October 2010 – pretty flat stats.

The REBGV stats are out for Vancouver, you can find them over at Agent Wills. Nothing too dramatic, overall most prices are still up YOY in the Greater Vancouver area and benchmark prices have been fairly flat for the last few months (cue Dave).

There are a few odd spots though. Both Port Moody and Squamish are down around 11% in the last year. That’s a drop of around $80k. The big winner for 1 year gains? Coquitlam saw a greater than 14% increase in the benchmark price over the last year. Anything else pop out to you in that data?

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We don't have much supply of new condos, specially downtown, added to the market.

Most of them are resales.

PS: This blog really sucks. Since it deletes voted down comments, it is extremely hard to reference a previous post. Only 10 negative feed-backs are enough to delete a comment.

Dan in Calgary

@102,"Is there ever a black swan even on the horizon?"

Why'd that get voted down?


I heard Phil Soper on the radio tonight…he was complaining that the new rules on MLS rights and the restrictions on realwhores coming out of the competition bureau are way bad for consumers…..he was trying to say that people should watch out because going FSBO could disclose all your personal family information….etc etc…and the kind of bullshit only a realfuckup can spew. One positive thing is that the competition bureau is not finished with the realcunts yet…they are going to open up the data base to the public to include the sales data and coparable sale etc. Phil ( the complete whore) Soper is not too happy about this new enviornment……gee…too bad?…..not. Will real whores goe the way of the travel agent and the buggy whip factory….may I be the first to say "Good riddance". My idea about a sellers… Read more »


@Renting: "You must have a government job"

Nope. Just a job that gets good tax breaks.


Gordie Campbell the union buster. If he had his way we’d all be working for $8 an hour. Good fucking riddance.

If you didn't like Campbell and the Liberals then him resigning was actually a bad thing. He will be replaced by another person with the same ideas. With a new leader and the HST gone after the referendum the Liberals will likely win the next election. Had Gordo stayed the Liberals would never have won the next term. Him resigning was bad for the NDP and unions and good for free enterprise. This will prevent a new right wing party to split the vote which was the only hope the NPD had.


In my industry times were better under the NDP

You must have a government job.


Gordie Campbell the union buster. If he had his way we'd all be working for $8 an hour. Good fucking riddance.


@McLovin: "Gordon Campbell overall did a very good job running the province"

He did a very good job at hiding debt.

In my industry times were better under the NDP — and not just due to a better economy: the tax regime was more favourable — but that's only one data point. I'm sure other productive industries like construction and trade have done much better under the Libs.


I think Gordon Campbell overall did a very good job running the province. It was time for him to leave but I think history will treat him well.


# 95 ulsterman

Yeah, its always intersting the media will talk about murder, rape robbery, etc…but when it come to RE the shit flies fast and furious.

Why don't they ever do stories on people royally screwed by RE pimpimg ? Even Bill Goode must realize what a wanker he appears spewing RE propoganda BS as news.

Honourable Gordon Ca

98 Teddybear Says:

November 3rd, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Rejoice, rejoice! Scum of the earth, liar and thief is gone! Bye Bye Gordon!


Gordon who?


F+ck off !!!



Is there ever a black swan event on the horizon?


Best place on meth


I'm shaking my red mittens in jubilation.



common coward.

hey site admin !

I'm talking to you. why are you deleting my post ?


@ Right all the Time

Whoa you really must be as dumb as you sound.

Back to the good old days? Wake me up when prices actually go up month over month – and inventory levels are actually lower than average.

Do you have absolutely nothing else going on in your life that you have become a real-estate cheerleader?

Real-estate has had an epic run over the last decade – but to think it will continue is like a 30 year talking about his high-school glory years….

Must be nice to live in the past.

Hey, I heard a great movie is coming out called the MATRIX, and I better change the battery in my PAGER, oh yeah, I am going to take a WATER BOTTLE ONTO A PLANE.

Idiot.- you're living in the past.


Rejoice, rejoice! Scum of the earth, liar and thief is gone! Bye Bye Gordon!


Future Accidental Landlords:

ALL of these are 3 bedroom 3 bath townhouses in the exact same complex (really who sh*ts that much?)… as an added bonus you can live right across the street from this crackshack: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&am

V847814 – $508,000 – 1096 sqfeet – $463.50/sqft

V847799 – $538,900 – 1187 Sqfeet – 454.00/sqft

V847810 – $549,900 – 1249 Sqfeet – 440.27/sqft

V847764 – $559,900 – 1183 Sqfeet – 473.28/sqft

V847804 – $565,900 – 1273 Sqfeet – 444.54/sqft

Right all the Time

Holy crappola…

Looks like the good old days are back…

Getting back to normal inventory levels of the boom years…

No black swan events on the horizon – no difference, all the past ones did nothing…

Dave was right with his prediction of a balance market..

Realaturds were right with their predictions…

All the risk averse arm chair Rhodes Scholar economists are wrong… AGAIN


@Crash: Bill Good on CTV News last night at 6PM: “now is a great time to buy, market is a stable buyers market, blah blah blah”. But no stat numbers or second opinion to back up his assertion. How does this guy sleep at night Because in his mind real estate has been an excellent long-term investment. If he was talking to his own daughter he would probably say "Look honey, sure prices are high, but look at interest rates. As long as you hold for the long term you cannot go wrong in Vancouver. Everyone wants to live here." Vancouver from Bill's perspective IS fantastic. He has the money to do all the nice things the city has to offer. He lives downtown and has no real commute. He can take his family skiing at Whistler, hang out on… Read more »



New Listings 153

Price Changes 101

Sold Listings 134

Best place on meth

In case anyone wasn't convinced of what a scumbag Gordon Campbell is, today he was given the highest praise by none other than Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day and the BC Chamber of Commerce.

That sums it up right there.

Golden Decade

Thank you Campbell for the Golden Decade and making BC the Best Place On Earth.

Thank you Harper for keeping the economy moving and Canada stable.

Who's ready fdor the next leg up?


I agree..Harper and Campbell are like two peas in a pod….Harper will likely bail to.

All the wanker experts seem to have a consensus Campbell was pushed, he had no choice.

fixie guy

@ RP "Interesting to see what is happening as Canada blows out the walls and balloons the national debt."

Easy. Harper will resign and the Conservatives lose the election as the crisis fully ramps up, leave an unmanageable cluster-fuck for the next government, after which the party that destroyed Canada gets re-elected next round because they expended every drop of remaining fiscal fuel for repair. Just like elsewhere; and the end result for housing will the same as in other countries that walked this path before us.


What I can't believe, however, is that in the midst of all the global uncertainty and the debate on deflation and inflation – how can the Vancouver real-estate bull (the person not the market) not die.

A colleague sent this to me today and I thought it was an interesting read. http://www.scribd.com/doc/40662794/2010Q3-Investm

What bothers me also is that BC is a low tax jurisdiction – not just in comparison to other provinces, but in comparison to many states as well. But what good does it do? Any tax savings are thrown back into real estate.