How it’s done elsewhere: Taiwan’s RE speculation tax

Starting this June, property not lived in by the owner and sold within two years of purchase will be taxed 10-15%.

Real estate agents and the property sector have opposed the tax. They fear it could hurt sales. But surveys show most Taiwanese people favour the move.

[ Comment: 10-15% feels laughably low. Make it 30% here – and BC will be a livable place again. ]

Article in the BBC

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"That’s not an argument in favour of borrowing money to buy a house regardless of price any more than it’s an argument in favour of borrowing money to buy Star Wars collectibles."

Strawman, I never claimed that.



What's really hilarious is that everything he says about Arizona, etc. goes more than double for Kelowna because Kelowna is more than twice as expensive.

And he thinks his audience can't figure this out.

When you buy a foreclosure you are the highest bidder. That means no one else thought it was worth what you just paid.

Hey Einstein, that goes for any property, anywhere. It got sold to you because nobody else wanted to pay more. Duh.

painted turtle

150 properties for sale in Gibson ?!?!?!?!?!


@Troll: You ask: "Then what’s the purpose of this blog and obsessing over every mortgage rule change and daily list vs. sold stats? [if bears aren't trying to time the market?]" Simple. It's something to do while we watch the most insane and far reaching example of the Emperor's New Clothes that I hope ever to see in my lifetime. It's a fun game. Will this do it? Will this one? It's like watching slapstick, the hapless comic always backing obliviously towards the cliff behind him. I personally think this is the kind of thing that makes history, sets gears in motion, that changes things. I have even less idea of how the ripples keep spreading (ie: via a downgrade of American credit) than when things will end in our pretty resort town, but oh my god, it's INTERESTING how… Read more »

Extremely rich Van h

@lol cats:

Don't be so nasty man,they have the right of masturbation after 10 yrs plus of frustration and defeat. However, you bears have to pay your rent on time,no excuse.

Extremely rich Van h

Taiwan is a low-wage province of China,so there ain't much support of RE there but here is different because Van RE is hard solid as dimond.Chinese money will keep flowing in Van re market for this century.



Maybe Dave should work harder on the development then.

Right now Dave is working hard on his keyboard only.

lol cats

they're falling!!! highest inventory ever… this bubble is so ripe to burst. lets hold hands and sing kumbaya from the rooftops! all the meat beating bourgeoisie will finally pay. muah ha ha ha


Dave will treat us to his view of monetary policy, interest rates and Sara Palin after this episode.

Jesse please don't engage him it's getting tiriing.


Well folks, as of today there are no more HELOC's in Canada… Unless the bank wants to take all the risk of course – YA RIGHT!

That means no more borrowing against your home for trucks, jet skis, vacations and the big one – investment properties.

When you think about it, this might just be the biggest rule change so far. There will probably be no drastic changes in the numbers overnight, but this rule will have an effect on our economy and the RE market going forward.


Vancouver East & West*

New Listings – 104

Back On Market Listings – 2

Price Changes -39

Sold Listings -56

Vancouver All Areas*

New Listings – 306

Back On Market Listings – 9

Price Changes – 159

Sold Listings – 151

*Attached & Detached – Date: 04/18/2011 Time:18:40 Pacific Courtesy REBGV. Data believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.


Now that the 21 year old has been sent home lets get back to business. I was sent this from a friend in Ktown. Does this local Realtard have some serious US buyer envy? I guess all his clients are buying down there: Chapman has over 40 years of real estate expertise with 15 years in the Kelowna Real Estate market. Premier Canadian Properties at| #102 – 1180 Sunset Drive, Kelowna has this advice for those locals who are looking at owning vacation property in the south. Four things to consider before you buy in the USA: Don't buy thinking you can flip the property for a profit. When you buy a foreclosure you are the highest bidder. That means no one else thought it was worth what you just paid. If you buy U.S real estate, buy only what… Read more »


@Drachen:#72 I can't say for sure but I suspect Dave is a property developer. He never said he was a realtor but mentioned he had interests in real estate. He is doing exactly what you expect a developer to do: 1) decrease costs, hence his oratories on the evils of taxation. 2) ensure a market exists for his product which explains his cheerleading on increasing prices. He's right when he says that development costs get passed to the user. Typically, a project sums up the development costs (including licencing and permits) and compares that to the projected market price. If there is not enough of a buffer between the two, the project does not get built. What Dave is sweating about is the fact that there is significant lag between project conception and completion. A fall in price greater than… Read more »


@brainsail: 2.2% appears below average for the state. Interest is tax deductible in Canada for investors too. There is a claim that high real estate and developer taxes are bad for RE prices. Texas takes a big cut of its revenue from real estate related taxes especially in areas comparable to Vancouver, yet its economy is doing relatively well without the curse of high RE prices. That along with mortgage restrictions are major differences between TX and BC. I see no reason why specifically lowering developer taxes will cause prices to fall.


Romeo Jordan – Please grow up child. I know you are mad because you paid $250K for a Bachelor Pad but don't take it out on me. I guess your job as an brokers assistant didn't really work out and now you are being foreclosed on. I'm sorry for you but there jobs other than the finance. If you really study hard maybe you could be a Realtor's assistant.

Good Luck RJ! I'm really rooting for you!

Romeo Jordan


You will see, with your own fat eyeballs, that Vancouver house prices CAN and WILL fall BEFORE interest rates rise.

I am here to help you McLoser, not to taunt you.

Now go for that run, fatass!

Romeo Jordan


Watch for sharply LOWER averages this month.

Remember – I told you so.

Because I love you.



Romeo Jordan


"TX property taxes are in the order of 4% PA of assessment"

I've lost where you are going with this conversation. We have lived in Central Texas since the late '80s. Our property taxes for 2010 were ~2.2% 0r $8.6K for a $400K SFD. Once again, no state income tax, mortgage interest and property taxes are federal tax deductible.

Born in Vancouver and lived in West Van.



No, but towards the end of a mortgage almost 100% of your payments go towards principal. i.e. carrying costs decrease over time.

That's true of any amortizing loan, regardless of what you buy with it.

That's not an argument in favour of borrowing money to buy a house regardless of price any more than it's an argument in favour of borrowing money to buy Star Wars collectibles.


@Dave: "No State tax considered. Mortgage interest is deductible."

So we are talking about total taxation or about real estate related taxes?

In terms of total tax outlay, Texas is taking the real estate economy to the cleaners at the expense of everyone else. Why not tax the corporations? Why take it out on homeowners and developers? I'd be boiling over if I were a developer/real estate investor down there.

Romeo Jordan

McLovin – don't say I didn't warn you boy.

The tide is turning.

Now go for a run, fatboy.


Romeo Jordan



No State tax considered. Mortgage interest is deductible.


@painted turtle:

Only if you see a house as an investment. To me it is a place to live, and I would be OK if it did not appreciated AT ALL. Therefore I am NOT a speculator.

Investment != Speculation

If you're OK with just selling your house for what you paid for it, you're not a speculator.

If you're OK with paying any premium over rent and not being able to sell it for what you paid for it, you're not an investor.

If you expect any kind of financial return from buying a house – e.g just monthly costs being less than renting – you're an investor.


@Dave: "Pretty simple."

Post 84 is for you, Dave. Read it and respond as appropriate before it gets voted down to -10. Is my "pretty simple" analysis "bringing it"? Where are my errors?


@JRoss: I've already called BS on Dave's claims that BC's real estate taxes are high. In an indirect rebuttal he has proven to us this is the case by the argument that any taxes at all are taxing. Irrefutable, indisputable. You have been tautologically pwned by King Tea Bagger himself.