Where will you vacation this year?

Where do you go for a vacation if you live in the best city *ever*?

If you do leave will you sublet your place if you own or rent in Vancouver? And if you do want to go far afield do you have the money left over for travel after paying your mortgage or rent in raintown?

Do you prefer to visit expensive cities or cheaper more out of the way destinations?

I’m going to take the family camping in Stanley Park, we’ll hunt for geese and bathe in the lagoon!

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I will vacation this year in Costa Rica and the Chilcotin. Probably also Vancouver Island.

[…] at vancouvercondo.info April 21st, 2011 at 12:44 pm- “I just found out that the Green Party candidate here in the Quadra federal riding is a […]


vacation spot this year… Vienna, Austria. truly the bpoe




“It doesn’t matter what the “real reason” is, it’s illegal.”

Do you have a link for that?"

Jesus, dipshit, everyone knows housing discrimination is illegal. "source please" "link please"' etc. is lazy.


@Extremely rich Van house owner Supraboy: "I will never rent my house to them"

So you rent at a discount to a more "reliable" tenant. Oh let me guess: you don't need to discount because you offer such a stellar product your renters will pay through the nose just for the privilege of giving you money.

Best place on meth

@Extremely rich Van house owner.:

Once again, thank you for showing disdain for "whites", you fucking chinese racist.

Extremely rich Van h

@Best place on meth:

So what, I am talking the fact and I am racial blind;money is my top priority.Who care about the race and if my fellow Chinese compatriots act like the whites I would sweep them out of my door.

Best place on meth

@Extremely rich Van house owner.:

Thank you for your post, you fucking chinese racist.

Extremely rich Van h


You hardly find such good tenants among white renters who are full of complains and always behind payment, and even they have stable and good job.Their top priority is gulping beer and drug donw to their throat at party time ;the paycheck can't even lasts few days after usual the ususal weekend party.Paying rent on time or even paying it at all is not their top priority,or even has any existence in their cognitive function at all.I will never rent my house to them .


@vci_sucks: get out there and buy something man! before all the good deals are gone. Or just go back to masturbating over those Tom Vu videos on YouTube, whatever.


@Extremely rich Van house owner.: Relatives of mine rented to a Japanese family for five years. No late rent, not even a service call. They fixed things themselves and were apologetic if an appliance wasn't working.

Now they quickly were getting a discount to market rent because they were such good tenants. As a landlord I would be fawning over these families. Is it improper if a certain culture's mores put responsibility for another's property as highly important and knowing this I pick a Japanese tenant over a locally born one? If both are qualified… It is very difficult not to play the odds.



sell/list list these days are not lower(maybe even higher) than the day before the mortgage rule changed.

what happen to your crystal balls, bears?

Zagor Te-Nay

@Extremely rich Van house owner.:

Many Chinese landlords don’t rent to Caucasians because…

To whom do they rent then since all Chinese are owners or landlords? Or they don't rent at all, just keep stuff empty for fun?

lol cats


what is your point?

Condo Line up # 3132

Good times !!!!

After 8 months, I got in the door (Whalley Newton area)and bought 10 condos.

Immediately flipped them now I can afford my rent in West Van.

Now…back to the next line-up


Was thinking about Larry's west side stats and the recent drop off. There were 123 fewer homes sold in the month after March 18th than the month before. If that trend continued, with each having an average value of around 2million according to Larry, that takes 250 million out of the top end for next month's average. Bear math: There were 1799 detatched houses sold in Vancouver with an average value of 1,155,007 which makes the total value 2,077,857,593. If the rest of the sales kept up at the same pace (and value of home) as March we'd lose 250 million and 123 sales so we'd get a new average of 1,827,857,593/1676 = 1,090,607 A drop of about 5.6% month over month As much as we might all hate hearing about the HAM being pumped by the local pimps, when… Read more »

Li Kai Shing


I rent to this guy…..he round eyes with huge turban


Best place on meth

@bourgeoisie meat beater:

"On the flip side, 30 per cent of the respondents said they had enough money saved to cover living expenses for at least four months."

Fuck, that's depressing and shameful.

70% of Canadians are basically poor.

bourgeoisie meat bea

intersting article:


38% of canadians have 0 savings; 38% of the population must be bulls… right?

midnite toker

I'd recommend Brazil. Lovely beaches, friendly people, cheap booze

Li Kai Shing

Human Rights code?:

Most no speakkee Engrush or Flench so useless

money talks though bwahahahahahha that a good one

I think I go to Commodore and be on stage with Charrie Sheen

The Warlock and the Honger tour

Li Kai Shing

Many Chinese landlords don’t rent to Caucasians because of unpaid rent and 8 out of 10 are behind their payment due to corrupted life style in drug and alcohol abuse;many of them are potential sex offender like what was happened in North York two days ago.


I aglee

Worst are West Van peeoples

Old Round eyes with 5th trophy wives….

Never clean up Viagra bottles, and Depends diapers.

They should get a rear job like real estate flipping or offshore sweatshop making rurureman clothes for trophy wives in training

I own almost 50% of West Van..me thinking of selling.Area turning into a slum.


@Anonymouse: "Language is not covered."

Not explicitly, but a human rights tribunal would have little difficulty linking language discrimination to a prohibited ground. See here (the source is from the Ontario HRC, but similar principles would apply to the BC Human Rights Tribunal: http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/resources/Policies/lang/

"Would you say that requiring job applicants to speak English is discrimination based on the place of origin too? Of course not."

No, you would say it is a bona fide occupational requirement and be exempted from any claim of discrimination by virtue of s.13(4) of the Human Rights Code.

Extremely rich Van h

Many Chinese landlords don’t rent to Caucasians because of unpaid rent and 8 out of 10 are behind their payment due to corrupted life style in drug and alcohol abuse;many of them are potential sex offender like what was happened in North York two days ago.