They’re making more land.

..or at least one crazy guy off the coast of Cancun is:

Richart Sowa lives on an island THAT HE MADE. From plastic bottles.

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Garth's presentation was intentionally entertaining. The husband and wife team were unintentionally entertaining. 90% gold is their diversified portfolio.


@Anonymous: The commies are atheists or agnostics, at least they are not superstitious.

The next batch to arrive is between September 22nd (lunar August moon festival) and October 1st-7th (National Days).

Serously, I heard "their" realtors are busy. Most purchases are around $500k.


@realpaul: WTF are you going on about now? Those people are there because they suspect the dam is faulty, and want to know how to get out of the way. You have no clue what people were asking (although there was only time for a few questions) because you were not there, so maybe you should keep your mouth shut.


@Ian Watt:

“Don’t Call. Email or Text”. Not “Don’t call, email or test”.


Don’t Call, Please Email or Text Only

I had to read it several times to figure it out.

Nice to see realtors undercutting each other on commissions. How much for email only? 80% off? Snail mail free?


Just a thought regarding paul's stats. I have no idea how much the Chinese buyers contribute to overall buyers as a percentage, but assuming it is a significant percentage, is it possible the high sales number today compared to the past few days correlates to the end of the "ghost month"? Chinese will not make a house purchase during the ghost month and may have held off till that period ended. That would explain the low numbers previously and the sudden spike.


After reading about the aftermath of Garths show in Van koo koo I was struck by the similarity between the current disparity of 'home buyers' in Vancouvers real estate 'reality' to Stilltoes 1970's novel…'Travels in Nihilon'. People in the fiction built their homes at the foot of a dam that had purposely built with a flaw ensuring that any moment the dam would explode and innundate the town killing everyone. The photo of Garths crowd exposed a zany eagerness to experiance the oblivion that the obvious crash will entail. Look at picture @ …..scary….the eyes……like serial killers….no connection to reality….proto evolutionary…….mass hypnosis. Way to convinced that the RE market will only go up. From what I read in Garths blog they were asking questions regarding the make of the locmotive but refusing to see it barreling down on them.… Read more »


I saw Garth — if anyone left, they weren't missed. Place was packed, and the laughter and applause suggested most enjoyed it immensely. van coffee sounds like a realtor sock puppet.


The next Vancouver investment bubble: Realtor cage fighting!


@Ian Watt: "but I do not forgive your ranting and raving. Take a pill."

That's funny, especially considering the source–someone who rants and raves on his v-logs all the time!! (I mean that with love not vitriol, IW. I find your commentaries amusing and straightforward. I enjoy watching them.)


@ulsterman: Totally agree re: Gordon Group. What kind of advisor allows a portfolio to be 90% in one asset…let alone an asset as emotional and incomeless as Gold? They obviously skipped the part in the textbook about how 90% of a portfolio’s variance is attributed to differences in asset allocation.

Ian Watt

Hello Best Place on Meth, I think we had an email exchange recently regarding my filthy foreclosure. Ha! Great pics, yes. Anyways, in regards to your comment, #110, that would indeed be me that Larry is having issues with. I don't usually comment on any other sites but this guy has taken it just a step too far (and if you watch my videos you know that I have no problems swinging back or naming names). Why he rants on and on about me I don't know. That is one of my condogo listings and I don't take calls for any of them. I can be reached by any realtor via text or email. These then get forwarded to my property concierges (other licensed realtors who assist me). In exchange for my not having to run all over town, find… Read more »


I was at the GT show tonight and it was OK. Exactly what you'd expect from reading his blog. Many of the slides were rushed, but you can get the fine details yourself. To his credit he did not try to sell his books or services as a fee-only financial advisor. He gave away 4 copies by raffle. What was most entertaining thought was the couple from Canaccord – the Gordon group, who arranged the show. After hearing them speak (introducing GT and their comment on gold) I would NEVER even consider letting them manage my money. They were awful! If you went tonight and were disppointed, you clearly do not read GT's blog carefully enough. It was his blog points encapsulated in a 45min powerpoint presentation. I went because a) it was free, b) i wanted to see the… Read more »



Was he selling anything besides the usual dose of fear?

Well, he wasn't blowing sunshine up people's behinds.


This entire thread is DOUCHY.

Douchy WITH excessive backwash.

Move on.


– He actually seemed upbeat on every type of asset except Canadian housing, especially Vancouver.


@Best place on meth: Actually its a very good question simple, yet to the point. He is always wrong, and not just about real estate. He makes calls and then claims later he never made them. Nobody is perfect, but do some google searches on his past calls – all wrong



Was he selling anything besides the usual dose of fear?


Thanks, Pope, for the wonderful vid of the "land making" guy.

Some people are just amazing and inspirational. It's hard to think out-of-the-box but this guy is doing it. Thanks again.


Garth's talk was what you'd expect – similar themes and style to what he writes on his his blog. I disagree with at least 25% of what he says, but like him or not he is the best known housing bear in Canada – and your friends/coworkers are probably comparing you to him behind your back. 🙂

Pretty high turnout, somewhere between 300 and 500.

Suzanne researched t


His presentation is totally retarded. I may never read his blog again.

Have you every actually read Garth's blog? His talk might as well have been cut and pasted word for word from his last 100 posts.

I personally thought it was entertaining, if redundant.

Interestingly, the crowd was about 80% white. Yet whenever I go to an open house or wander through a pre-sale showroom, the crowd is about 80% Chinese. Just an observation.


Here's an interesting little article on a Stats Can release today, listing the ten Canadian cities with the highest median household income based on 2008 personal income tax returns. Surprise surprise, Vancouver doesn't even make the list! Calgary tops it, and Victoria comes in a #7. Now tell me again, why do we have the highest real estate prices in Canada?


Check it…

Also good stuff. Housing is poooooooooched….



I agreed with Space889 about reading all the fine prints as some cheaper "brokerages will charge account inactivity fees or have minimum number of trades per quarter". Scortia iTrade and TD Waterhouse are quite competitive @$10 per trade. Used to be $30.


@Patiently Waiting: "LOL the BEST PLACE ON EARTH is not even in this study. I wonder where it would rank if it was."

Vancouver does not have any real economy other than Olympics and rich Asians. :))))))

Best place on meth


It's actually an extremely poor question due to its vagueness.

I prefer specific questions, not the kindergarten variety.