Alberta leads the way on delinquincies

Huh. Even with high oil prices and rock bottom rates homeowners in Alberta don’t seem to all be paying their bills on time:

Homeowners in the province are nearly twice as likely to fall behind than those in the rest of Canada. And the proportion struggling to make mortgage payments is the highest it has been since at least 1990, according to fresh data from the Canadian Bankers Association.

The rising rate of delinquency comes as economists warn that Canadians are under increasing pressure when it comes to servicing their debts.

As interest rates move higher in the coming months, many could find it even harder to make their monthly payments.

The main problem for the province has been Calgary’s housing market, which has struggled since a boom at the start of the decade caused massive price gains in a short period. In 2005, prices were up 10 per cent. The following year, home prices surged another 50 per cent.

The gains came to a halt five years ago, when the market began to weaken. Then, when the recession hit in 2008, panicked homeowners rushed to sell in near-record numbers, flooding the market with inventory and putting renewed pressure on prices.

This issue also seems to be negatively affecting Genworth.

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[…] pricedoutfornow at 5 May 2011 9:05am – “Another one of our clients has approached us about possibly going bankrupt (the second in as many months). This is not in Vancouver, where people still seem to be on some kind of happy-financial drug, but elsewhere in the province, where RE prices are not skyrocketing. One distant relative has already gone bankrupt, after buying some condo in the Fraser Valley and being unable to make the payments, along with car payments, daycare etc. As they say, a bubble starts to explode at the periphery, and I can clearly see this. My business partner and I are aware of several clients who are on our “list”-those we expect to declare bankruptcy in a few years time (lest a miracle happens). They wait until they’ve maxed out the very last credit card,… Read more »



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New Listings 264

Price Changes 104

Sold Listings 115

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Vancouver considers higher-density housing plans for Cambie Street corridor

Vancouver is considering a comprehensive land use plan for five neighbourhoods along the Cambie corridor and Canada Line that will fundamentally alter the way the area looks and develops.

From 16th Avenue to Marine Drive, postwar bungalows, ranchers and modest single-family homes have long occupied most of the frontage of Cambie's wide heritage boulevard. But under a proposal now before council, over the next 30 years the corridor would transform into a series of denser "transit-oriented" neighbourhoods with multiple-unit condos ranging from four storeys in the north to 12 storeys at Oakridge to 36 storeys at Marine Drive.



Sold my SFH in Kits in 2005 (900k), bought it in 1994 (280k)… Did I get lucky?

I would say very very very lucky, given that the nominal SFH benchmark (UBC Sauder) rose from about $400K in 1994 to about $550K in 2005.

Or maybe you're just fibbing.

Li Kai Shing

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>>>And if Vancouver RE prices dropped 20% in a week the owners who’d bought 3 years ago would be doing just fine too?<<<

Sure they would, but 3 years ago isn't "recent" is it?


@anymouse: "BC Credit Unions expand bubble"

Oh my.


Sold my SFH in Kits in 2005 (900k), bought it in 1994 (280k). Took 50% of the proceeds and bought silver at $5.40 an ounce, sold half of what I bought in '05 at $47.00 ounce last week. Did I get lucky?


@Best place on meth:

"If their “recent” purchases of silver were more than 2 months ago then they’re doing just fine."

And if Vancouver RE prices dropped 20% in a week the owners who'd bought 3 years ago would be doing just fine too?



It depended on the region and ltv. If memory serves, I think the price ceiling was $300K for most areas around Vancouver at 95% financing prior to the 2003 change to no-limit.

This would be interesting to track, too, as I'd suspect the CMHC ceilings have been adjusted many times since the 1950's(?) to reflect changes in home prices.


Ya it sure looks like the QE2 money is running out. I bet Bernake's phone was ringing today.

Not much of a name..

If memory serves, it was about $250k in markets that had higher prices.


So it was 2003 then? Anyone know what the ceiling was?

Not much of a name..

@Best place on meth: You'll be hearing that about Vancouver RE, but replace 2 months ago with 2 years ago.

Best place on meth


If their "recent" purchases of silver were more than 2 months ago then they're doing just fine.


BC Credit Unions expand bubble, one way its different here.