Bull or Bear – put your money where your mouth is.

There’s always a lot of talk about shorting the market on this blog. Well in the UK you really can short the housing market. IG Index, the financial spread betting outfit allows punters to speculate on many different markets, one of which is UK house prices. If this were offered in Vancouver, how many bears would put their money where their mouths are, so to speak?


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[…] “Co-worker who makes approx. $70k has just been approved for a $650k mortgage. Just another example of how our banks are so much more prudent and conservative than their American counterparts.” – ‘Manna from heaven’ at vancouvercondo.info 17 Oct 2011 9:25am […]


That China incident is horrible, but I wouldn't use it to vilify China. There have been similar incidents in the US too, e.g.:




even sadder … you know why people don't help in China? There are cases of people turning around and suing them for helping or calming that they were the ones responsible for the incident. What a f'd up world we live in … regardless of race or colour ….



I am both disgusted and saddened by this event.

China needs a serious gut check. What the hell has happened to this once proud culture?


@jesse: "Inventory has likely peaked for the year."

Careful, when I said that I got ripped to shreds. ๐Ÿ™‚


@Fed Up:

So you made a false report to the police, and you are proud of yourself? It's hard to determine your attitude toward the law.


This is the most sickening HAM related story I have ever seen or read…


So if you think HAM will ever stop and help you… think again.


@Best place on meth: "China’s hard-landing has already begun"

I think China's hard landing is baked in, I'm less certain how long it will take to manifest itself. I wouldn't be surprised if China takes another couple of years, there is some thought that the government will attempt to keep the economy moving until the politburo changes hands in 2012.


@ Best place on meth

If Chanos is even remotely as close as he was in predicting Enron….

In the long run though, it's yet another country that'll be going through what I feel,

is a necessary phase of real estate deleveraging.


…..I don't think we've even begun.

painted turtle


Sell before the rush to the exit :0

Kitz college girlz

"What is the role of morality in a free market economy?" Our economic theory glorifies greed. We are taught by Adam Smith that when everyone is pursuing self-interest, the society benefits as a whole.

So how do we reconcile that with morality which says that we should have advance society's interest, have compassion for fellow human beings, and that we should care for the weak among us.


@VMD: "Rounding error". That's the last time I outsource calculations to the Okanagan Real Estate Board!



Thank you jesse for the excellent info!

Just wanna point out that if you divide the total sales (1261) / total listings (2606) = 48% (rather than 50%), thus continuing the -7% difference in terms of [sales/new listing] ratio vs last October : ) (unless the percentage is calculated by some other formula)

Kitz college girlz

They talk about "hair cuts" to bank bondholders in Greece. But how do you perform a "hair cut" on someone that is already bald? Or did they mean a head cut?….Guillotines are used for head cuts

Best place on meth

Chanos: China’s hard-landing has already begun

China’s bust will be a thousand times worse than Dubai


In addition to his observations regarding the imploding economy he goes on to more or less call the Chinese lying, cheating scum.

It's hard to argue with that.

Li Kai Shing


I tink this blog has too many Canned Schmucks season ticket holders who cant' handle the TRUTH ( + HST).

Trade Loser Wong-o to pizza restaurant = keepink Schneider !

(And you wonder why I havink Turd-on-to Maple Laughs jersey ? )

There are children in West Van and Whalley Newton who's parents are behind in their thoroughbred horses boardingk fees !!!

You peepulz make me sick !


October 2011 data Average Sales 126 Total Sales 1261 Average Listings 261 Total Listings 2606 Average sell/list 50% Days in month 20 Days elapsed 10 % days elapsed 50% Expected sales 2,522 Expected listings 5,212 Max daily sales 166 Min daily sales 94 Max daily listings 319 Min daily listings 192 October 2010 data at same point in month Average Sales 113 Total Sales 1128 Average Listings 207 Total Listings 2066 Average sell/list 55% Days in month 20 Days elapsed 10 % days elapsed 50% Expected sales 2,256 Expected listings 4,132 Max daily sales 145 Min daily sales 67 Max daily listings 268 Min daily listings 165 October 2010 month end data Average Sales 120 Total Sales 2392 Average Listings 188 Total Listings 3762 Average sell/list 66% Days in month 20 Days elapsed 20 % days elapsed 100% Expected sales… Read more ยป

Kitz college girlz

"Mercedes G-Wagen"

Does Luongo still drives Merc G500?

I have not been recently to Yaletown's hot spots where he hangs out.

midnite toker

@Steve: Mercedes G-Wagen

Kitz college girlz

short clip titled "Of the 1%, By the 1%, For the 1%"

how many of you guys listened to Steve Keen? Agree or Disagree?

midnite toker

@jesse: exactly, who knows how long this crazy ponzi scheme could go on for? It Could be 6 months could be a few more years before the shit really hits the fan.


New Listings 243

Price Changes 148

Sold Listings 119



Kitz college girlz

Increasing debt was a tool to mask declining industrial base through decades of outsourcing and trade deficit. Debt and de-industrialization are two sides of the same coin.

Li Kai Shing

Oh yeah..I forgot Carney and Flaherty are Ir*sh….bloody SOB M*cks…never should have let them potato( Ir*sh 7 course meal = 6 pack and a potato ) suckers in here.

This is video of trip to Ireland !

( Warnink..not for those with weak stomachs !!! )


Li Kai Shing


This world class BLOG seems to have leprechaun trolls taggink our Nobel Prize worthy posts with green coloured links.

Can't you tell Al Gore to F*ck off ……or we pass the hat sick world class stalker Monica L. on him ?