Friday Free-for-all!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another end of the week news roundup and open topic discussion thread! Here are a few recent links to kick things off:

Mayor: Downtown to rival New York, London and Paris
Demographic comparison of 1981 and 2011 markets
NDP support surges
Petition in support of the UBC hospice
TSX vs Real Estate graphs updated
What’s next for Vancouver market, ask a realtor
Downtown Vancouver rental scams on the rise
Highest house price not the most important factor in sale
One in five Canadians eyeing US housing market
Transcripts of G&M report on immigration fraud
Forestry poised for growth?

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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A separatist party whose single goal is to weaken Canada as a nation is giving their support to the NDP??

Well no they’re not. In fact most of Duceppe’s attacks lately have been against the NDP which makes sense as they are now the BQ’s main rival.

I was actually referring to the article where the BQ members were encouraging people to vote NDP rather than the other parties. I wasn't making anything up, but, without any reference to the article in my initial comment I see now how it could appear that way. Obviously no party is going to fully lend their support to another party because they all want your vote.

Bear Patrol

@Best place on meth: No better than Hitler. 6 million slaughtered Jews disagree.

Don't misinterpret. Jack coming under spotlight and informative to talk about what might crawl out.

French Canada love average guy. Average guy does average stuff like living with MIL and likes Hot Asian Massage. Cane reminds them of Lucien Bouchard.

Best place on meth

@Bear Patrol:

Harper is a worthless piece of shit who advocated invading another nation which resulted in the deaths of 10's of thousands of people.

He's no better than Hitler and deserves to be either imprisoned or executed.

Bear Patrol

@Best place on meth: irrelevant because people want to keep politician honest. Old Tired Men running out of Viagra. If Jack had skeleton it would be out already but,

Report was Chow used Mom as signee to get subsidized housing that she and Teflon Jack used instead. When they were in Toronto council they were called out & had to move.

If this true it should be issue, or right wing thought story would backfire because too complicated. Sin Parlor was easy to digest and had shock value. But Jack slipprier now than when he was in parlor! LOL.

Best place on meth

@Bear Patrol:

So irrelevant, Jack gets a massage, Jack gets low income housing, are you kidding me?

Harper demands Chretien takes Canada to war in Iraq is just a little bit more telling.

This is about invading a nation and killing tens of thousands of people for no good reason.

Harper belongs on the end of a rope.

Bear Patrol

@squidly77: No charges no foul. Jack scamming social housing with wife in 90s is bigger story, along with DINKing their double Ottawa living allowance. Shows how incompetent right wing media muckrakers are. Too little too late for this round. Will all come out in coming year.


The Jack Layton massage parlour story came out of Sun media out of Montreal. Beware folks this is the new ultra-right wing, ultra-zionist, union-bashing media outfit, now that they Canwest is in tatters.

They will no doubt use the same smear tactics well know to Canwest readers and viewers.

Extremely rich Van h

@to be or not to be:

Chinese will vote for any party frienly to China.


Welcome back paulb. You and your contribution to this blog have been missed.

to be or not to be

This morning I made decesion to give my vote to Jack. i am fed up of two main party fear mongering

Keeping An Eye On Th

"Report says Calgary housing market a ‘bust’

Average prices declined from peak"

Read more:

Oh please don't tell this is so.

Maybe it's because all those oil rich Albertans are buying up Kelowna…..hahahahaha



Is that Inventory considered high, or normal for this time of year?


Hey Bear Patrol relax, I was hoping fot jumping Jack Flash, he did it, not me. What if it were Harper that got caught with a Prostitute? Geez you sound like a Liberal, defend the Perp and not the victim. I guess it was the Prosis fault EH!



Inventory is at 15,225

Bear Patrol

@squidly77: Uh oh running out of ammo to throw.
Bizarro world where all the mud won't stick.
Dipper platform lies but voters know.
Every other platform is lie too.
All that's left is leader and his smell.
Other leaders smell of mold and dust.
Bear Patrol voting for Jack the Bear.



Ya, cause everybody knows that millionaires avoid taxes by keeping their money in a single, easily monitored account.

You really think that all of the Rich Asians carry around sacks of cash which they use to buy everything? Even the realtors don't claim that.

If money they spend is coming out of bank accounts you have an audit trail. The Feds have the power to deem the money as income if they want to.


Hey PaulB – any chance we can get some inventory #s? That would be wonderful. Thanks in advance, hugs and kisses.


Another month of falling real estate prices here in Australia. 0.2% fall in March, a revised 0.5% fall in February, and a 2.1% decline for the quarter ending in March. This is the biggest fall since RP Data started their index in 1999. Here are the 12 month median price movements ending March: Sydney 2.1% Melbourne 1.0% Adelaide 0.0% Perth -6.4% Brisbane -6.8% Remember a couple of months ago when the Globe ran a story claiming Melbourne's prices were going up 20% a year? It's hilarious watching the property cheerleaders trying to spin the stats. The chief economist of NAB (one of the 4 big banks here) says "the market is essenatially going sideways." I can guarantee you if prices were increasing over 2% a quarter these whores would be talking about how robust the market was. Maybe that economist… Read more »


well, Jack Layton is at least better than the big nose.


I think Quebecers abandoning the Bloc for the NDP is a re-balancing act as Pauline Marois has just come out of the leadership convention with a 93% approval rating. It looks as though le Parti Quebecois stands a very good chance of taking the next provincial election and it doesn't strike me as representative of the Federalist/Separatist dichotomy that exists throughout Quebec to have nationalist parties at both the Federal and Provincial levels. This is one reason why I think they've dropped le Bloc like a hot potato. That and because Duceppe's actions, or lack thereof, indicates to everyone that he's done. Also, the overreaction of Anglo Canada to Layton is no doubt spurring on more and more support amongst all kinds of Quebecers, not just separatists. If only these idiots in Ottawa had nimble strategists instead of being A-list… Read more »


Masterbate him.


To Masrebate him no less.


Patrick Muttart – Harper's right hand according to reports. Can you believe this shit? He doesn't deserve a majority!



Nice to have you back Paulb. Maybe the start of more double-digit sales days.