Leave the wheeling and dealing to Trump.

There’s another editorial in the Vancouver Sun about the Olympic Village fiasco.

Although there is a consensus that the Olympic Village is a state-of-the-art project, market conditions for high-end real estate have softened, and there isn’t the level of demand that we saw in the boom period of pre-2008.

As a result, only 35 per cent of the units have been sold to date, leaving 480 units unsold.

Moreover, half of the unsold units are priced above $1 million.

While the project proponent had proposed dropping prices to sell the remaining units, the city opposed the proposal because it would mean that the developer wouldn’t be able to pay the full amount owed to the city.

Can the city move these units and prevent Vancouver taxpayers from getting screwed? Perhaps one selling point to consider for those interested in buying one of these million dollar condos: they are conveniently located within walking distance of ‘cash corner‘ AND Vancouver’s 24 hour open air drug market.

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fixie guy

@#97 ulsterman "To return this bogs to its glory days we must stop going on vitriolic rampages… If you disagree with Dave’s perspective then calmly rebut his argument.."

Or people could just stop f'n talking about Dave at all. His ideas on the other hand are empty stances based on discarding generations of economic fundamentals and deserve a healthy rogering.

CRASH JPMorgan-Chase


The great Australian nightmare

Tasman Times

James Gruzman

24 November 2010

The Australian housing bubble. Below I have gathered information which suggests that Australian properties are unaffordable and that these prices cannot be sustained. We are currently experiencing high property prices that are based on debt.





I actually signed up for the Groupon ad.

Seems like a good idea. i think I saw them on Dragon's den a few months ago. It must be one of the few ideas that actually made it. The Boston Pizza guy invested in it.

Anyway, it seems like they negotiate discounts with events, theatres etc which only become 'live' if a certain number of people sign up for it. Some are a bit off-beat but interesting like a painting and dinner night (where you get to paint).

haven't tried it out anything yet, but signed up to get the emails.

CRASH JPMorgan-Chase

Ambac Files for Bankruptcy

Russia Today



blog, not bog, of course. A rather realpaulish slip of the finger. Bog is Ireland is slang for toilet, so my typo in the previous post was rather unfortunate given the context.


To return this bogs to its glory days we must stop going on vitriolic rampages every time a bullish perspective is posted. If you disagree with Dave's perspective then calmly rebut his argument – don't start personally attacking him because he has the audacity to be bullish.


Love post #2 about comparing Vancouver to a pretentious ditz who's time is going to run out very soon.

But which celebrity do we compare our fair city to? We should have a poll!

Some potentials:

– Pam Anderson

– Paris Hilton

– Kim Kardashian

– Lindsay Lohan

I think my tip of the hat would be to Paris



I'm selling all my gold to VancouverGold.ca in celebration.


Hey guys I am going show my appreciation to Pope by checking out some of the advertisers that help support this site.

Bob Arctor

Someone needs to create a style template to automatically hide posts from specific posters. Realpaul and Nolympics can shout at each other all day while their drivel sits at 0.

Best place on meth

Can we get an IP ban on Very Wealthy Vancover House Owner, please?


Many thanks Pope.

I was just about to call it quits on this forum with the constant non-RE junk those two posted, most of it hate-filled and some of it near libellous.

It takes courage to kick out bullies.

Now we can return to RE-related topics.


#77 vomitingdog: any idea which blogging realtor is trying to harpoon this blog?

Very Wealthy Vancove


See sell listing is more than new listing.

Vancouver RE is robust and inches up healthily and steadily.Good job Vancouver.

Very Wealthy Vancove

@I Investor:

Hello man,is your brain functioning still.Vancouver is different coz the predominant population is Chinese who is financially better off than whites.They alone can hold up the market for yrs and yrs to come.Expecting a US and Ireland fiasco is a dream from Disneyland. Wait for another 500 yr more while you r being priced out and finished off for your next life,loser.


New Listings 137

Price Changes 76

Sold Listings 154

This is like watching paint dry.

Very Wealthy Vancove

@Best place on meth:

(Here is the problem. With 13.5 per cent of all houses vacant and an estimated 40,000 more ghost houses being built)

Where is hack you got this figure;it is purely a make-up in your delusive bear mindset.Vancouver is in acute shortage of living space.More and more wealthy Chinese will be seeking million dollar + houses for their wives,children and concubines.Chinese alone can squeeze Vancouver into a peanut.Hello any body home man? Chinese will sustain Vancouver RE for at least a century beyond 2100.


Indeed, Vancouver has changed for the worse. I loved Vancouver. I lived there for 25 years and last year I left simply to get away from it. Vancouver has been sold off to pretentious douchebags. Industrial land in Vancouver is now too expensive for industry. Vancouver is now a resort community for rich ne'er-do-wells and the graveyard of dreams for the creative class. I pity the young owners of leaky Vancouver condos that are going to have their lives destroyed over the next 30 years.


What this blog has turned into is a bunch of whiners and losers. Reminds me of the scene in CHEERS were Norm invites his fellow accountants in….they just sit around and navel gaze.

I guess this has turned into a de-facto pub where people can stick there heads into each others asses.

Seig Heil



@Best place on meth:

Yes, but we should stifle hate speech.

The inmates were running the asylum.

Best place on meth

@The Pope:

Thank you.

I know you hate to stifle free speech but it's turning into an asylum in here.



It seems that it does not have rental unit in the basement!?! How on earth they can sell things like this. What a crap..


Thanks Pope! Long I have waited for this day!


Pope, good call. The signal:noise has really plummeted recently. Kind of like Vancouver Real Estate is about to!! <– obligatory RE bear reference. 😉