable to lease retail space that is. Colliers has released their global survey of retail space lease rates and the most expensive places in Canada are in Toronto and Montreal at about $300 us per square foot.

Robson street in Vancouver came in 51st in the survey at a surprisingly affordable $196.08, which looks even cheaper when compared to what I like to refer to as our ‘sister cities’ New York and Paris (which are cities just like Vancouver, but bigger with more money.) Both those cities topped $1,250 per square foot, but then they don’t have the HST.

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What's most disgusting is the number of sponsored visitors being treated and operated on without paying at the largesse of the province. For those who insist on letting their 6-inch doing all the thinking, you obvious don't need to know.


quote – “Also, the immigrant investor program will be doubling the required investment effective July 1, 2010. That will reduce the number of “business investors” coming from China.”


I don't know where TonyPepe got this info. But from memory, after Liberals came to power, it was reduced to $200k investment capital to attract more business investors. It is now $400k and applicant must have a net worth of $800k.

Not a big deal, as many who come on "skilled" category – would easily have a net worth of $1M to $2M.

Just yesterday, Vancouver Sun has a story on a couple returning to China and they paid $34,000 for a bottle of cognac.



That's a great comparison. Thanks.


Here is an objective view of the Russian Hill area over the decade per sqf. Ignore the extremes in the last 3 years due to avg price being skewed by fewer transactions and you will realize that it is still around the 2007 level.
BTW, thanks for the other contributor for showing us this very good listing in SanFran. Mind you. This is just a listing price. Well, in the same page, you will see some of the recent "Sold homes near this property". Click on every one of them and you will realize they are all old houses on small lots selling at >1.5M. So-called real estate crash in the US!!!


#114 L, don't hesitate to stretch out here a little. The Libs are in deep crapola on the HST, don't think they're not past bribing the sheeple with their own money. The 600K+++ anti HST petition now far exceeds the number of votes the LIBs got in the last election. The RE CALL campaign is on, believe it. Not only will it happen but the most vulnerable ridings are those with junior MLA's who haven't got the pension time in. They are not going to let Campell screw them out of the lifetime trough without a fight. The army of petition workers were all NDP volunteers, still think that RE CALL isn't the aim? 7 Libs won by a very slim margin, thats enough to bring the government down. Expect all sorts of promises from the LIBs, including a 'signing… Read more ยป


Oh great add more fuel to the fire..



"Average price per square foot for Russian Hill was $719, a decrease of 35% compared to the same period last year."



You should get your act together if you want to sound smart and informed.

Are you really saying that comparing this:… to that:… would make any sense?

You should go back to Arctic and practice a bit before posting here.


Hey! Why don't we get an HST rebate cheque?


@Dan in Calgary: It's a movie called Trading Places, very good movie.


@paulb.: 18750! You made my day (or rather night) !


observer Says:

George Soros’ speech on financial crisis act II. Refreshing to see a frank and clear headed commentary for a change.


Yes. Since he is considered to be a financial terrorist, he undoubtedly knows what's coming down the pike.


@Anonymous: We just found a place to rent for $1350/month.

Where is it, what part of the city? Is it a two bed/bath apt?


How about looking at your neighbour? A bit of research in would have revealed to you how wrong the mainstream media is when it comes to the real estate market in the US is. No one forces you at gunpoint to buy real estate at the suburbs. Check out San Fransciso Proper, Seattle city in zillow.

Here is one for those of you who are too lazy to research on zillow.
Back to 2004 level? Someone is willing to throw out 900k for this house last month.

How about San Francisco proper? How come it is still north of the 1M neighbourhood?

This speaks the truth about real estate, which is all about location. Still waiting for your dream house on the West side at less than 1M? In your dream, I guess.

painted turtle

Out of topic…

I just heard on the radio that the South African government had to give 3 million $ to FIFA for the right to print World Cup stamps!!!

Another place where the tax payers will have to pay the bills once the party is over. Meanwhile, the corporations and FIFA are making tons of money. Local food sellers are upset that they have to give way to big corporations like McDonalds.

Reminds me of the Olympics ๐Ÿ˜‰


George Soros' speech on financial crisis act II. Refreshing to see a frank and clear headed commentary for a change.


MOI for surrey has just breached 11.



Thanks, it looks like financial reform was on the table which could be relevant to this forum. His trip was paid for by the middle class though ๐Ÿ™‚


@ ready to pop.

Yep it was in the Sun.


Was Mr. Gordon Campbell in Spain?

Bilderberg perhaps?….


Sweet. We just found a place to rent for $1350/month. A similar unit down the hall is on the market for $450,000. If I put $50k down it would cost (at 5% interest, 35 year amortization) $2018/month. Plus strata. Plus property tax.

Why buy when you can rent?


Screw Vancouver!!! After the World Cup South Africa will be smokin'!!! Rich Asians and displaced Europeans will be lining up to buy real estate! Everyone will be "coming here." Corrugated cardboard shacks selling for 1000 Rand per square foot!! I'm off to Capetown to buy a shanty town or two. Let's face it, this AIDS infested war zone sees a bit more sunshine than our own DTES.


Yes, but BPOM, you are missing the best part of the whole virtual Albright experience: You have to download some plugin (titled vww which he tries to pass off as Virtual Vancouver but is actually Virtual World Web) which deceptively comes from…. wait for it… a virtual adult porn shop! Check it out, the file you download come from these guys :

Oh, yeah, now I am utterly (no longer virtually) convinced realtors are sleazebags.


@No Longer Looking:

…….Now landlords have to offer free food to get prospective tenants to their open houses. NICE……..


Yeah, but its Surrey. With that in mind, this would kill any appetite.



……..My friend just had a bus drop off 40 chinese people at their house to look at it……


You're confused dude, that was the Shriner's Circus in town. Try to keep up, OK?