Woodframe construction site burns down

There was a huge fire in Richmond last night: the Remy was to be a mixed use complex with market housing and low income housing units. It was also the very first building to be constructed under controversial changes to the BC building code that allows higher wood frame construction. The fire knocked out electricty to about a 1,000 people in Richmond and burning ash started other small fires. By midnight all Richmond firefighters were on scene.

The development, “The Remy,” at 9388 Cambie, was to have been a 188-unit condo development that included varied affordable-housing options.

Premier Gordon Campbell was on hand to mark its groundbreaking in June of 2010. Taking advantage of building-code changes introduced in 2009, The Remy was to have been one of the first developments in B.C. to go more than four storeys high using wood, rather than concrete.

But in 2009, according to news reports, Richmond Fire Rescue warned the taller wood buildings could be a fire hazard, as the city’s ladder trucks could only reach 18 metres — around 12 metres short of a six-storey building.

Speaking to the Richmond Review in 2010 about those concerns, Campbell noted that the building-code changes had come with new fire safety standards, including a requirement for sprinklers that extended to balconies.

“This is done up to the most modern standards… It’s safe and secure housing for everyone,” he said. He noted that some cities build wood-framed building of up to nine storeys.

Read the full article over at the Vancouver Sun.

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lol definately a little fishy! we'll see if they cash in on there insurance fraud attemp

[…] to ‘Van MD’ at vancouvercondo.info 4 May 2011 10:35am for directing us to a ‘group anecdote’ in the form of a running poll regarding the Percentage […]

[…] to ‘Van MD’ at vancouvercondo.info 4 May 2011 10:35am for directing us to a ‘group anecdote’ in the form of a running poll regarding the […]


@Anonymous: …It’s amazing how construction sites catch fire when the real estate market is slowing down….

They don't call it 'hot' asian money for nothing.



It was just last summer that we had a "Minister of Industry" claiming that you could correct for response bias in a voluntary census by increasing the sample size.

That is a mathematical falsehood, like claiming 2 + 2 = 5.

We also have a "Minister of Science" who won't say whether he supports the theory of evolution because that would be "intruding on his religious beliefs". Not to mention the thankfully departed Stockwell Day.

So who's winning the gong show?


holy smoke. two days in a row, the s/l are over 60%

Ravishing Rick

Cut the music…

Listen up you mortgage addicted sweat hogs.. from Garth Turner's blog tonight:

"BTW, the average SFH in Vancouver is now over $1 million and in Toronto it’s $760,000

This will not be the case by September."


@Chip: I'm old enough to remember the Gong Show that was the newly-elected conservative candidates in the '90s.


@Eddie: First mortgages in AB are non-recourse but the mortgagee's credit rating is virtually destroyed in the event of default. Second mortgages and lines of credit are full recourse.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few fraud cases were mixed in with that higher default rate.


Isn't Alberta non-recourse? The banks are gonna be calling the CMHC soon!

Extremely rich Van h

@Joey Jo Jo JR.:

Because Albert is basically a boring,desolate,cold and white province,wealthy Chinese are not interest in buying house there.

Joey Jo Jo JR.

Article in the Globe…

Alberta leading the country in mortgage delinquecies, despite $110 Oil…..


Romeo Jordan


Did you see the drop off in sales activity? The drop in prices at the periphery?

I told you this would happen. Now relax. Breath. Be.

I'll tell you when its time to strike.


Romeo Jordan

Romeo Jordan

VOMIT wrote this to Chipman earlier this evening: Rob, I’m so so so relieved that prices are still jumping higher! My cousin in Victoria tells me that the market there has turned down and is dead as a doornail (is this possible?). My aunt in Whistler is getting killed on her Squamish condos and she can’t sell her home in Whistler despite dropping the price eleven times – no buyers! (can’t they make the signs to Whistler in Mandarin???). But in Vancouver/Richmond they shoot ever higher and with last night’s fire there are even LESS places available for the hordes of people who want to move here. I’m so relieved, I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life, but your stats are a lifesaver Rob, they truly are. I wish you were here to hug me and keep… Read more »



NDP the bear bastion… gotta love the character and credibility

A. Guy

There are "experts" around who can start a fire and make it undetectable as arson (for a price). Can't you just see these six storey buildings after they start to leak… and ROT?


Great post on ben's site: http://theeconomicanalyst.com/content/tour-throug
Interesting to note how terrible the periphery is shaping up, how much longer until it hits the Fraser valley and then the greater Vancouver area.


New Listings 353

Price Changes 120

Sold Listings 208


It was quite something, I live just a block and a half from that construction site and now that whole block it sits on is closed off and the area smells like fireworks aftermath/burnt wood. I hope it was an accident and not a firebug.



I don't know about the TSX but the fact that the NDP caucus now includes 4 university students, a waitress who spent the campaign on holiday in Vegas, a 19 year old who suddenly has to give up his summer job at a local golf course and a deputy leader who just accused the US of making up the Osama raid, with all these wonderful additions to govt you just know it's going to be a fun fun four years.


It's amazing how construction sites catch fire when the real estate market is slowing down. I remember the same thing happen in Surrey in 2008/09 when the market tanked

Ravishing Rick

Listen up you bank owned sweat hogs… VanMD is a real man!

Next time my manly parts swell up from banging Troll’s woman, I’m going to him to get treated.

Ravishing Rick

Listen up Troll, you pathetic excuse for a man…

The market will break by summer and do you know why? Cause I'm the best, just like your old lady tells!

Simply Ravishing

Extremely rich Van h

@Van MD:

It is a batan lie,only participated by few net idiots.indeed,most of those houses purchased by wealthy mainland Chinese in Vancouver are cash transactions,which has never be witnessed or recorded humand history.China nowaday,North From Mongolia, South from Hainan province are awashed with cash and real gold that a ordinary factory worker can afford a shopping spree in Hong Kong where you can see millions of cash swaollened Chinese lining up for LV,jewerly………for miles away.China has accumulated so much wealth that beyond human history recorded in the past 10 thousands yrs.

Ravishing Rick

I ask all you over leveraged, under diversified sweat hogs sit down and shut up so your ladies can see what a real portfolio is supposed to look like:

Richmond, Virginia based Genworth Financial (GNW) just announced earnings: Missed estimates on ALBERTA foreclosures.. yes sweat hogs ALBERTA

“The increase in losses on claims … … and the loss experience from certain areas in Alberta,” the company said in a statement.