New unit sales across Vancouver.

Continuing with the theme of yesterdays post, inventory has posted the new unit sales numbers for all of Vancouver. Dramatic, though not as dramatic as Vancouver West alone. Are we seeing the biggest changes in the ‘most desireable’ neighborhoods like we did in 2008?

Aug New Unit Sales
1994 = 371
1995 = 357
1996 = 390
1997 = 412
1998 = 280
1999 = 364
2000 = 215
2001 = 250
2002 = 193
2003 = 416
2004 = 272
2005 = 560
2006 = 389
2007 = 385
2008 = 176
2009 = 383
2010 = 96 ***Aug 17

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cut thc

i think tyt radios aka fake ctss in poop call police

curry hot

i live in curry cunts big ass hole pop corn


#95 YLT-B. I saw one (1) panhandler on 42nd St close to Grand Central this am……no crackheads, crack whores, drunken yahoos….no bad people, homeless, no one sleeping on the street, in the parks, no pissing smell , no junkies crapping in the doorways of the needle exchange neighbours ( CAUSE THERE ISN'T ONE) no running sewage in the alleys, not a single rat, no roaches…….none of the things that are staring you in the face in Vancouver every day. And this is the biggest metropolis on the planet????????? Vancouver is a total shithole compared to New York. And…….great public transpo btw,,,,,airconditioned and on time….with turnstyles and conductors….easy to use.

The myth about people being rude here….totally false….people here are friendly and helpful.



…or homeless people, drug addicts, and crack whores that have fled the rest of the country for warmer weather and easy access to their poison of choice.


Scanned the rags this am…not a word from the pimps…..are they getting another propaganda campaign and coordinating their efforts? I expect so……come Sept…"prices will be down"…."rates will be low'….new appliances will be gleaming….. and the local meida whores will be doing walk through tours of the usual plaster cat boxes and spinning real estate porn for the unwary and the unusually stupid who may have just emerged from grandmas basement with a mitt-ful of cash from the old broads cold dead hand. Meanwhile I 'm wandering the concrete canyons of Manhattan laughing at how some smarmy degenerates have the audacity to refer to Vancouver as a city. There are shopping arcades larger than Vancouvers downtown. Amazingly there are businesses dominating the street fronts instead of a dead zone of crappy condominium towers as in Yaletown and Coal Harbour etc. NYC… Read more »


Aug Richmond Unit sales 1994 = 328 1995 = 269 1996 = 306 1997 = 282 1998 = 183 1999 = 200 2000 = 239 2001 = 359 2002 = 336 2003 = 485 2004 = 331 2005 = 529 2006 = 412 2007 = 502 2008 = 178 2009 = 480 2010 = 198 ** Aug 18 Aug Unit sales Port Coquitlam 1994 = 104 1995 = 103 1996 = 85 1997 = 88 1998 = 67 1999 = 86 2000 = 66 2001 = 86 2002 = 85 2003 = 111 2004 = 80 2005 = 116 2006 = 106 2007 = 139 2008 = 64 2009 = 117 2010 = 30 ***Aug18 Aug Unit sales Maple Ridge 1994 = 104 1995 = 196 1996 = 141 1997 = 157 1998 = 146 1999 = 128 2000 =… Read more »

Cranteeny Bitchezz

@jesse: Shouldn't these uber-riche Chinese tourists be flying over here in their G5's?

Mouldy bread, WTF? These are our new overlords, they deserve respect dammit!

Cranteeny Bitchezz

@Woodrow: What do you think Mr. Woodrow? What does this mean? Not a fugging thing that's what.

fixie guy

@ superduperbstime: "impossible bear since everyone know rent didn’t go up in last 10 year according to most bear.

Pssst, chuckles… red line less than zero is four fours bad fortune:


Looks like sales are pretty consistent around 90-110 on most days. What do the bears think, is this good or bad?

bums up2

turn up Roten Apple by AIC and forget it all

I was actually listening to this on the way home from work today. 😮


@crabman: impossible bear since everyone know rent didn't go up in last 10 year according to most bear. Unit should be $900 still and condo worth about 1 gold bear bar. It's all over anyway bear turn up Roten Apple by AIC and forget it all.


