Where’s your money in 2011?

It looks like most people here believe Vancouver real estate is a very poor investment at the moment, so what are you doing with your money in the coming year?

Are you buying US real estate, Rupees, Gold Stocks, Mutual Funds or just burying it in a jar?

What do you think the growth areas will be in the coming year, and where do you see the biggest risks for loss?

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generation y

Large 28%

Mid-cap 21%

Small 17%

Foreign 16%

Bonds 8%

Cash 10%

Real estate 0%

Rent and invest the rest…

Give 12 – 14% of gross to charity. Pay nearly $0 in taxes.

doug r

@Best place on meth: Finally someone with the straight poop!

doug r


What are you talking about? Precious metals can only go higher! It's not like they're making any more of it! Buy now or be priced out forever! I hear tulip bulbs are pretty rare as well….



I’m betting the farm on frozen concentrated orange juice futures.

Sell, Mortimer, sell!!


Savvy Investor:Gold futures are a zero-sum game. For every short, there is an offsetting long. The gold producers are net short (hedging) while investors are net long (speculating).

a) The combined hedges of silver and gold producers do not equal the net short position of the 8 or fewer traders in the COT

b) The issue is not the total number of futures contracts outstanding, but the concentrations of the short side of the contracts in such few hands. The market risk is obvious as there is no way the "4 or fewer" or even the "8 or fewer" traders could possibly cover their positions in the event of a squeeze. Force majeur would be inevitable.


the true measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your wealth. Think about that, and invest accordingly in 2011. happy new year



I agree with you in that this would explain recent performances. However, this does not explain why NV has closely followed the rising market until only very recently (post 2008)..

painted turtle

Farmland prices in Canada:

Add 2% to 3% if you grow valuable timber.

See also http://farmlandforecast.colvin-co.com/2009/07/30/

Analysis on CNN backed this up. It quoted research from Kansas State University that suggested the average annual return on US farmland since 1950, including crop yield and land appreciation, is 11.5 per cent, compared with a 12 per cent annualised return for the stock market.

CRASH JPMorgan-Chase


I AM diversified….I have 20.00 in a savings account getting 1% IF that, 200.00 in my pocket to go to Costco with and have offshore GIC accounts mostly in AUD at 5% and 90% in silver/gold/potash and spec juniors and lg cap silver producers like First Majestic which BTW is a Vancouver company in a big skyscraper on Georgia and they also happen to sell silver products made of their own mined silver

See…diversified ……90% silver and my banks wonder why I have so many lock boxes. I just tell them I'm using their advice as a contrary indication of what I should do.


I'm betting the farm on frozen concentrated orange juice futures.



Silver is not the only investment out there. Having said that, it will continue to go higher. Diversify with agriculture and coal stocks.

Best place on meth

The TV just told me that starting now 10,000 Americans per day will turn 65.

I’m getting into Depends®.

Financially, not literally.


CRASH JPMorgan-Chase – Buy Silver That link you sent was a joke. It was a puff piece full of inaccuracies made for Youtube. Its like a Realtor for Silver made it! While I don't argue that precious metals including Silver have a place in all portfolio's I think that people who are massively overweight could be setting themselves up for a world of hurt. Going for the home run results in 20 strikeouts for every home run and in investing a strike out means losing your capital. In the end no matter how sure you are and how many facts point in the direction of your thesis there is more than a 50% chance you are wrong. It is widely considered that the best money and hedge fund managers are right 60% of the time. If the best of the… Read more »


FYI, that SHORT position on silver is done by JP Morgan. They have to eventually cover. If Silver pushes anywhere near $35, there will be a massive short squeeze in the makings driving prices above $40.

I love it Supraboy, you are smarter than JP Morgan! They didn't get to be an investment house earning BILLIONS every year because they telegraph their positions so that a Vancouver Real Estate Bull like you can see it.

Why don't you keep doing what you are good at and that's pumping Vancouver Real Estate?

CRASH JPMorgan-Chase


"Gold and silver are inherently poor investments because they are zero sum over all owners. They have no earnings. You can only make money on gold or silver at the expense of the next owner. To put it another way every owner is a greater fool."


If you have your money invested anywhere else then it is YOU that is the fool. You need to go to school and learn to read a chart
So who is the fool here? Yes, I know, those who SOLD their silver are the ultimate fools especially if they invested in real estate in Vancouver. In 2011 Vancouver home prices get crashed and silver goes to 50.00 at least. Remember this post

CRASH JPMorgan-Chase

@Savvy Investor: You, if you are smart, don't play the futures as they are heavily manipulated

Here is what you DO!



Retailers and home builders are "out of fashion" right now.


@Keeping An Eye On The Pimps:

No doubt. This guy doesn't have a clue. He doesn't mention that when interest rates return to normal, many people won't be able to afford their mortgage. And he also tells the lie "As well, banks never adopted the practice of selling off most of their mortgages, so they had a strong incentive to lend only to those who were likely to repay." Really! This guy's never heard of the CMHC.

Savvy Investor

@Ahab: Gold futures are a zero-sum game. For every short, there is an offsetting long. The gold producers are net short (hedging) while investors are net long (speculating).


@Moses: Two words…Vista Place.


The North Shore will continue to underperform for the very simple reason that Chinese don't go there. There are no good Chinese restaurants or supermarkets. Well… I did hear that T&T opened in Park Royal but under a new name "Osaka" – as if Osaka is famous for fresh food in Japan? Still, the white folk are established there. The new ones are in deeeeep debt. The Persians, of which there are many, have stopped buying because while they have lots of money they aren't stupid. So who is left to buy N.Van or W.Van real estate? No one… except maybe the Albertans who are enjoying surging energy prices? When Van West surpassed West Van in value and while Richmond continues to enjoy incredibly outperforming price gains you know EXACTLY what is going on. Chinese. Go on. Ask your white… Read more »

Best place on meth

@Keeping An Eye On The Pimps:

That article is an epic fail on so many levels, it would take me an hour to rebut everything that is patently false in it.

It's also written in an extremely condescending douche-like manner that would even make Cameron Muir ashamed.

painted turtle

Agricultural land and cash.


what sectors are 'out of fashion' right now?


Some of the guys on CNBC fast money called the right shots, load up Coal and Agriculture. Check out WLT, ANR, AGU and MOS.

Been holding Agrium for 6 months and it's finally busting a new high. When planting season rolls around the corner in March, get ready to take home a nice chunk of gains.

You morons would probably vote this post down out of stupidity. I was the same guy who said to load up Silver a year ago. Someone else was also smart enough to say the same thing last year and a bunch of idiotic bears with their heads up their ass voted him down too.