Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy

Yesterday the City of Vancouver released its “Housing and Homelessness Strategy”:

The views and opinions heard during this public and stakeholder engagement were used to shape the Housing & Homelessness Strategy…  Building on what the City has learnt from past practices and policies and what we heard during Talk Housing With Us, the Strategy focuses on three strategic directions:
1. Increase the supply of affordable housing
2. Encourage a housing mix across all neighbourhoods that enhances quality of life
3. Provide strong leadership and support partners to enhance housing stability
The Strategy addresses the entire housing continuum with the City committed to improving choice and affordability for all residents and in all neighbourhoods across the city.  The housing continuum consists of the range of housing options available to households of all income levels, from emergency shelters for people who are homeless to affordable home ownership options for key workers with moderate incomes.
All income levels except those have above-moderate incomes. Or am I missing something? Apparently…
… the continuum doesn’t seem to include cooperatives, rented detached and rented attached dwellings. When the City talks about a “range of housing options available to households of all income levels”, we should separate what a family is willing to pay and what a family is able to pay to live in the City. On this front, unfortunately, the City is unwilling to deal with its rampant land hoarding and speculation addiction. If they want to join SpecAnon, the door is always open.
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Yeah, and although the translation was elegant, what the original Chinese actually said was that the Japanese call it "non-moving property" (which is the same as the French term "immobilier") and things that don't move are not always better than things that do.

Li Kai Shing

I tink I buy CMHC,…… then forgive loans…give everybody 30 days notice to buy RE.

Game On ?

PS yeah 4Q too Meth Man…rent still late!

fixie guy

40 Anonymous: "Now"? They've bragged about this before. Why do you think the CMHC's role was expanded so far beyond assisting the needy? The poor are passe.


@paulb.: Somewhere in this City there is a greater fool generator. It just seems to keep churning them out, no matter what. Yeah I know about the HAM but its gotta be more than that. Only the Shadow knows?

Li Kai Shing

Meth Man..

No I still here….

Other one is ugly relative.

BTW…pay rent for dumpster or evict…last warning

Best place on meth


What? Li Ka Shing is being deported?

Excellent, now we just need to send Ozzie Jurock back to Germany.



he is actually being deported, it's official


@specialfx3000: …Very good news that Lai Changxing is ordered to be deported…..

Don't hold your breath!


Look!!! CMHC is now a profit center for the Government….awesome! Maybe they'll start buying Canadians their own homes – that way we won't need to insure them or worry about using CMHC at all 😉


The Light Bulb Conspiracy (Trailer)

If you keep googling this….you'll find that many electronic products have a "death chip". One guy was so po'd his printer died….he went on line and found a Russian dude equally po'd and created a program that bypassed the death chip.

IMHO….shitty leaker condos were by design…..planned obsolescence…aka fast depreciation and excuse to redevelop….


@space889: @jesse:

there ARE some builders that take pride in their work

they are probably the smaller ones who haven't profited the most.



it's kind of like GM, Ford and Chrysler since the 1970s.

the last decent engine GM made was the 350,

the last decent car chrysler made was the 72 440 six pack barracuda

and the last decent ford was probably the old f-100s from the late 60s.

i have a buddy who works at ford – he spends every day fixing things that he is convinced were designed poorly on purpose. $24,000 warrantied drivetrain replacements, etc etc.



I say he's 6 ft under within a year…one way or the other….send all the scum back…F*ckers….



Yeah…..old rumour /joke….

Regardless….it's a sick way to make a living… shit then screw 'em up the ass later.

Sucks money out of the economy….who really wins ?.


Very good news that Lai Changxing is ordered to be deported.


New Listings 227

Price Changes 111

Sold Listings 144



@keeperofthederp: Well doesn't shoddy construction quality also means these people have a guaranteed jobs of fixing and over charging on condo repairs after the construction boom has ended? Seems like these people figured out a way to profit on the way up and leave rooms for profits on the way down. 🙂



"I seized the moment to employ the knowledge I gained here, and this is my counter-argument"

I think the easiest counter argument is "so what?". Being "real" does not equate to having "value", any gold/silver investor can tell you that. Just because a physical asset has value today does not mean it will tomorrow.



That was interesting about the mayors moneymen. The Tides Foundation has also channelled tens of millions of dollars into Canadian political groups in order to shut down the oil sands.

American influence in our political processes is welcome from certain sources I guess



i'm no expert, but all you have to do is just look up close at the buildings and units themselves and just speak to a few builders when you see them on site, etc. they're often quite blunt what they think of this or that.

i walked through the olympic village for the first time recently and had a big L O L.


I say the whole scam will result in major ghettos….

Condos will be a disaster…..they really only work if people are engaged….

If they start to go through foreclosure…say 10% of the units…a major clusterf*ck happens.

What condos haven't had problems….these booms produce shitty workmanship.

I can smell it unfold as we speak


Mayor Gregor's puppetmasters

With one week to go both Peter Ladner and Robertson kept a promise made months earlier to identify the names of donors who supported their mayoral nominations. What was immediately apparent from Robertson's list is that he received sizable donations from several resident Americans. The story never gained any traction with the mainstream media before Election Day.

The question asked by some then and several times since has been, why are a bunch of well-heeled Americans (such as New Age guru Andrew Weil) donating money to help elect someone to become Vancouver's mayor? The answer becomes clearer after listening to Solomon's 2008 speech.

Read the rest….Fookin scary



I don't know what the "derp" is, but I think I'd a like a bowl of it.

@granite countertop:

Yes, well said.