@Cranteeny Bitchezz: Less than minimum wage to make the numbers work. There are all sorts of tours already offered in Chinese, Korean, Japanese,etc. with different qualities. From what I saw the margins are razor thin on the tour packages.

A family friend flew through Shanghai to Vancouver. He said the meals were absolutely horrid. His bread was mouldy and the attendant told him everyone else was eating it so there was no problem LOL! Cheap fares but brown bag it. Competition is intense for tours from China. I don't think it will add to GDP as much as would other areas of tourism.


@jesse: Jesse, what do you mean?

Cranteeny Bitchezz

@jesse: Yay!! Minimum wage tourism jobs for everyone!!


@Anonymouse: I don't expect that luxury homes, or average SFH's in much of the westside will ever be cheaper to buy than rent. But for the kind of home the average person will buy, those numbers need to be very close. This would include most condos, and SFH's in most of greater Vancouver.

Best place on meth

@Anonymous: #79

I saw that story and was simultaneously amused and embarrassed at how this province sucks up to China these days in the hopes that they'll bail out our 1 dimensional economy by throwing a few yuan our way.

Gordo himself was there with a bunch of mounties in uniform bowing down to our new Chinese overlords.

The bewildered Chinese tourists looked like they just wanted to see some bears and get some decent dim sum for a change.

"Which way is Lichmond?"

Keeping An Eye on Th

@Dan in Calgary:

"It’s been said more than once on this and other blogs that CMHC became RE pimps during this bubble"

I keep an eye on the pimps.

And they pimped aggressively because the more dates (mortgages) they pimped the larger CMHC's portfolio became and the more hundreds of thou$sands of dollar$ their pay increased.

Pay packages are based on the size of the portfolio managed, so it was in their personal interest to increase it at no personal risk.

Immoral bastards.


@Anonymous: "they actually believe they are here to check out the sites."

Maybe they are but, from what I have seen of Chinese tours — and having actually gone on a couple — the local tourism industry won't be wringing their hands for very long.


Just watched CBC's report on the arrival of Chinese tourists.

Silly tourism industry, they actually believe they are here to check out the sites.

Tour guides will be so disappointed when all the questions they get are "When is the open house?" or "How much above asking price do I need to bid?"


@Best place on meth:

Sort of, he had two of those guys who wear top hats over the upper half of their bodies and paint lips on their distended bellies come out for a few laughs.


@Not much of a name…: Oh, you're right. That was based on a whopping 7 sales!!

Those sales numbers posted earlier this week for "Vancouver West". I assume these are Vancouver Westside and not West Vancouver. Does this exclude downtown sales? The numbers posted seem low in general compared to the Vancouver total. Are there really that many more sales in East Van or is downtown excluded from Van West?

Best place on meth


>>>Anyone going to check out Garth in Sept? I saw him here in 2008. He put on a good show!<<<

Did he bring puppets and do his impressions of Cameron Muir and Helmut Pastrick?

Not much of a name..

@Anonymouse: Larry's numbers are useless based on the sample size. They are too small to be relevant. Look at the Kits posting…huge drops. It all depends on the sales mix.

Just wait for the "official" numbers in a couple weeks.


@crabman & @M-Says, Interesting anecdotes on the rent vs. own. No offense, but when I think about home ownership rent vs. own I tend to think of SFH. To my mind, condos are the last resort option only because of high unaffordability with SFHs. I'm not being a snob, chances are I will end up in a "condo" ownership. But I think for the average family they are thinking of a SFH and I don't see that rent vs. own calc ever working again for a SFH. Anyway, I did my own calcs back in the late 90s and it always seemed cheaper to rent. Those Fraser prices are crazy! Over $100k increase from last month?! This is even with median price so its not due to anomaly sales. But just the fact that median prices are even at $900k… Read more »