Treasure trove of mortgage data

VHB pointed out this site on Thursday: Canequity provides actual data for their mortgages across Canada including here in Vancouver.  One of the frustrations of anyone trying to study the housing market in Canada is the dearth of publicly available data compared to the United States, so it’s nice to find a source of some data when it comes to Canadian mortgages.  Here’s their chart of product inquiries as one example:

Take a look through all the data they make available – here’s Toronto and here’s Alberta.  Locally there’s info for BC and Vancouver.  If anyone wants to do a breakdown of anything interesting that they find, we’ll be happy to publish that here.

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@fixie guy

I'm a regular reader here and the crazies have gone from mildly entertaining, to moderately annoying.

I say get rid of them.

Maybe after 10 foreclosures, your IP gets banned. These morons really gotta go.


@NMG, From the video, claiming that climate change is a fraud:

"We had a medieval warm period where all kinds of grapes and tropical fruits were growing in the northern hemisphere"

Too good.


Notice to Profession did go out today re: warning clients of double dip and advising wrt remedies for people trying to escape contacts in RE

Best place on meth

Instead of a FORECLOSURE stamp, Pope should superimpose an animated butterfly net for people like "No More Gordocracies".


Low sales? Rich Asians at Folk Festival over the weekend so no time to buy.


@fixie guy

"both this forum and RET are hammered by BOTs and nutters …

Setting the foreclosure threshold higher wouldn’t hurt either,"

Completely agree, matches some of my posts. I've asked Pope to raise the foreclosure limit too.


@oneangryslav2: And that is if they get their asking rent…which I doubt. Everyone knows to bid lower than ask these days. Rents also!

I figure they will likely get the same rent I paid 15 years ago. Either way small diff. OK for the owner who bot the condo then as per cash flow, numbers worked. Not so good for the buyer now…

No More Gordocracies

It's back up. Watch it before Google starts charging to watch this. If they do, not NOT pay for it. It would be a copyright violation. It's free on other sites but like I said, drop everything right now and watch The Obama Deception.

Sorry if some of you out there can't grasp the significance of the internet war just declared by Google (NSA). NOTHING is more important than this! Real estate is now nothing but another distraction from what's happening right now that directly affects YOU and everyone else out there.


@GB: That's about a 0.7% (slighly less) annual increase in nominal rent. More confirmation that real rents in Vancouver have been dropping for about 25 years or so.

fixie guy

@ Kosta

I'll throw out a conspiracy theory. I've noticed that recently, concurrent with latest market wobbles, both this forum and RET are hammered by BOTs and nutters. Both forums contain strong bearish sentiments. When it's 'viral marketing' it's clever, consider the possibility posters like 'No More Gordocracies' are here specifically to poison the well and paint this place crackpot. His rantings must send 'normals' running, and the behaviour is unlike any I've seen in the dozen other various forums I frequent. I wouldn't bet on the industry considering the tactic beneath them. I suggest 'Rocking the Vote' and foreclosing as quickly as possible. Setting the foreclosure threshold higher wouldn't hurt either, or VCI risks becoming:

My 2 bits.


I am putting up anti-bubble posters telling people to run for the exits around where I live starting tomorrow. I am including price/income of major cities in the US in 2006 versus the price declines they faced (from Case-Shiller) vs current price/income of Vancouver.

We'll see how it goes 😛


@Alum: Are you trying to be funny guy or you are just plain stupid?


NMG – its a Vancouver housing market blog. There are plenty of places to discuss the internet elsewhere.

No More Gordocracies



Wonder how they'll spin in when July sales are the lowest in 10 years! I thought everyone would want to move here after the Olympics …

No More Gordocracies

To the scum here who vote down the info I posted on the attack on 73,000 blogs…I hope you realize that this blog, the internet, and everything you value is at stake. Why do you think CNET is also up in arms?

Real estate issues should take a back seat to this attack. This is 100 times more important than what's going on in the housing market. If you can't see this then…hey its your world is all I can say.

No More Gordocracies

LOLOL read this crap! BURSTNET® STATEMENT REGARDING BLOGETRY.COM TERMINATION July 19, 2010 – Scranton, PA – BurstNET Technologies, Inc™ (, the largest web hosting and co-location provider in the Northeast Pennsylvania (USA) region, has been the suject of recent news headlines regarding the termination of service to popular website BurstNET® is releasing the following information, in order to set the record straight regarding the matter: On the evening of July 9, 2010, BurstNET® received a notice of a critical nature from law enforcement officials, and was asked to provide information regarding ownership of the server hosting It was revealed that a link to terrorist material, including bomb-making instructions and an al-Qaeda “hit list", had been posted to the site. Upon review, BurstNET® determined that the posted material, in addition to potentially inciting dangerous activities, specifically violated the BurstNET®… Read more »

No More Gordocracies

The Patriot Act can be invoked for whatever reason the FEDS wish, and they will not (are not required to) give a reason. The Patriot Act also prevents anyone the Feds have contacted from telling anyone when they have been coerced into action/inaction by Homeland Security or whoever employs the Act against them, at risk of being imprisoned by said agency. It is my understanding that it is even against the law (Act) to inform your attorney or even a judge if the Act has been invoked against you.


Looks like the PRICE REDUCTION TRAIN is picking up steam again.

No More Gordocracies

Why Web host shut down 73,000 blogs a mystery?

Not if you listen to Alex Jones it isn't


This is a warning to all who value free speech and the internet

You are about to lose everything you value to the evil people behind the new world order.

73,000 BLOGS !!!!!

73,000 BLOGS !!!!!


@GB: Sorry I meant the rent then was $1150/mnth.


I live in this building in 1995/1996. In a unit same sq footage as this one. Also south facing.

The rent then was $1100/mnth. Now – asking $1275/mnth. Not much of a difference over 15 years in rent price…


"Canada and Australia on their own look okay, propped up by raw materials and, so far, un-popped housing bubbles."

-Jeremy Grantham

July 19, 10


shitstorm brewing.