Friday Free-for-all!

Hey! It’s free-for-all time! Lets do our end of the week news round up and open economic topic discussion thread! Here are a few stories to kick things off:

Canadian weekly earnings up 4.3% since 2009
BC weekly earnings up 2.7%
Supreme Court backs BC leaky condo owners
Taxpayers likely to lose Olympic Village land
Teranet: Canadian home prices drop
New buyers are admirably wise says builder survey
Why some houses don’t sell even in a boom
Ireland’s ‘mostly good’ economic policies
Comparing Canada and Ireland
Foreclosed homes threaten to flood Spanish market
The only question about Chinese crash is when

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Dan in Calgary

@anonymous, various posts, please refer to definitions of Anonymous in the Urban Dictionary. There are many. I like this one: "United as one, divided by zero. We are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive. We used to be actually cool, and worth the laugh and the reminder not to take things too seriously. But in our haste to remind others of their canny ability to ignore reality, we've expended all this energy, more energy than they do avoiding reality. So now we're kindof a sad mess of dumbasses still clinging to an outdated manifesto that may as well be the instructions on someone's VCR manual. We're sad. Sad sad people. We eat Doritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We write minimal annoying scripts that do fuckall except annoy people for 12 seconds. We're quick to brag about our… Read more »

The other Garth

CNBC: Rich Americans Ditch Home Ownership for Renting

Best place on meth

West Van median price down 10% in the last month.

Best place on meth

How's this for a revenue property?

Buy this dump out by Cultus for 90K, put down 5%, variable rate and your payment is $295 a month.

Let the current tenants stay, they're paying $600.

I don't know what taxes are but surely they wouldn't be more than $50 a month.

Animal Spirit

@Anonymous: Anonymous #119 – it would be good to go to the thread where 2 bears and 1 bull were banned – there was a good deal of racism and homophobia going on – it wasn't about the opinions, but the vitriole.

Best place on meth


He's voted down because he's a real estate promoting douche.

Being polite doesn't mean a damn thing. Most serial killers are polite.


Best place on meth:

Really, are you telling me this blog site actually censors people ?

They actually pick and choose who can log on ?

If that IS the case, why are you still here?

I think you are rather paranoid.

Are you on medication ?

Dave at least is polite, I don't know why he is voted down so often.

Animal Spirit

@Best place on meth: thanks BPOM

Patiently Waiting

While bears are disappointed lately, so are realturds. Any way you cut it, sales have been low this year and many won't even get the set of steak knives.

Expect to see more lonely, bored and broke (ex?)realturds wandering the blogsphere. LOL

Best place on meth

@Animal Spirit:

They were removed a couple of days ago, 3 in total.

Dave may be a shameless pumper but he sticks to real estate, therefore no foul.

Funny, 2 of the 3 removed were bears and we're happy with that so nobody can complain that this blog is one-sided.



Realturd® alert!!!


@Best place on meth:

LOL!! And you have to supply your own appliances.

fixie guy

#111 Anonymous "Dave seems to be about the only one that knows his/her stuff."

Lol! @ Meth. Calm demeanor, ludicrous contentions, emotional manipulation via the 'kids and Sunday' thing: my vote is the poster using the handle 'Dave'. It actually reads like a sanitized version of Horton's 'poke-poke-poke' technique.

Must be another slow day at RE/MAX.

Animal Spirit

@Best place on meth: ditto. I disappeared for a while in large part because the noise to signal ratio from the two posters was getting too high. It is fine to have astroturf posters like Dave and Anonymous #111 that are on subject, but the continual sidetracking onto other agendas was obnoxious.

I missed it when they got removed – can someone point me to the thread? Thanks.


Is this blog supported by people that hang around the Carnegie Center?

I mean … blog handles like "best place on meth" etc.

Terrible language on Sunday.

Dave seems to be about the only one that knows his/her stuff.

Best place on meth

@Anonymous: #107

Which one are you, no-lympics or realpaul? And where are you posting from?

This blog is readable again thanks to the removal of a pair of idiots who had nothing better to do than rant about unions and immigrants.

Quality is preferable to quantity.

I sincerely hope they (you) are banned permanently.



Why is anyone deferring taxes anyways, when the city needs revenue so much

The cities get the revenue. What the program does is simply loan the homeowners money to pay their property taxes. With interest.

And because it's a loan, it doesn't show up on the books as government spending. It's not assistance at all. It's just enabling people to keep on living beyond their means and get deeper in debt.

Best place on meth

My god, another $1700 basement.

Oh well, at least this one has 3 bedrooms and is in a good location – and it's not for rent until Jan. so they have plenty of time to come down from their meth high and realize it's overpriced by about $500.

10 postings in 10 days. Fucking idiots.


What happened to realpaul and no-lympics?

This blog is really boring without them.

This is the weekend..and barely 100 posts?

It used to be 200+ posts easy.


I wasn't saying I agreed with the tax deferral.. Actually like I posted I think its more harm than good for families. I was just saying the old farts that are sitting on 20M$ homes are deferring taxes. If anything that's the first thing they should cut.



Might be true in your family but fact is boomers outnumber

other age brackets.

I know a quite a few older couples with zero kids.

You simply cannot change math.


@xyz: Two wrongs don't make a right. Why is anyone deferring taxes anyways, when the city needs revenue so much. They're about to table another deficit budget for next year.



Rich old people have been deferring their property taxes for years in Vancouver, I would worry about them before I gripe about families with children barely making a living. In fact, I think this will likely hurt the families more than help as if they ever need to refinance or sell they will need to cough up thousands in back taxes to do so. The old fart just have to die and the gov will just take their cut from the estate.


ffs – more subsidizing of other people's children from other's taxes.


Anybody aware of this ?

Property Tax Deferment Program for Families with Children

Strengthening families is at the centre of the government’s economic and social agenda. Beginning in 2010, qualifying homeowners who are financially supporting a dependent child under age 18 will be able to apply to defer property taxes on their principal residence. This expansion of the Property Tax Deferment Program allows government to assist families with children, particularly during those years when household costs are typically the highest.