Has inventory peaked?

As of yesterday inventory was a few hundred over 16,000. Will we see 17,000 places for sale again this year or has inventory peaked?

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bear renters buy from bear realtor? the end is here! so where is the 25,000 party discussed 3 years ago?


You need to put those quotes in context. Amalia was talking about specific segments of the market in that article (specifically the mid-range downtown condo market). When you see developers trying to maximize profits by including 1 parking stall with 2+ bdr units that ask 800+ psf, is it any wonder you have all this new inventory sitting stale.

Meanwhile, entry level condos still go quick. Priced under 500k downtown for a 2bdr (or 300-350 for a 1) are snatched up. Entry level homes on the east side start around 650-700 and don't last long. 1.5m for land value is the Dunbar start, and always multi-offer.

Segments of the market remaining white hot. Other segments remain stale. If you want the base stats, everything from REBGV in July is in the blog.



24hrs is pure journalistic integrity, everyone knows that.


@Best place on meth:

you can be motivated and still be a greedy idiot.


@Best place on meth:

actually they prefer the term Hermit Crab Empire

i bet there are old wasp blue hairs living in quilchena and west van wondering WTF?? lol


Inventory will build slowly. Average prices will decline slowly. Harper has been paying attention.He will make sure it is a slow painful decline.It is amazing how little is said about CMHC. Your kids and grandkids will be picking the tab for that. Wealth is winding up into to few peoples hands. Money ALWAYS wins.ALWAYS.

Li kai Shing

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Can you believe this realtor?

"Liapis said she’s seen sales in the mid-range price market take a dive this year because there aren’t enough choices left for buyers"

16K+ inventory and sales are falling because there's no choice out there? Come on!

The funny thing is she contradicts herself on her blog:

"The number of homes listed for sale in the region has increased each month since the start of the year, which is giving buyers more selection to choose from"



Thank you Jesse and DaMann! I look forward to one day working with more of my bear friends from VCI too 🙂



No….the psychological bubble is the key one.

Use the Titanic as apropos symbolism.

Vancouver has felt UNsinkable.

OOPs…the Global economy , in many markets ( RE stocks commodities tanks aka the iceberg)

People will feel "oh f*ck"…man the lifeboats..every man for themselves.!!!

Chasing the market down will inflate inventory.

Many prognosticators say it will be years, even decades IF/Before peak prices are again reached.

I say they never will, bubbles are also synonymous with fantasy.

End of lesson



I have never been wrong before….why would I start now ?


"I say listings reach 20,000 by Mid September"

it's been stuck below 17000 for a couple of months now and you think it will go to 20,000 in 4 weeks? that would be nice, but i really doubt it.



Super bearish numbers. So far only one over 50% sell/list day in August.

Thurston Howell

No matter where and or when, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Tokyo, or Florida;the huge inventory builds up after the crash,


@N, "We have been saying that in the RE crash sense for almost as long as religious people have been saying it in the second coming sense. At this point I wouldn’t be too surprised if the later came before the former."

Both _will_ happen. Seriously. And I suspect you _will_ be surprised regarding the latter.


Nothing sacred about 17,000…is that RE equivalent of 666 ???

Drove to Abbotsford today….See a lot of listings in the rural areas….much of them appear to be the family BIZ….nurseries,…berry farms etc. etc.

Kids don't want them…parents were hoping this would be their retirement package….but demographics would show this is going to leave a lot of people holding the bag, and no choice to list and go fishing for buyers.

I say listings reach 20,000 by Mid September



I like "Experts" part.


Unashamed House Porn: Seattle Vs Vancouver




Can't thank you enough for the numbers Paul. If this market ever becomes sane I will be calling you!


From "24 Hours" newsrag headline: "Drop in home sales could signify cost rise ahead: Experts"


Lower demand = higher prices???

Only in Van could that piece of audacious crap be spun.


@paulb.: Thanks for posting the daily numbers with such remarkable and uninterrupted consistency.


@paulb.: Thanks for posting the daily numbers with such remarkable and uninterrupted consistency.


New Listings 235

Price Changes 93

Sold Listings 86



Manna from heaven

Vancouver All Areas*

New Listings – 221

Back On Market Listings – 3

Price Changes – 91

Sold Listings – 85

*Attached & Detached – Date: 08/11/2011 Time: 18:36 Pacific YatterMatters.com: Courtesy REBGV. Data believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.

Li Kai Shing

Metro Van becoming one big Hospice;

Scare Mainland Chinese away…make Meth Man very UNhappy….hope he not HULK.