Canadian economic expansion

Good news! Markets are up! Money is flowing! and the Canadian Economy expanded more than expected in the third quarter:

The energy sector led the way and notable increases also occurred in manufacturing, construction, wholesale trade and the transportation and warehousing sector.

On a monthly basis, real gross domestic product by industry increased 0.2 per cent in September.

Some analysts cautioned against overestimating the strength of the Canadian economy. Much like the second, the third quarter was also driven by temporary factors that won’t be sustained, they said.

Full article over at the CBC.

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One more…Couldn't resist.Stay "Real"…


Wow…If you Sad Sacks are calling for a crash then I'm extremely confident the market will be fine.I've had my fun…I'll be back in a year to remind you how completely mistaken you all were…but hey you just might all smarten up and get a life by then.Later


All in all, more than 3,000 brokerage offices across the country are expected to close before the year is out, according to one industry expert, while many surviving agencies are slashing prices in order to stay competitive in a frostier market.

A Cold Winter Looms For China's Once Red Hot Property Market

Sounds to me like a slow return to market sanity……RTP


@Manson: …I’m just bored and enjoy the banter…..

Can't you get out there and beat the pavement to strike up a sale?

If your posts aren't pathetic enough, the fact that you can't sell anything and have to post here all day long sure is.

Honestly, isn't it time to dredge up a new persona? Maybe you should give the old broken English routine a try again.


"I’ll throw a quarter in your cup."

What? And loose an hour's wages?


@Devore: Taxes go up, and services (read: jobs) get cut. Remember city hall layoffs a couple of years ago?


@Manson: Manson, you're getting cuter and cuter. As Dabster said, stop embarrassing yourself, go out for a walk, have a beer and do something positive with your life.


New Listings 146

Price Changes 50

Sold Listings 65



[Variable rate discounts turn into premiums] – As I posted yesterday, RBC and Scotiabank have eliminated their advertised variable-rate discounts. "They’re now promoting variable mortgages at prime + 0.10%, twenty basis points more than their previous 'special offers.' Prime + 0.10% (i.e., 3.10%) is an interesting number. A few months ago consumers thought that fat variable-rate discounts were here to stay. Variables above prime will now come as a shock to some people. The banks are well aware of that. They know that pricing above prime impacts consumer psychology. They could have priced at prime. Spreads are not that horrendous. But pricing above prime makes more of an impact. It makes higher-profit fixed rates more appealing and it mentally prepares consumers for potentially higher VRM premiums down the road. That said, banks are not just arbitrarily sticking it to borrowers.… Read more »


I'm just bored and enjoy the banter..And don't agree that we can have a nice orderly real estate crash in a vacuum and that everything else will go along as normal…American Doom and Gloom is a huge part of their problem and I simply feel the need to counter such nonsense before it infects Canada.I don't wish misery on anyone but you lot certainly wish it on me.

Not much of a name...

@Manson: Dude…I think it's time to change meds. Who's the angry one? Wow.


You're angry you can't buy a place in Vancouver making $12.00 an hour and I'm Pathetic!? Like I say..Even if prices do drop 50% you're still priced out…but by all means keep posting hateful..envious…racist Drivel 24/7.

Best place on meth


Ah yes, that's why the other firsts of the months I look at were just normal listings days.

Thanks asshole, that explains everything.



As other commenters said, fail. Now permit revenue… that’s something that will take a nosedive if prices weaken and population growth deteriorates further.

That's ok, just means property taxes will go up.



Hi Manson, have some pride. As more you try it gets more pathetic and sad. Take a walk, beer or whatever, do something good for you.


@Best place on meth:

There appears to be a surprising number of new listings today.

I wonder why?

Because it's the 1st of the month dumbass.

curious lurker

@Best place on meth:

I figure it's just the month-end expiries relisting.

It really does seem this real estate market will just slow-bleed until next spring. The slow-bleed will be in a manner that allows the Real Estate industry to continue to preach 'all is well'.

Spring like 2008? or worse?

There appears to be a surprising number of new listings today.

I wonder why?

Jay Bytha Way

Because the writing on the wall is getting clearer everday?

Best place on meth

There appears to be a surprising number of new listings today.

I wonder why?


Well enjoy "The Crash" Gents…Maybe hold up a sign when you're on the street that says "Van Condo Info: We got our Crash!" and I'll throw a quarter in your cup.Cheers


whoops, last one was me



"Who pays property taxes on all the thousands of Foreclosed homes you guys keep dreaming about?"

The banks who actually foreclosed on the property, and /or the buyer who eventually buys it. The taxes ALWAYS get paid one way or another.

Man if you are what's keeping this market "up" I'm feeling even more confident about a crash.


@Manson: "Where do you think Municipal and Govt. revenues come from?…Property taxes..which fall as home prices fall."

As other commenters said, fail. Now permit revenue… that's something that will take a nosedive if prices weaken and population growth deteriorates further.


Yeah…Real Estate is high in Vancouver because of all the Drug Dealers and Asian Criminals. My Boss paid $181,000 for his house in North Vancouver back in 1981 which was way higher than the rest of Canada at that time…Who's the "Dumb" one again. "Vancouver Condo Info"? Give me a break..It's a site set up by and for a bunch of whiners..why do you care? You didn't get in years ago and you won't get in no matter what happens with prices. I just like pissing off Doom and Gloomers who are jealous of anyone that has resources and is actually enjoying their lives. FORECLOSURE!

Best place on meth

@fixie guy:

This guy is incredibly dumb, even by cheerleader standards.

Dave is smarter than this.