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Derp Derp


so at least 86 people are going to be choked soon? ๐Ÿ˜‰


@Ravishing Rick:

I studied at… MIT … ever heard of it? Its a school in Boston.

Cambridge really. But I'll just assume you were trying to make it simple for us.



@Ravishing Rick:

I think he means "tenuous." It is a good thing to be in a tenable position.

Ravishing Rick

Cut the music! READ this, from zero hedge


"Finally, and most interesting, Frédéric and Benoit agreed with me that the Canada bubble will burst and that Canada's mortgage monster stands to lose billions and is in a very tenable position. According to Benoit: "Too many people are way over-leveraged, are mortgaged to the hilt buying houses they can't afford, and they risk getting killed when they lose their job or if rates rise. If we suffer a slowdown that is just 20% of the US slump, we're in big trouble. It's simply not true that real estate prices won't get hit in Canada; this isn't the 1970s, and people are in for a shock in the coming decade."

Ravishing Rick

@ Paulb… If you are making these numbers up you can expect a punch in the gut.

These are great numbers for me… Not so good for Li Kai.

Hit the eerie exorcist music!

Li Kai Shing

Ravishing RicK

I dunno ..how about this one…


She may be busy re Tour de France.


New Listings 266

Price Changes 105

Sold Listings 86





damn you rain! please stop so that the REBGV can blame the lack of sales on lawn mowing!


HAMsters are taking vacation back im China. Hopefully when they come back in Sept, 5e market will scare em away.


@Anonymous: Yes, right you are. Its raining as I look out my window and its been a nice Fall we've had this Summer so far. Many potential buyers will be taking a permanent break, and it will have nothing to do with the weather.


Could prices fall five percent this month?

Ravishing Rick

@ Li Kai – you sweat hog…that one made me laugh, I admit it!

But remember I ain't no pool cleaner, boy. Sure I drive a truck with balls hanging from the rear, I have a mullet, I own a pit bull, and even live in Whalley… but I studied at the London School of Economics and MIT … ever heard of it? Its a school in Boston.

I'll teach you a thing or two about economics… you me Saturday, we hang outside an Penningtons and pick up some fat chicks. First lesson Demand and Supply: Fat chicks more supply than demand!

Hit the Sweatin to the Oldies music!


This market is tailspinning despite ultraslow rates

Crash of the century has begun

Li Kai Shing

@Ravishing Rick:

Easy Fix….

You get Asian realtor to rent Helicopter and drop Whalley Newton creatures (?) from the sky over Asian Cities.

If that not work, that means Canucks win Stanley Cup

Now back to pool cleaning…no more ads!!!


( My god man….ain't Value Village cheaper…)


Shit is starting to stink

Moi will hit ten in parts of van this month

Ravishing Rick

@ Li Kai Shing Listen up fraud. The old country you left behind is getting uglier by the second. And, I live in Whalley I see uglies all the time! China’s $1 Trillion Debt Seen Toxic as Cities Value Land at Winnetka Level – bloomberg "Loudi, home to 4 million people in Chairman Mao Zedong’s home province of Hunan, is paying for the project with 1.2 billion yuan ($185 million) in bonds, guaranteed by land valued at $1.5 million an acre. That’s about the same as prices in Winnetka, a Chicago suburb that is one of the richest U.S. towns, where the average household earns more than $250,000 a year." And even more "More than 400 billion yuan of municipal bonds sold since 2008 — part of as much as 14.2 trillion yuan in local borrowing — show how much… Read more ยป


#46, BPOM: Really? More RE cheerleading even when it's becoming more obvious every day that things are falling apart? Maybe that's WHY they feel compelled to continue pushing their agenda.

Damn Global's "news" department all to hell. Guess the three CRTC complaint replies I've thus far forced the lying bastards to dole out didn't have their desired impact. Maybe a CRTC/CSBC ruling in my favor would help.

Yes, I cling to faint hope.


@Not much of a name…:

buyers are just taking a breather to enjoy the summer weather

Best place on meth

@Li Kai Shing:

No need to list the suburbs or the condo market, they died ages ago.

Li Kai Shing

@Best place on meth:

Flooding? Is new waterfront !!!

Look on blight side !!!

Li Kai Shing

@Best place on meth:

See you to scared to list Whalley Newton…or was it Wayne Newton..

I tink I ask Isaac Newton…

Not much of a name..

Now this has to hurt…

Vancouver All Areas*

New Listings – 259

Back On Market Listings – 5

Price Changes – 102

Sold Listings – 83

*Attached & Detached – Date: 07/13/2011 Time:17:33 Pacific YatterMatters.com: Courtesy REBGV. Data believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.



Supra! finally you are back… I was struggling with constipation For a while but as soon as you said something relief came and I was able to take a big dump.

Thanks my friend.

Best place on meth

And of course Global starts the evening news with it's usual back to back real estate puff pieces including an advertisement for this place http://www.mls.ca/propertyDetails.aspx?propertyId… before moving on the less important news of flooding in BC.

Best place on meth

The sales implosion we've been watching in the periphery is working its way past the moat, over the walls and into Fort Vancouver.

The core is in meltdown – Fukushima style.

SFH activity today:

Van East: listings 10, sales 1

Van West: listings 12, sales 7

Richmond: listings 11, sales 7

Burnaby: listings 16, sales 2

N. Shore: listings 14, sales 3

Total: listings 63, sales 20