Friday free-for-all!

It’s the end of the week! Time to do our regular weekend news round up and open topic economic chat!

First Nations property bill gets royal assent
Squamish Nation to build 4 condo towers near Park Royal
Average price edges up in June
Teranet numbers updated
CIBC household credit analysis pdf
Canadians feel optimism mixed with gloom
Victoria sees lowest June sales volume in 8 years
Toronto condos a perfect first investment
Nearly 1/3 of US sales a foreclosure
Psychology of market cycles

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Scoop: Yeah that's what I'm finding also. It was easy peasy to find a place when it was just the two of us. We had excellent referneces, no pets blah blah, but now that we have a little one it is getting much harder. Not only is there a lack of rental stock for families, at the moment anyway (there was more last summer), but alot of people turn you away. Politely of course and without trying to get sued by you also. It is frustrating. Plus who wants to move or have propesctive buyers looking at your place all the time when you've been up all night with your little one for the past 5 days!!! If the real estate market wasn't SO outta wack out here I'd be so tempted to buy right now. We are certainly considering… Read more »

Just Looking...

"I notice that none of the anti-real posters could argue my points"

You are dodging the questions again. I didn't ask your philosophy for earning money, but rather at what level the market currently sets your value.

@Chip: No one has argued to give public sector workers "what they want", but rather I have been asking what the market price would be for skilled work in identifiable professions.

My last point: let's at least get the accounting right. "Public sector parasites" pay taxes too – so if you want to complain about how many of "your" tax dollars we are earning, you should first subtract "our" tax dollars from the equation.

Specuskeptic was right – this is like arguing against an invective bot. I'm done.




Man, ignorance rains down on this topic. I guess you have never been on the wrong end of an employer trying to force you to do something that is unsafe,not your job/not trained to do or too cheap to hire enough people to do the job they had no problem saying they could do when they took out the contract due to their greed.

FYI, not all unions are government jobs, many asshole corporations who love to screw workers are unionized and have no respect for workers basic rights. But then again maybe these are just asshole employers posting their drivel here.


Grampy I agree with you completely. 17 bucks an hour to keep the elderly from wandering into traffic is far too much to spend. Gosh, why spend anything at all on them? Old people are parasites on the system. Just look at ol' Grampy here….. drives on the roads, first in line for benefits to the old and worthless and yet insisting we bring in lower wager workers to further gut the middle class. I saw we round up all the old people. We could put explosive rigged collars round ther necks then stick 'em on an islands somewhere. Maybe Baffin Island… nobody's around there. We could let 'em all stand on their own 2 feet…. no subsidies! And if they get too close to escaping, we just detonate the explosives in the collar. Really, what could be simpler? I… Read more »


BTW, 17 an hour is far too much for changing diapers. We should be limited foriegn workers to contract and skilled workers to citizenship. Business class limits should be raised and restricted. Refugees we don't need nor can we afford. Let these people settle their own issues, they'll be better off for it in the end. If their religions and governments are bad themn they should stay and change them. Look at the Sikhs, ungrateful and now suing Canada, disgraceful. Lets not continue with these mistakes. Lets speed up investigations and deportations in this area.


JL 124, I would give the socialists exactly what they want for everybody except themselves. Oh, and this includes everyone on your wish list. I suggest we stick the civic workers in a communal teepee and feed them black bread with cabbage and bean soup. Then along with the bellicose daitribe, retellings of 'the tollpuddle massacre'against the chants of hatred for taxpayers lifting the roof, they can blow the lid off with farting to the tune of Solidarity Forever.. For myself I will be satisified with whatever I can earn on my own and consider myself fortunate to have the self esteem and self respect to stand on my own two feet instead of going through life as a parasite. Shocked to hear the Coq, fire lice are making 90K p/a…anyone wonder why theres no text books in the schools?… Read more »


And I should mention that I actually support open immigration laws, as long they're geared to skilled workers who have a net benefit to the tax base. Current policy is geared to low skills and pay which, coupled with 'free' healthcare and other benefits, entails a rather significant net loss to the Canadian government. The reason immigration laws are easing is that we cannot attract enough high skilled people, thanks to higher levels of taxation and lower levels of job opportunities compared to many countries, including funny enough, current sources of immigrants: India and China. Personally, I would like to see immigration policy reflect economic, not political, considerations. While that may see fewer immigrants arriving we could probably still meet our humanitarian goals by perhaps doubling our intake of refugees and in the end still save the country a huge… Read more »



Screw the union workers. They screw up the system. That's why people can't get medical care here. Too dam expensive. They do not need to immigrate here. We go there to see them. And they do a better job.


@Union Parasite: "Hi. I look after people with disabilities. I make a whopping $17 an hour to change adults diapers, keep them from hurting themselves, hurting me, wandering into traffic… you get my drift. " The government can't be in the business of paying people what they think they're worth. In that direction lies financial Armageddon. But you undoubtedly think I'm a free market radical so perhaps consider this argument instead. The Canadian government just relaxed the immigration law on caregivers. Predominantly from the Philippines, foreign caregivers will now have easier access to a Canadian work permit and now be able to work less than two years before applying for permanent residency for themselves and their families. A Filipino caregiver in Canada earns about $1200 a month with room and board paid. So on top of hitting the jackpot of… Read more »


FYI (This is the frefforall right?!) Looks like an interesting series from the Tyee over the next few days.


