Ambitious people leaving Vancouver

The economy in this city is broken. I can no longer count on two hands the number of friends and coworkers who have left to find better opportunity elsewhere in the last few years. As Vancouver Magazine points out, it’s what young ambitious people are doing right now. Vancouver is squeezing the middle class out.

Around January 2002, the average price of a detached house in Metro Vancouver was $390,000. That has since nearly tripled to $1.1 million. For those who couldn’t or didn’t buy in—who were outbid, came late to the party, or sat it out waiting for a massive market correction—real estate has been a dismal science. This July, the MLS listed only 24 two-bedroom condos for sale under $300,000. That’s the maximum mortgage available to a household earning the median family income; Vancouver proper has about 30,000 renter households in that category. The story of real-estate affordability here can be told in that one stat: in a city of over 600,000 people, two dozen bottom-of-the-barrel starter condos available for sale to the middle class.

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People are always leaving wherever they are…and I personally know probably hundreds of very ambitious people who would never dream of leaving vancouver.


Hmmm, well I like it just fine and I’m renting and earning average wage.

I guess some folks just can’t see beyond home ownership as their goal in life. I’d love to own a house but renting in a place I like comes a close second.


I completely agree with the author of this post.

I left Vancouver to move to Edmonton and the amount of better paying jobs is day and night compared to Vancouver.But it seems that Vancouver has always really shitty employers who only want to pay you minimum wage.


@patriotz: You may have left Vancouver, but don't leave this blog. We need the clarity you bring to these discussions…


@DEFAULT NAME134282: Being a victim of violent crime, in both Canada and the US, is almost entirely a function of your social group. That is, almost all victims of violent crime are from the underclass, are professional criminals, or live in violent family units. That doesn't mean that YOU will be appreciably more likely to be a victim of violent crime if you move to a city with a higher rate, whether that be Regina (which has a higher rate due to its high aboriginal population), or Seattle. Now it's true that a middle class person in the US has perhaps twice the likelihood of being killed by a stranger than one in Canada, but that likelihood is vastly lower than that of being killed by a car accident in either country. Property crime, as we all know, does not… Read more »


I moved to Vancouver in 2005 convinced that I would stay forever. I made good money by working my buns off but my company sold us worker bees out and basically stole the money in the company and gave it to the executives….wonder why the 99% is so pissed. Anyways, I finally tossed in the towel and moved to San Francisco this summer where the jobs in my field are a dime a dozen and all pay 6 figures. SF used to be considered a very expensive city, but I guess all is relative as it seems positively cheap as compared to Vancouver. Sad. Heck, I even just bought a gorgeous home. This was an impossible dream in Vancouver…Sad to leave Vancouver but in the end my quality of life has already greatly improved.

chilled… Fuck, Turner has completely lost it. He just spent 3yrs telling us this wasn't possible, the untouchable bond markets would ultimately dictate. What a fucking idiot this man has become. It would also help if he didn't write in prose, he isn't a fucking Michael Ondaatje for christs sakes, and sometimes is too hard a read for the resultant simplistic message. "What the fear brigade fails to understand is widespread financial meltdown is impossible so long as the elite fends it off. This is what the G20, the EU, the G8, the IMF, WB, ECB and the FSB (which Marc Carney will probably head by the weekend) are all about. These guys make the rules. They can nationalize banks, bail out countries, force taxes and austerity measures, recapitalize institutions, raise or lower interest rates, expand or contract the money… Read more »

Bailing in BC

Actually "Bum Arguing with Himself" would be an awesome name.

Bailing in BC

Sorry to be repetitive but perhaps the three people posting under variations of Default Name could also spend a few seconds coming up with original names. Seriously dudes, it's like watching a bum arguing with himself.


What about the other option of don't care? I don't live in the city of Vancouver.


If you want Anton to win. Vote this up.


Interesting straw poll, if you want Gregor back vote this up.


@DEFAULT NAMEe: "Crimes against the person are far lower in Vancouver than just about any major US city"

Not correct.

City of Vancouver:
– 2010 Population = 642,843
– 2010 Property crimes = 34696 Ratio = 5.08%
– 2010 Violent crimes = 6711 Ratio 1.04%

City of Seattle:
– 2010 Population = 608,660
– 2010 Property crimes = 33186 Ratio = 5.4%
– 2010 Violent crimes = 3874 Ratio = .57%

City of Bellevue:
– 2006 Population = 109569
– 2006 Property crimes = 4245 Ratio = 3.8%
– 2006 Violent crimes = 184 Ratio = 0.16%

City of LA:
– 2010 Population = 4,000,000
– 2010 Property Crimes = 88,000 Ratio = 2.2%
– 2010 Violent crimes = 21,000 Ratio = 0.525%

Donald Trump

Canadian pansies

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chip did you skip math 101?

Violent crime in US metropolitan cities is WAAAAY Up in comparison to Vancouver.



What on earth does total population have to do with it if you're comparing rates per 100,000 population?

Here are the stats that were discussed here last year :

Page 70. Canadian cities in general fare better than the US ones. Vancouver only comes in 15th out of 17 because of its high rate of property crime. If you just look at just violent crimes it's towards the bottom of the Canadian cities, but above almost all those in the US.


America is full of guns and crazy nut wing lunatics. I would rather live in Canada where gun possesion is strictly regulated. Columbine, No thanks.


Too much antisemitism on this site


@fixie guy: ….wrapping them in begged questions and ridiculous assumptions negates false dichotomies?….

And a warm welcome to Rex Murphy.



"The (recent) stats were discussed here last year sometime. This isn’t about old stereotypes."

Well, according to the EC and UN, Canada has a violent crime rate of 935 incidents per 100,000 people. The US rate is 466.

And according to this UN report from 2002, the US had just over 11.8 million crimes a year while Canada had 2.5 million. They have 10 times the population.



"Violent crime in the US is down about 50% from a couple decades ago but I guess old stereotypes die hard."

The (recent) stats were discussed here last year sometime. This isn't about old stereotypes.

Donald Trump

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Call em as I see em

I don't know why everyone is complaining about low paying jobs in Vancouver. Just go work for Translink. On CKNW today they had a bit on what people make there. The Transit police are the highest paid police agency in BC. Almost half the officers make over 100K per year. Many of those are retired from other forces and collect a pension on top. The lowest paid officer was 75K per year. This is for guys who check Skytrain tickets for a living.

They also talked about a Translink manager who went from making 80K per year to 250K per year over 3 years. Nice raise. How does someone get that kind of raise in 3 years for a money losing organization?

I guess we know where that 2 cent gas tax will be going.


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