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Hey guys, Ten Volt here – World’s busiest real estate agent in the world – and I’ve got something exciting to share with you. I’ve started to ‘vlog’ or ‘Video Blog’ despite my busy schedule. How do I handle it you ask? I do it in my car. I’m hardcore.

Remember, if you need a condo, a townhouse or just advice on how to live in a luxury car, you give me a call. Ten Volt is here for you and I’ve got car payments to make. Follow me on the twitter or drop me a comment on the youtube. Be safe and wear your seatbelt.

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@Best place on meth: …, there are now way, way, way more boys than girls…

I wish that was the what it was here – I would have likely avoided the situation I'm in now. ๐Ÿ™‚


@Makaya: But it's sustainable and green. So STFU.



People getting sick at the Olympic Village. That kind of publicity is going to make Bob's job even harder…

midnite toker

@chip: You mean the "Harper Government(TM)"?

midnite toker

@domus: I saw that too ( I'm a Bloomberg mobile junkie ) Things will get hectic here too


If you losers are too poor and hate the place and people so much…pack your bags and stop your bitching. Todays story has been reprinted in every major news outlet.


@DEFAULT NAME: @manson:

You guys have too much insecurity. Why don't you just go outside and play a game of hide-an-go fuck yourself together?


"Still no takers for Tobiano resort", Kamloops This Week, Nov 24/11

"It’s been nearly five months since Tobiano resort went into receivership, but there are still no takers for the financially struggling development."


So everyone that was hoping for a crash in the States got it and now things are so bad that most can't afford even a $100,000 house and the banks won't give anyone a mortgage even if they have the 20% down payment….so tell me geniuses why it would be any different in Canada? Housing crashes when everything else is crashing and since none of you have any money now…you certainly won't if that happens.


hey domus,

have enough money to pay rent this month yet?



you are in the ruin first, remember? you moved jobs 3 times in 5 years, and recently packed your bag to ottawa. when are you coming back here again?



“You look at the liquidity conditions in China, they’re very good. You look at the policy impetus, the likelihood of government support, it’s very very high,”

It almost sounds like S&P is expecting problems for the banks. Doesn't sound like a vote of confidence for real estate to me….



@Manson: Those are the same guys that rated subprime mortgage backed securities AAA.


Sorry losers…doesn't look like things are that Apocalyptic in China after all.If you love renting so much then rent…and stop your crying.

Best place on meth


Well in China thanks to totalitarian social engineering gone wrong combined with their superior 5000 year old culture placing a much higher value on males over females, there are now way, way, way more boys than girls.

The few girls that weren't aborted now have the boys by the shorties.

And man do those bitches ever use that leverage to get what they want.


@oneangryslav2: Just a follow up to the Shanghai story and the coup de grace:

I didn’t have a choice,” he said of the decision to buy. “I don’t want to be too different. Otherwise, maybe for a long time, I would be alone.”

This is a paraphrase of a sales tactic used by some of our local used house sales persons: "if you want some p****, you've got to be a 'homeowner.'"

"You don't want to be the loser poring through the back pages of the Georgia Straight looking for sex, do you?!? Well, sign here, and you'll have all the sex you want!"


@ Best place on meth

The longer they allow our market to get out of control, one wonders if they aren't courting the potential for similar difficulties here if things start to deflate. At the very least, we'll have to put up with endless sob stories in the media with no emphasis on the flip side….that being the increased affordability it would be bringing to a new generation of Canadian families….RTP


My lord! So much stupidity in that Shanghai article!! “At my age [30], I should get married and I should have my own home whether or not I can afford it so that I can be the same as my classmates,” Deng said. Yup, buying stuff (just to keep up with the Wongs) that one can't afford is a surefire recipe for individual and societal economic sustainability. “We loved it,” Deng said. “It suits us for the next three to five years because we plan to raise a child soon.” Buying and selling a place every three-to-five years?!? His real estate agent is going to be taking many vacations on the foundation of Deng's lack of self-esteem. That’s when he called his parents, then borrowed another 50,000 yuan from his boss, and secured a loan of 1.1 million yuan paying… Read more ยป



Great followup to that article about the New West condo buyers from the China article:

“If I’d paid for it all myself, the price cut wouldn’t bother me as much, but there’s a lifetime of my parent’s blood and sweat in it,” said Deng, a 30-year-old electrical systems salesman.

Coming soon to a city near you. Two generations will face financial ruin after boomer parents "help" their kids to get into home "ownership". The same boomers who were around for the 80's bust but have learned nothing.

Best place on meth


Those morons bought at the top and now they protest that prices are falling?

Fuck those idiots, that's what you get for paying absurd prices.

fixie guy

106 Manson Says: " Houses don’t get “affordable” in this scenario..banks refuse loans…"

Only to those who haven't saved a sufficient down payment. Like the old days.


@Makaya: "Buyers were being unrealistic about property prices, auctioneer Damien Cooley of Cooley Auctions said"

Yeah, that's the problem. Unrealistic buyers WAS the problem. Not any more Damien.


Yep…China really suffering..Sheesh! Why does the notion of economic collapse get you losers so excited? Houses don't get "affordable" in this scenario..banks refuse loans..unemployment skyrockets..crime spikes..Houses no matter how "Cheap" rot away.Try working to make a better life for yourself instead of wishing misery on others.It's pretty pathetic.


As someone who leans Conservative as the least worst option of a sorry lot, this is just depressing:

"the population of the federal public service (core public servants) soared 34 per cent over the past decade, to 282,955 last year from 211,925 a decade earlier. The increase is nearly 40 per cent if you compare it to the number of employees in the late 1990s.

At the same time, the Canadian population increased approximately 11 per cent."

Come election time there simply is no option on the ballot for reducing the size of government.


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