Net International Migration Negative

Long-time reader/commenter painted turtle found this interesting tidbit on BC migration via greaterfool blog: By the Numbers: Quarterly International Migration

While  the  net  loss  of  727  people  from  BC  to  other  countries  in  Q4  2010  is,  in  and  of itself, a small number (see Figure 1), it is significant both in terms of its direction—being the  first  time  that  BC’s quarterly  net  international  migration  has  been  negative  in Statistics Canada’s database, which dates back to 1972 and in its magnitude of change from previous quarters. While a seasonal pattern is evident in BC’s quarterly migration data, the decline in Q4 net international migration was much more pronounced in 2010 than in previous years, falling from a net inflow of 16,371 international migrants in Q3 2010 (the second‐highest on record in the past 38 years, after only Q3 2008), to a net outflow of 727 international migrants in Q4 2010.

Why the significant shift from historical trends? As it turns out, the answer lies not in a significant change in immigration or emigration levels, but in changes in the number of non‐permanent  residents  living  in  both  Canada  and  in  BC.  For  the  most  part,  non- permanent  residents  are  people  residing  in  Canada  who  hold  a  work  or  study  permit, and  their  dependants,  as  well  as  those  holding  Minister’s  permits  or  claiming  refugee status.
The paper argues that the numbers do not indicate a significant drop in international permanent migration levels — by all accounts Canada is accepting immigrants at a decent clip — but there was nonetheless a sudden shift away from non-permanent residents remaining in Canada past the end of 2010.
The significant outflow of non‐permanent residents nationally was also reflected in most provinces.  Alberta  saw  the  number  of  non‐permanent  residents  decline  by 6,725, Saskatchewan by 414, Manitoba by 406, Ontario by 12,603, and Quebec by 5,900. The most  notable  changes  were,  however,  in  the  west.  In  only  two  provinces  (BC  and Alberta)  was  immigration  not  significant  enough  to  balance  the  outflow  of  non‐ permanent  residents,  thus  resulting  in  declines  in  total  net  international  migration  of 727 in BC and 2,092 in Alberta
I don’t think there is much to read into this report yet — it is only one quarter — but for Q1 2011 and potentially beyond there will be that many more dwellings looking for inhabitants, and perhaps this indicates a push by the government to get permanent residents, who are in sum suffering from elevated unemployment levels, back to work.
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@Best place on meth: ..He and Iggy are excrement…..

They're all excrement! Once you get past that notion, you're in a better position to pick, not the best, but the least worst.

Frank Reader

@Extremely rich Van house owner.

Great, even more jobs for Chinese sex-slaves, hookers and lady-boys. You have to serve all that military around.


#38 @pricedoutfornow: "Odd, the only person who seemed to that things are going GREAT was the builder."

This makes perfect sense. He's building mansions for people who made lots of cash. If the rest of the economy is dead then he may even have lower costs. Great while it lasts, but if money isn't flowing up the food chain then there may be a problem.

other ted

Dave 73. I am no NDPer but this housing boom left more economic devastation than any NDP party ever has. i sort of am glad the public is voting against politics as usual but I am sure they will get cause and effect wrong and blame any housing downturn on the NDP.

Bear Patrol

@chip: Clark worked for Comrade Jimmy Pattison. Rae turned out to be… a Red Liberal! Maybe it time for real solidarnosc. Don't worry, Brother Harper still will be PM.


@Best place on meth:

The federal and provincial NDP are the same party. They left a trail of economic devastation in both Provinces. They will do the same federally if given the chance. Trust me on this.

Bear Patrol

@chip: add taxes and add debt… Bear Patrol senses G&M reporter FUD. Guess who gets the taxes? Not poor renter bears!

Don't get too mad. It's called "wealth redistribution" and it's attached to a pendulum and has two edges. Hurts, don't it? Poor renter bears know your pain.

Best place on meth


>>>I guess you’ve never heard of Premiers Clark and Rae.<<<

Do you know what the difference is between Federal and Provincial governments?

Think hard.


@Best place on meth:

"NDP never had a chance to lead and that’s what people are just now realizing."

I guess you've never heard of Premiers Clark and Rae.


@Best place on meth:

Here are Canada's top imports from China:

Laptops and notebooks … US$2.2 billion

Video games … $891.1 million

Toys including tricycles

Cell phones

Modems, switches and routers

Voice, image and data transmission equipment

Sound recorders and reproducers

Computer monitors

Television and digital cameras

Television reception equipment

Our top exports to China were canola seeds and wood pulp.

Makes you wonder how it's all going to look in 20 years.

Best place on meth


Quite true.

But I'm so sick of the 2 party system where all we ever elect to power is Con or Lib.

NDP never had a chance to lead and that's what people are just now realizing.


@Best place on meth: I don't understand people's obsession with politicians. They are all excrements. To succeed in politics, you need to be a sociopathic liar.

Best place on meth

@Extremely rich Van house owner.:

I would like to see a total and permanent embargo against China.

No trade, no immigrants, and a big fuck you to them.

Extremely rich Van h

@<a href="#comment-124445"

promoting China-Canada alliance is for the best interest for both countries against US aggression;CSIS would endore such endeavor.Such action will bring Canada under the protective umbrella of Chinese Navy which will lend a helping hand against American invasion of Yukon and BC;indeed,China has the right sending troops to Vancouver to protect its 100 million citizens in Canada.

Best place on meth

@Anonymous: #62

Harper will get a majority when penguins learn to fly.

He and Iggy are excrement.


@frank: …Jack Layton comes across as the most honest up-front guy. 45% prefer him as PM more than any other leader….

Ya, PM = Permanently Muted.


@Boombust: …“Harper and Iggy are shitting themselves.”….

Ya, Snappy jack splits the vote and the C's get the majority they're after! I'm not surprised that Harp's excited. Bring it on! Go Stevie go!

As for that other turd: the American guy, what his name again? Not doubt he’s shitting, he’s going to have to go back home to the US.


@Extremely rich Van house owner.: ….So what,Those who doesn’t have the money joining the trade,pls stay on sideline and serve coffee for Chinsese investor immigrants,they will give you a good tip…..

I could be off base here, but don't you need to leave your house to be serverd coffee?



"Jack Layton comes across as the most honest up-front guy. 45% prefer him as PM more than any other leader."

So if he honestly believes in destructive economic policies that have historically raised taxes, added debt and increased employment, that's okay. But if he doesn't honestly believe in them that would be bad?

I'm just trying to follow the reasoning here.


I copied a comment from another blogger and due to its high quality, compassion and common sence I created a post from it.

It's too long to post here, but it's really worth a read.

With any luck, whoever runs this blog will showcase it.

Romeo Jordan


I could not agree with you more.

We have morons like McLovin voting for Jack because they have no regard for the laws of economics. These idiots always get crushed in the end. It is mother nature's way of continuing the species. Don't fret.

My sources are telling me Chinese demand on the westside has slowed suddenly – what gives?


Romeo Jordan

Romeo Jordan

Rich Chinese love Jack.

They want their daughters to marry men like him.

They will buy houses here just to support the economy if Jack wins.

McLosin will vote for Jack.


Jack Layton comes across as the most honest up-front guy. 45% prefer him as PM more than any other leader.


"Harper and Iggy are shitting themselves."

What else are shitheads supposed to do?


Interesting demographic chart comparing now to 1981 for BC..

After coming across the chart last night, the last 30 years sure make alot more sense.