Hollywood North vs. Beverly Hills

Here’s an interesting comparison that came up in in the discussion earlier comparing a couple of North American property markets. First off space889 pointed out this nice large lot on the west side of Vancouver that is up for sale asking $3,280,000 – the oil tank has been removed and this property could be used to build your dream home near Oak street, or you could just hold onto it and wait for it to appreciate.

Crabman then pointed out this property in a place called Beverly Hills on a slightly larger lot asking $3,200,000.

Here they are side by side for comparison:

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Playing devil's advocate here to some extent, but given the choice between living in Beverly Hills and Vancouver, there's no question that I'd choose the latter. I wonder if attitudes are shifting somewhat and that's becoming the case for an increasing number of people. Given, the Beverly Hills house is a lot nicer. But really, who would want to live in such a phony, crowded, polluted place?


@Anonymous: Whenever Cali does something new, we follow a couple years later.


CA is in a bankruptcy state in case bears dont notice.


July Sales for new units

New detached (house)

2009 = 127

2010 = 36 = -71% **July 29

New attached (townhouse)

2009 = 133

2010 = 21 = -84% **July 29

New apartments (condo)

2009 = 180

2010 = 66 = -63% **July 29


We have one more day to go to tally the sales numbers.

Looks like sales will be down around 45% this month compared to last year.

July units

2008 = 2024

2009 = 4197

2010 = 2222 = -47% **July 29


I was serious.


Oh my god, the inventory is shrinking. Sellers are jacking up prices everyday. Rich Chinese are snapping up condos left, right and center. Rennie Marketing keeps making millions. The economy is so strong, our jobs are rock solid. What am I going to do? I'll be priced out forever!


I'm hearing that prices are going back up. People are pulling properties off the market and waiting for improved prices in September. Perhaps this might work?

Interest rates are very low, Canadians love debt, we're not like all those other places, perhaps it's different here?




More Japan workers lose jobs, factory output falls

Japan's jobless rate up in June for 4th straight month as prices and factory output fall


What buffoonery it is to say that the thousands of complaints and the hundreds of buildings in the bedbug registry are all products of 'disgruntled tenants'. Saying this proves that the poster is working a sick twisted and perverted agenda to try to disguise the reality. I would say it is either the work of a city worker, a scared shitless landlord or an abject denier who can't sanction the idea that Vanshithole isn't #1. I met a PCO guy who told me that if 'I saw what he saw in the kitchens of Vanshitholes best restaurants' that I would never eat out in Vandumpo again. This professional bug man detailed tha restaraunts that had rat roach mouse silverfish ant….everything else infestations that were permanent. The Vancouver bedbug infestation extends to public transport infestation, public athletic facilities, private exercise gyms… Read more »


Interesting sell/list today. Of course, this is mainly due to a big drop off in new listings, not from particularly high sales.



Vancouver has a bedbug problem. Also roaches and rats, disproportionate to other North American cities, regardless of RP's suggested propensity to embellish things.

No, I can't provide suitable links either, but in my trade I have been in thousands of commercial buildings, here, accross Canada and in the USofA. What I have seen here is unmatched anywhere. Let me put it this way, I don't eat out alot, even though I can afford it.


@realpaul: Once again fecalpaul, it would seem that you are full of it. I searched Lexis-Nexis for references in the Guardian to the bedbug problem in Vancouver. There was exactly one hit (from an article published February 4, 2010), but it was based on a quote from Wayne, 51 years old and a marginalized resident of the DTES. Wayne was interviewed because he shared the author's fear that the homeless would be rounded up just prior to the start of the Games and shipped off to not be seen again for a few months. The article ends with a quote from Wayne about how the whole of the DTES and its cockroaches and bedbugs should be razed. As for your claim that many major [television] networks ran stories on the bedbug problem in Vancouver, it would seem once again that… Read more »


Hey Pope Garth stole your idea (kind of)…

Animal Spirit

high sales today = low sales tomorrow (long weekend push forward)

bums up2

Bah messed up the quote:

If society was about to collapse as you suggest, I don’t think America tanks (or Chinese, Russian whatever) would be stopping at a chainlink fence at Sardis.

That really does describe CFB Chilliwack. At least I think it does; haven't been back in 10 years.

bums up2

LOL! Only someone from there would know just how true this is!

bums up2

I’m not saying bedbugs aren’t out there – but it is nowhere near the scale shown on bedbugregistry.com. Most of those complaints are probably from disgruntled ex-tenants.

Are you saying realpaul posted misleading inflammatory information???!!!!!?!? I AM SHOCKED AND OUTRAGED


this crash will be sharper than 2008, and much much more severe at the end of the day.

listings surge will recommence in about 6 weeks. MOI set to surge to over 20.

mark these words


They can't find Iraq on a map either and yet they are there.

Best place on meth

Don't worry about the Americans, if the shit hits the fan they'll turn their guns on each other first and they have 100's of millions of them.

Besides, they can't even find Canada on a map.


@Drachen: "Do you mean that army that’s having a hell of a time defeating a bunch of cave-men with fifty year old equipment?" I think it's more accurate to say they're having a hard time winning while adhering to modern rules of engagement and trying to nation-build. The US could turn Afghanistan into rubble if it wished but wars are fought differently today, and that's a good thing. "They aren’t the largest anyhow, just the most expensive and much of the expense comes from overbudgeted weapons programs that are either ineffective or complete failures thrown around as political favours." I'm second to no one in my distaste for wasteful spending, but I have spent most of my life living in Europe and Asia, and I don't think there's any doubt that this ineffective and complete failure of military expenditure was… Read more »

curious lurker

@paulb.: ooh finally.

Here's a chance at a 100% sell/list day.

First time this year if it happens.

I wonder how much of this high sales is due to price drops. Can this crash possibly be sharper than the one of 2008?

That would certainly be something to behold.


I've lived in two West End buildings on the bed bug registry, and I've never had any problem with bedbugs.

Also, I am a fairly friendly guy who has met many of my neighbors over the years, and I've never had anyone mention a problem with bedbugs to me.

Almost all my friends live in apartment buildings throughout Vancouver – and not once have I heard any of them mention having a bedbug problem.

I'm not saying bedbugs aren't out there – but it is nowhere near the scale shown on bedbugregistry.com. Most of those complaints are probably from disgruntled ex-tenants.