Actually the Honk Kong and Shanghai markets are down. The Shanghai is down over 1%.

The S and P futures are up 3 points. The S and P sits at 1022 currently, so the futures are up 0.03%, hardly anything and that could change in a heart beat.

Also they aren't pointing to a higher open tomorrow, because the US markets are closed tomorrow!

just trying to keep you honest McLovin, not that I enjoy agreeing with Meth.


Asian markets up and S&P futures are pointing to a higher open

Best place on meth

Everyone ready for the stock market collapse this week?

Across the Pacific they're not waiting for us, Shanghai's market is getting beaten like a Singapore jaywalker. Again.



@Just Looking (and others engaging ruPaul while I'm at it) You are providing measured, reasonable, fact-based argument. ruPaul is about invective and finding any audience he can for his spew and his own, personally constructed reality. Responding just inspires him further as he's on a "mission". His reality is different and you cannot reason with his position as a result of it. No amount of reasoning and factual defence will change his mind. He's in the Fox news Alex Jones vortex and t'aint nothin' can change his mind because he's always right because he knows what he sees. Read for absolutely pitch-perfect satire of what this cat's all about. Disagreements about conclusions and logic are great and they help all involved to get at "truth", but when one's reality is distorted as his is, discussion and debate are a… Read more »

Just Looking...

@realpaul (With apologies to specuskeptic…) It's funny when you ask someone a question and they answer by saying "to answer your question…" and then proceed to ignore your question. It's funnier still to then be accused of not engaging with their line of reasoning, when the whole point was to come to an understanding of the underlying logic/data/reasons so that just that might be possible. Will you actually answer my question? What is a reasonable wage for a nurse? Teacher? Yourself? Your family members? I'm not talking about a union concept of a living wage. I'm just asking you to use your experience in hiring real world people into productive jobs. What would it take to hire someone that talented and educated enough that you would feel confident to have them teaching your kids and making decisions about what to… Read more »

Best place on meth


That's what the masks are for, they should be put on when arriving at the scene.

I could see a Manhattan firefighter getting 90K since every fire involves a highrise and the risks are high, but Coquitlam?

Being a cab driver in Coquitlam is more dangerous.


First class firefighters typically make $76kish per year before overtime, depending on the municipality. That salary is also based on what works out to be a 48hr work week, not 40. Around $30 per hour, which isn't unreasonable to be responsible for public life-safety, handle traumatic events, and be prepared to take above average personal risk to perform your job.

northeast canuck

Unions were invented in the first place to protect workers from employers like realpaul who fail to see the value in anything or anyone except for themselves.


@Best place on meth:

And the shit the firemen breathe during that time increases their odds of getting a handful of painful diseases not long after they hit 50.


realpaul won't change his anti-union rant til an $8 per hour immigrant with bad english is giving him his catheter change and colonoscopy.

Union Parasite

Hi. I look after people with disabilities. I make a whopping $17 an hour to change adults diapers, keep them from hurting themselves, hurting me, wandering into traffic… you get my drift. Non union employees are making $13- 14 an hour to the same job. Should I be doing it for $8? Don't worry, I can't afford mortgages, or childcare, but I am just such a stain on society I am lucky to even have a rental roof over my head. RealPaul, you make me absolutely sick, and I would love to invite you to come to work with me for a day, and see just how luxurious my union gig is. And yes, I do have a university degree, but all you cranky old farts just keep warming chairs so none of us newbies can get a decent job.


@patriotz: "For the same monthly payments as it would take to buy a crackshack you can rent a mansion. Does that answer your question?"

It doesn't FULLY answer scoop's question because he/she is pointing out the logistic & emotional cost of being unexpectedly forced to move, with young kids (and possibly school district issues, too?).

We all agree that it is far and away economically better to rent. Despite that, many renters have pangs to own, simply to ensure some geographic stability.

Best place on meth

@Anonymous: #110

Holy shit! Coquitlam firemen make $90K a year?

They probably spend about 12 hours a year actually fighting fires.

What else, a full pension at age 50?


Hey, take a look at larry's figures for June in Vancuver West. Looks like average price went down a LOT…


Realpaul's mental ladder may be missing a few rungs but it is true that the fiscal crises now plaguing Europe, California, New Jersey, New York and now Illinois are due to too much spending on the public sector, in terms of more personnel, higher salaries and pensions that can never ever be paid.

So, in a sense, I'd rather have a few Realpauls freaking out about too much spending rather than a dozen complacent people drifting along complacently, convinced that it's different here.

(And it's always worth noting that Ontario's per capita deficit is higher than California's, with 47% of spending on healthcare and a deficit of over $20 billion)