The pick of the litter for renters – Whistler’s rental market swings from brutal to bountiful

The rental market is open – wide open.

In mid-October 2009, people were lining up at the Pique office first thing Thursday morning to get copies of the paper fresh from the printer to secure one of the few rental units posted. At that time the Pique classifieds included 130 long-term suites, houses and apartments available in Whistler and Pemberton combined.

This October there are 269 long-term rental units available for the same region.

Squamish has stayed steady with 36 rental units available last year and 37 this year, but it is clear the Whistler market favours renters for the first time in years.

Part of the increase in availability over the past year can be attributed to rentals held back by owners who tried their luck in the vacation market during the Winter Olympics. Development and a more accessible ownership market in Whistler has also contributed to the surplus. New, affordable housing at Cheakamus Crossing and Rainbow has encouraged more people to buy, leaving an excess of rentals available in their wake.

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Thanks everyone for your comments – much appreciated!

Right all the Time

Holy crappola…

Looks like the good old days are back…

Getting back to normal inventory levels of the boom years…

No black swan events on the horizon – no difference, all the past ones did nothing…

Dave was right with his prediction of a balance market..

Realaturds were right with their predictions…

All the risk averse arm chair Rhodes Scholar economists are wrong… AGAIN



New Listings 153

Price Changes 101

Sold Listings 134


# 66 realpaul

Re Grow_opps.

I talked to a cop and he said all they really had to do was use a FLIR device and aim it at the electric meter, and works better after hours. The FLIR would detect above normal use ie heat by an overworked meter.


@Keeping an eye on the pimps:

If prices are currently supported buy grow ops, then there is no bubble to burst.

More precisely, if prices were supported by grow ops, every house would be a grow op. And if prices were supported by "rich asians" every buyer would be a "rich asian".

Dick and Jane who pay $400K for a shoe box condo don't realize that they are the ones responsible for the bubble. It's always "someone else's" fault.


@UBC home seeker:

It seemed clear that none of these dwellings (at UBC) were intended for faculty/staff/students who, by the way, do not make enough money to afford them.

All selling prices for RE are determined by the buyer, not the seller. The reason that the UBC properties area selling for crazy prices is that the buyers have have higher money/brains ratio than the UBC faculty/staff/students. It doesn't make any difference who the dwellings were "intended" for – the open market is just that. And if UBC were to sell dwellings to faculty, etc. at below-market prices that would be a taxable benefit to the buyer.

If UBC faculty, etc. want to live at UBC they have an affordable option – renting. Nobody really "owns" a condo on leasehold land anyway.


Anon Namaste:
Google works when the listing has been pulled. (Looks like my memory served me poorly. Price was ~$1.2M, not ~$1.3M.)


#39 D…..that sounds fishy… ‘invitation to treat’ is binding when conditions of the offer are satisfied.:

Got the story from my wife, who knows the owners.

I suppose if the offers were over asking, that constitutes a change to the conditions. At any rate, if the prospective buyers don't push it, nothing would come of it anyway, and I doubt their realtors are sufficiently conversant in contract law to suggest legal action in this case.


@Anonymous: Uhmm..a lot of the ads were focusing on the fact that you can ski and golf in the same day with the voice over asking where else can you ski and golf in the same day. I'm sure you can find these on youtube.


#60 G..must be a big communal ass sucking in Browntown tonight. I heard a local mayor crying 'we can't afford to close them all down' or some such shit. Frankly I think the government turns a blind eye to immigrant crime as a way to subsidize thise communities while garnering votes for the 'favor'. Otherwise all you have to do is drive down the street with an infra red scope to find every grow op in an afternoon. Better still fly over with a heat scope and pinpoint them all on a sat map and let the police do what we pay them to do……clean up the shit in Browntown……if Google maps can do it why can't we rent a single engine plane that could pinpoint every grow op in the valley in the space of a single afternoon……obviously the… Read more »


As an original Vancouverite, I find this constant talk about rich Asians, rich Asians, rich Asians … to be quite revolting.

Do they like to ski? Will they fall down and go boom? Are their high performance cars able to take snow conditions? Would they rather golf?

Van used to be a pretty cool laid-back town and now it's portrayed as a painted whore, going to the highest bidder.

People on this blog pretend that it's a perfectly normal.

But, it's not.


# 63


You know a lot of $ 5 words.,.congrats



Jesus Christ, what tripe.

Whistler is a place for people to enjoy gravity sports. If you don't, good for you.

Your incessant, pedantic diatribe for all things you dislike is mind boggling.

Seek professional help or a good drug dealer. Your life will benefit.

Keeping an eye on th

@grow-up: Growers rent rather than buy,for obvious reasons.

Re pimps, media sluts like Bill, academics for rent and foolish working stiffs, pump bubbles, not dope pushers.

If prices are currently supported buy grow ops, then there is no bubble to burst.


bad news, California voted against legalisation of pot. Real estate bulls could take a deep breath and relax.

UBC home seeker

I recently went to a few open houses on UBC campus. The dwellings were staged Asian style. The Realtor was also Asian style. It seemed clear that none of these dwellings were intended for faculty/staff/students who, by the way, do not make enough money to afford them.


Whistler is for pukes who like to name drop "Whistler" as a means to show off. aka " Oh, by the way, we are going to W-H-I-S-T-L-E-R" this weekend

The road is a death trap…and you'll miss the shit hole town if you blink.

It has no design, it was shoe horned mass produced condos.BC has probably spent more per capita for Whistler property owners/residents than any other town with the stupid $ 600 million Sea -to -Sky improvements.

The town set ITSELF up for a big fall….

painted turtle

Evening conversation:

"X. is not happy with his job. They don't pay him enough. Can you imagine, he works overtime but makes hardly enough to repay his $600,000 mortgage!"

hummm… is there something backward in this reasoning?

Anon Namaste

@Deliverator: MLS=V855345 This MLS number doesn't work. Whistler is another place where prices make no sense whatsover. There's tons of undeveloped land out there, seemingly "unprotected" ie. not provincial or federal park land. It is not near any urban or commercial centres. There is no reason for a condo to be $600/SF in Whistler. So why the high prices? My only conclusion is that the land is intentionally not zoned/approved for development in order to keep prices artificially high. Its just another con game by the establishment (i.e. politicians and landowners). The other force exerting downward pressure on prices there has to be the fact that with the improved highway it is a lot easier to do a daytrip from Vancouver rather than stay overnight. I would think that a lot of potential home ownership and even hotels/restaurant busines would… Read more »

Archie Bunker

# 55 Junius

So, I take it you vote Republican ?

How come the only ammo 10 % of the population uses is "latent" and claims of mind reading ?


#51 Archie Bunker,

We all know that homophobia is based on fear and hate. You either fear your own latent feelings or just hate what you don't understand.

Either way – get help. In the meantime, take this elsewhere.



Just an Executive Summary to your posts today .

Our future throughout BC is, and will continue to be, bright..correct?



Who the hell wants to golf and ski on the same day?? Each of those activities should be followed by several hours of drinking, not rushing off to the next venue so you can finish before dark.

Archie Bunker




Junius Says:

November 2nd, 2010 at 7:10 pm

#42 Archie Bunker,

Please get help for your homophobia.



Listen…I was the first to congratulate them.

PS I'd call you an asshole but that may get you excited.

Stevie Wonder

Damn..I can't see some of these VCI posts, it's almost like they disappeared.

I think I better get my glasses checked out.