UBC Hospice approved despite fear of ghosts

The UBC hospice has been approved at it’s current location despite neighboring condo owners fear of ghosts driving down property values.

UBC’s board of governors has approved plans for the 15-bed Order of St. John facility, which some Chinese-born residents of a nearby condo tower say will bring bad luck to the community.

“I want to know where does humanity go for residents living in this building, when 80 per cent of them highly oppose the site — not oppose this idea, just oppose this site?” condo owner Jane Ni asked reporters at a press conference Friday.

She denied claims that neighbours’ opposition is based on superstition about ghosts.

“This is 5,000 years of culture and religion. We are not superstitious,” Ni said.

Some Chinese community leaders are offering their support to the hospice’s opponents, arguing that their concerns aren’t being taken seriously.

“You must consider whether proceeding under these circumstances is the best, or is there an alternative that can further lessen the negative human impact?” said David Choi, chairman of the National Congress of Chinese Canadians.

The university says that it understands the residents’ worries, but that the site is ideal for a hospice.

“A hospice is not to be put away in an institutional setting; it is meant to be in a community, because it’s very much a part of the life and death of a community. When people are at their end of lives, they should be close to their families,” said Stephen Owen, vice-president at UBC.

The school is planning to put up trees around the hospice as a screen and help neighbours who wish to move to new units on campus.

The full article is available at CTV. There are a few remarkable things about this story.

First, that two of the three people quoted appear to be realtors, yet the article doesn’t mention that fact.

Second, that they’ve decided to place the justification for this particular bit of nimbyism in purely racist terms.

Third, that if you’re looking to buy a condo at UBC the owners at Promontory have just said that their units are now worth a lot less than they used to be.

And regarding the David Choi comment “is there an alternative that can further lessen the negative human impact?”. This is an interesting question because the whole purpose of a hospice is to lessen the negative human impact when people are at their weakest. Perhaps a more important question is what values do we want to hold as a society? Which do we value more: human life and caring for the elderly and sick or property values?

I’m afraid that we already know the answer to that question for at least some people.

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Hey now here's an opportunity! The folks who bought the condos on land leased from UBC have stated that they expect a big drop in the value of their units because the owner of the land they sit on (UBC) is allowing a hospice to be built on an adjoining piece of (UBC) land and, for this reason, some of the condo owner's will move. Wow! Not only are the suites going to be available at "fire sale" prices, you also have a pretty good guarantee that angry, strident, heartless, primitive, greedy, superstitious, stupid people are moving out. You can also feel fairly confident that like-minded jerks will not move in. How good is that!!! Well done UBC! Now if only we could figure out how to persuade all similarly obnoxious people (of every race) to leave Vancouver. Then we… Read more »


Seems to me that this is an inconsistency, where the city of Vancouver is allowing Chinese dissidents to protest a religion that may border a cult like extreme. Even though not much is known about it and there are some westerners that do practice it, some would equate it to westerners practicing Scientology and saying it helps. But when it comes to people holding on to values that are Canadian it seems the government is mum about these things. The hospice will be built and that is just it, you don't like it move. Ni and her friends can leave all they want no one is going to care, I'm sure the other Chinese that haven't observed the culture for 5000 years will have no problem snapping up homes for cheap. Their concerns were heard and they're not valid to… Read more »


Debt-heavy couple liable to fall victim to interest-rate squeeze



@RaggedyRenter: "Subtle racist tone?" Is that your way of saying that because these people are first generation Chinese immigrants, we should cut them slack when they do and say shameful things? Because in that case I'd call your behaviour racist; people who do shameful things should get the same treatment regardless of their demographic background.

Oh and you might want to notice the topic of the post before you suggest people should change the subject.


#84 @other ted: "our 30000 year old cro magnum culture."

That's alive and well at the Stanley Cup, apparently. Now where is my rock?

other ted

Shocked the university did the right thing. As for 5000 years of culture where is the archeological evidence for this. No one know what the culture looked like back then. Considering civilization only goes back around 3000 years in china wouldn't that make the culture of 5000 years ago neolithic stone age. What next lets make room for our 30000 year old cro magnum culture.


I've heard that they drink the blood of babes in the woods at night. Just saying.


I'm not sure about the subtle racist tone of this blog now. Back to real estate bubble please.


@Best place on meth:

"Cutting the fins off every last shark they can find and ripping gall bladders out of Canadian bears is also part of their 5000 year history that continues unabated."

You forgot about the fact that they eat tiger penises because they think it will cure impotence. It is a major reason that the tiger is almost extinct. How shameful and backwards can you get?



I think this is great. Now the terminally ill can be comfortable next to the uncomfortable terminally stupid.


Looks like the Canucks are getting their nuts handed to them in a goblet.


I think we've hit on a genious way to get housing affordable again in Vancouver. We need small 5 to 10 bed hospices sprinkled throughout the city. Or perhaps just the threat will do…


New Listings 315

Price Changes 131

Sold Listings 154


Hang Seng -304

DOW -61

TSX -200

Li Kai Shing

Lavishing Lick

Why you steal buttered chicken in Whalley Newton condo line up.

Bad karma….maybe biker ghosts haunt area

Back to pool cleaning.

You mother was real good last night, I keep her very happy, unlike you and your daddy.

Go Boston go…non Itarain goalie…not weighed down by "chef boy R dee " and Kraft Dinner

Truth Hurts

“This is 5,000 years of culture and religion. We are not superstitious,” Ni said.”

I’m sure peoples everywhere had fears of the dead, dying and general unknown 5000 years ago. It’s hardly a sign of culture and civilization to boast that your society hasn’t progressed since then.


Hahahahah…so true…so true


“This is 5,000 years of culture and religion. We are not superstitious,” Ni said.”

I'm sure peoples everywhere had fears of the dead, dying and general unknown 5000 years ago. It's hardly a sign of culture and civilization to boast that your society hasn't progressed since then.



"False equivalency."

In your opinion, perhaps. But that's the point, really. People on this forum are applying a different set of values to the Chinese then they'd ever think of applying to themselves.

Best place on meth


Looks like a bit of Tu quoque as well.


Maybe we should ask these Chinese owners what kind of rights they would have to challenge such a development in communist China.


they should fear of the living, not the death.


@Mister Obvious:

Religion and superstition are perfectly synonymous.

Think so?

A main point in my discussion with Merton was how central compassion was to the message of both Christianity and Buddhism. In my readings of the New Testament, I find myself inspired by Jesus’ acts of compassion. His miracle of the loaves and fishes, his healing and his teaching are all motivated by the desire to relieve suffering….

An imam in Ladakh once told me that a true Muslim should love and respect all of Allah’s creatures. And in my understanding, Islam enshrines compassion as a core spiritual principle, reflected in the very name of God, the “Compassionate and Merciful,” that appears at the beginning of virtually each chapter of the Koran.


Best place on meth


"Culling" is the operative word, there's 6 million seals in Canada. No danger we run out of them anytime soon.

Meanwhile, thanks to these pricks and their desire to appear "affluent", sharks are being decimated.


Luckily we can keep an eye on the bears much more easily or they'd wipe them out too.