Interest Rates Are Too High!

Now this is interesting.. More than one third of Canadians between the ages of 30 and 39 think that current interest rates are about average or high.


There are a whole bunch of people out there that think these record low interest rates are normal or better yet, think that they are high.

I think perhaps it’s not the rates that are high.

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Sept 13, 2011 Richmond New Listings 26 Price Changes 16 Solds 18 Vancouver West New Listings 71 Price Changes 27 Solds 23 Vancouver East New Listings 42 Price Changes 10 Solds 13 North Vancouver New Listings 37 Price Changes 4 Solds 10 Burnaby New Listings 31 Price Changes 13 Solds 10 Coquitlam New Listings 35 Price Changes 9 Solds 12 West Vancouver New Listings 14 Price Changes 7 Solds 6 Ladner New Listings 3 Price Changes 1 Solds 2 Port Coquitlam New Listings 10 Price Changes 3 Solds 4 Maple Ridge New Listings 15 Price Changes 11 Solds 5 New Westminster New Listings 11 Price Changes 6 Solds 4 Pitt Meadows New Listings 3 Price Changes 0 Solds 1 Port Moody New Listings 11 Price Changes 2 Solds 2 Squamish New Listings 5 Price Changes 2 Solds 2 Tsawwassen New… Read more »

midnite toker

In 2005 I financed a new motorcycle at carter Honda. My interest rate was %8.85 plus fees. I was 22 and made $16.24 an hour :b

Pete's Sake

I came across this ad on Craigslist. Can it be real????


I just called Ms Chen. She only speaks Chinese. I told her that I was filing a human rights case against her for her discriminatory practice. It fell obviously on deaf ears.

Next stop – tip to Revenue Canada about their undeclared income and mysterious source of wealth (I really don't know now do I but cally my tip a hunch).

If they want to be openly discriminatory, lets see how they like an audit from Revenue Canada.

You have to battle their open arrogance for our values and ways where it hurts – in their wallets.



"Debt is just negative cash- you have to pay back what you spend, plus interest. Your not ‘saving money’ by using credit instead of cash."

That only impacts a person's thinking if they really understand that they have to pay the debt back. A lot of people have a great deal of difficulty telling the difference between debt and income.


Yes Frank, It is for real.

I just called Ms. Chen.

She only speaks Chinese.


Li Kai Shing is a genius.

He, and his concubines, has his finger(s) on the pulse of the tragically abused city of Vancouver.


I came across this ad on Craigslist. Can it be real????

Loyd Christmas

Can you guess what my favorite holiday is?

teddy bear

I bet if you were to poll this same group of people they will believe taxes are too low and the government doesn't spend enough. The average person is a moran with a giant sense of entitlement.

Uncle Smith

I don't get why everyone voted down on Li Kai Shing, the man is a genius!


50sqft den for rent :

Only $595/month

Patiently Waiting

@bubba: I mostly read Garth's blog for the comments. Garth's rants are often self-serving or self-righteous. We all do that now and then, but Garth takes it to a whole new level. But yeah, avoid condos like the plague and even more if you aren't party of the main demographic. This part blew my mind: "maintenance work around the building for free, yes, by us – painting, concrete sealing, pavement repairing, cleaning etc. – (specific maintenance dictated by the strata) so as to save the maintenance fund for further assessments and so not force certain people out." Are there stratas where members actually do stuff like pavement repair? Really? 😛 I thought people lived in condos to avoid that kind of work. Oh, a renter's life is the life for me. My landlord spent a few hours yesterday fixing our… Read more »


@Li Kai Shing:

You've just outed yourself as not really being Chinese…the return on a can has been 10 cents for many many years.


@Pete’s Sake: What the… let me guess, she was driving an Acura RDX/MDX?


@paulb: The number of new listings per day are surpising me. Is this normal for September?

Li Kai Shing

Bottles and Cans.

Very simple math….get say 5 cents /can X 20 cans = $1

Do 20,000 cans/night = $1000.

Just drive down houses with basement suites, round -eye troglodytes easily fill dumptruck .

Yuan snooze ….yuan loose.

Pete's Sake

He now hand them directly to the people they were intended for when he sees them.


Its either that or I am going to booby trap them once I see the well off Chinese coming with their cars…..



So correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like inventory is at the second highest level is has ever been (or at least for the last six years) at this time of year.

Best place on meth

@Pete’s Sake:

My friend got so pissed off at well off Chinese people coming around stealing the cans he'd left out for the homeless that he stopped putting them out.

He now hand them directly to the people they were intended for when he sees them.



@Troll: “interest rates will stay “very low for a long time.””

Ah the old “long time” saw. That means, unfortunately, wage growth will stay, well, you know.

And it doesn't guarantee high prices either.


@Pete’s Sake: Chinese people's objective is to get every penny from you (quote Russell Peters), lol. All jokes aside, in the newish condo that I just moved in, a similar situation occurred. Few days ago I went down to the garbage room late at night. Right after I used the fob to unlock the door, a middle aged Asian dude rushed out, avoiding eye contact while carrying a big black garbage bag full of cans and bottles out of the door. I was thinking How come he's not recycling those cans… Wait a minute.. ———- I was driving on SW marine leaving UBC, there are practically whole blocks of houses either for sale, or are in the process of being torn down / having huge mansions built. I wonder where the previous owners moved to, and who the new owners… Read more »


@paulb: 323?Wowzas…

Pete's Sake

Okay, what is with the Chinese driving around back alleys in cars picking up cans and bottles left for the homeless!

This is getting ridiculous – I just told off a well dressed (relative of course to homeless) soccer mom who is driving up and down the alley ways collecting recyclables. She picked up a 6 pack case, empty them into her double bags in her Honday Accord and threw the packaging on the ground. I yelled at her to pick it up and she did it with such soccer mom attitude.

Is this what it takes to own homes in Vancouver now???


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Sold Listings 117


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Manna from heaven

Vancouver East & West*

New Listings – 110

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