The Best Blog EVAR.

Paulb, that friendly local realtor who provides daily sales stats on this blog points out that it’s that time of year again: the last couple of days of voting in the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver Contest.

This blog has been voted as the readers choice for best local blog before, and Paul Boenisch took home the readers choice as best local realtor that year. Paul suggests we repeat that this year, so lets see if we can.

You can vote here, and we’re humbly suggesting you vote for http://VancouverCondo.Info as the ‘Best Local Blogger’ and Paul Boenisch as the ‘Best Local Realtor’.

It’s a way to thank Paul for all the market data he’s provided here, a way to draw new voices to argue with and a way of saying thanks to all the good people that make this site go. You’ll have to fill in an answer to at least 25 of the questions, so it’s your chance to speak out about other opinions you have on Vancouver as well.

Feel free to make your case for any other votes in the comments below.. who is the Vancouverite closest to hell and whats the best example of local city planning?


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Derp Derp

@No Way Pauly:

he doesn't speak chinese? well shit, heaven forbid someone not speak a language that isn't an official language of the nation.

here comes my vote

No Way Pauly

Look, PaulB cannot be best realtor. He does not speak Chinese. He has no listings. He has no sales. He has npo brand but for what you give value on his numbers. That’s it. Let professional realtors get credit they deserve. That is all I am saying.

There is no jealousy here. Having a discussion with you fighters is like talking to children. You all sound like “But, but, daddy… you just don’t get it, life is diffrent now.” I say with experience that No! It is not different and you are just angry brats hiding disappointment with being wrong all your lives.



You agree that he’s a licensed Realtor and the Georgia Straight vote is for ‘Realtor’ not ‘salesperson'.

Nobody is really a "licensed Realtor". Someone with a license to sell RE is a licensed real estate agent. A REALTOR® is someone who is authorized to use that term by the REBGV. But it's just a trademark and they could call a chimpanzee a REALTOR® if they wanted to just like Disney can do what they want with the name Mickey Mouse.

May sound like nitpicking at first but it isn't.


Two days in a row of price changes eclisping sales on 300+ daily listings. If this keeps up we might be seeing the start of "the moment"


@No Way Pauly:

Exactly. "Best blog" with all the racist undertones in the comments? Give me a break.

Patiently Waiting

@No Way Pauly: Where is RETs? What's a Horton?


@No Way Pauly: Realtor Jealousy huh? It ain't pretty.

Maybe if you got out there and sold more condos people would vote for you as the bestest realtor ever.. or maybe not. But tone down the jealously eh?


@No Way Pauly: You seem really upset about something. First of all 'bears' aren't a monolithic group, they're just people who are bearish on the market. Some of them may have been that way for years and some of them are just looking at the market for the first time and thinking somethings wrong. It's not a fixed belief that is permanent. With your logic 'bulls' have been wrong for years about the US market, does that mean the US market will never be a good buy? give your head a shake. Second of all, what's with the nitpicking about whether Paul is a 'sales person' or not? You agree that he's a licensed Realtor and the Georgia Straight vote is for 'Realtor' not 'salesperson. I think one of the things that is appreciated around here is the data provided… Read more »

No Way Pauly

I love how anyone who speaks truth here gets shouted down while fantasies get upvoted. Truths shouted down: – Market is still strong – Bears HAVE BEEN wrong for years – PaulB is a licensed realtor but no salesperson – Stats mean nothing when they point to bullish beliefs of flat or up – This site is degenerating from what once was good discussion to schoolyard bullying and rule by a mob. Fantasies Upvoted: – Bob Rennie is slime – Cam Good is slime – Realtors, especially Chipman, are slime – PaulB, however, is a great man – Stats mean everything if I spin them to support my bear fantasy – This site must be protected from the evil spiels of anyone who dares pollute our opinion pools. And you think this blog should get voted Best Blog? Ha! This… Read more »



gime a break already!! stop peddling wrong data!

its not sell to list ratio its sell to all available listings!

sell/list ratio is 57% (from the numbers).

the benchmark prices are less then a percent down, so the -6.6% is just a stat blip.

604 Receding Gains

Done. Thanks for the data paulb.


@Romeo Jordan:

It wasn't a crash before and it won't be going forward, short of a major economic meltdown.

Romeo Jordan

Dave, the crash is setting up, this is not going to be a repeat of '08/09 – get it? Got it?



@Romeo Jordan:

Practice drill? Huh?

Li Kai Shing

Hooo Boy…

we havingk good pee peeing match !!!

PS…PaulB played with Brett Favre?, who starred in " Sometink about Mary" …hoo boy this is a good blog.

No Way Paul must be talkink about Bob Rennie….who never wears out heels of shoes.

Romeo Jordan


Go suck a cat, you shit dip.

No Way Pauly

@BPOM Brett Favre was top of his game when he went out and still had it when he came back. PaulB is a never was and never will be despite what value you attribute to him sharing silly numbers with you. Say! How's that working out for ya?

No Way Pauly

@PatientlyWaiting I voted for a realtor who exemplifies the best in the business. He has lived in his neighbourhood for near 30 years, has owned several of the properties in that hood over those years, has championed it and the people who live there, is a standout person, and an absolute success in his profession. His hood is not some westside snooty-ville but more of an overlooked gem. He doesn't advertise on buses, or blog about meaningless numbers. He markets the heck out of his properties and when he walks down the streets of his hood everyone knows him and says warm hellos and invitations for coffee/tea. I believe he's had about 20 listings so far this year with more than 20 sales (works with buyers, too). That is a realtor we just don't see very often in a neighbourhood… Read more »

Romeo Jordan

Meth, PaulB is five hundred times the realtor that Chimpan is/was – I'll use him next time.

Dave, your on drugs – this is not a practice drill.

Fraser Valley – wholly frack, this is gonna be fun, down 6% in a month!

Best place on meth

@No Way Pauly:

>>>PaulB is not a realtor. Yes, he has a license. That alone does not make a realtor.<<<

Are you fucking stupid?

Just because someone took time off from a job and then came back you dismiss everything they accomplished in the years prior?

When Brett Farve came back was he not considered a football player anymore?

"BTW this isn’t an attack on PaulB"

No, it's the moronic ramblings of a douche.

Fuck off.


Average prices down 6.6% this month in the valley, sell list = 16%

REGBV stats are out now too


@curious lurker:

I think you are confused with what I have said and predicted. I defined what flat was and the market has stayed within that range. We are currently at the upper end and I don’t see much upside left. If anything, i could see some moderation. No crash though.

Romeo Jordan

You nerds, I used to enjoy stealing your lunch and any thoughts of making it with the HOT GIRLS when we were in high school.

But here is something from me to you, to help calm the nerves – listings will spike over 17000 before the end of the month.

Grab your shrunken balls and hold on – this gets more interesting from here.


Romeo Jordan

Patiently Waiting

@CanuckDownUnder: In 2009 and 2010, inventory kept going down after the July 1st drop-off. In 2008, the crash year, it kept going up. So far it looks like up this year, but its too early to say for sure.

Patiently Waiting

@No Way Pauly: So who did you vote for? Yourself?