Mayor announces panel on housing affordability

Not just any panel.. a “Blue Ribbon” panel to look at the underlying issues of housing affordability in Vancouver. I hope it’s a Pabst Blue Ribbon panel.

Saying that the high cost of housing is threatening to make Vancouver unlivable, Robertson said he wants the panel to come up with short and long-term solutions, including using more of the city’s own lands.

But he also acknowledged that the seemingly intractable issues around why Vancouver’s housing remains among the most expensive in Canada likely means his Vision Vancouver-led council won’t find solutions quickly, even within their three year term of office.

He said the “task force”, which will be named within weeks, will include advocates, architects, developers, building owners, financiers and citizens.

“They’ll identify ways we can increase Vancouver’s supply of affordable homes — both immediately, for the most urgent needs, and for the long term,” he said.

Why would they include advocates and citizens on this panel? Don’t architects, developers, building owners and financiers have all the knowledge this panel needs.

I’m no expert, but I’m guessing the advice will be something like this: Spend lots of money designing and building low income housing on city land, provide incentives to developers and building owners and encourage a system whereby financiers can skim a little more from the average Vancouverite that feels they just must get into the can’t lose housing market.

Likely not to be addressed: anything that discourages people from buying with as little down payment as possible backed up with CMHC insurance that removes risk from the lender.

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@fixie guy:

so sick of livin in a place known as mecca to ever loser across canada



it certainly is!



kidnappin for money is popular in asia



@fixie guy:

“Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the career portability of you baristas. ”

But I thought Vancouver had no industry except real estate? Make your mind up.


@observer: Your message is obviously not racist! Let's call my comment "sarcastic"…

The fact that you felt obliged to defend yourself shows how much we have been brainwashed by the "political correctness", an other expression for intellectual terrorism.

Cheers 🙂

fixie guy

71 Insanity Says: "Those who hate it should just leave."

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the career portability of you baristas. Nor do they make city of residence the most important aspect of their lives. Elevating it to the level of personal identity appears to be unique to Vancouver.



"That is a stretch to interpret my post as racist."

Mayaka is a tit.


"Then why do you stay here?"

The definition of insanity. You live in the most expensive place in North America, but hate it. Intelligent. At least us bears who like it have a reason to put up with the bubble. Those who hate it should just leave. If you think Toronto has nice weather you should go enjoy it. Cold winters, snow and hot humid summers. Nice, if you like to stay indoors, have a good heater and an air conditioner.


@DEFAULT NAMEe: …I didn’t say the weather is great, I said it’s easy to deal with it and no amount of whining is going to fix it….

Then shouldn't you stop now?


@ Mayaka 65

That is a stretch to interpret my post as racist. and it should have read high-end luxury market.



I didn't say the weather is great, I said it's easy to deal with it and no amount of whining is going to fix it.


@observer: ….Tiffany completes expansion – highly concentrated vancouver luxury market…

Isn't it reassuring to know this article was vetted by the Sun – that bastion of Journalistic independence? Barf!


@DEFAULT NAMEe: ,,,,Then why do you stay here?,,,,

So I can listen to demented nut-jobs tell everyone how wonderful the weather is here. Everybody needs to get their kicks somehow.

Why do you stay here?



"the high-end market luxury product is alive and well in the city"

This is a racist post.


and while housing affordability is supposedly an issue, the high-end market luxury product is alive and well in the city

Tiffany completes expansion – highly concentrated vancouver luxury market



Then why do you stay here?


@cgh: ….it keeps the place green and July through September is generally solid, decent weather…..

Yes, that's what I love about Vancouver: I get to endure 10 1/2 months of shit to enjoy 6 weeks of cool weather.

I love hitting my head with a hammer cause it feels so awesome when I stop.


@space889: ….Realtor got busted for scuttling a done deal.…..story.html….

Another Santa story, it really must be near Christmas!


@DEFAULT NAMEe:….If it looks like rain, I carry an umbrella. Problem solved. ….

Or better, have an umbrella surgically attached to your arm.


@annonymous: …Would you rather Rain or Toronto’s -40 in Winter and +40 in Summer?…

Well, of course, I can't speak for everyone, but I'd take Toronto weather in a heartbeat!

If I had to compile a top ten list Vancouver's suckability, the absence of summers would be #1 on my list, even above the constant rain which would be a close second place.

(Just in case you were borne here, let me tell you that Toronto has a much longer summer than Vancouver's 6 weeks – if your lucky).


@chilled: "Me thinks Kam’s financial ass is in a sling."

would that be surprising for a realtor? (" ")



"Me thinks Kam’s financial ass is in a sling."

The 50K probably gets you half of the presale contract he paid 20K for.



"What’s “lawful” about these crooks?"

Well the fact they have not broken any laws, been convicted of any crimes and have legal title on the house.

You should read up what defines lawful in Canada.


B.C. residents have highest debt but we’re paying it off faster

They should have interviewed Dave, who would have told them it's ok, all that borrowing is for "investment purposes".


@chilled: Not the Kam (Cam) you think it is:

But I'm aghast that it's a real estate agent. Doesn't she know that real estate only goes up…in New Westminster. By 2020, that condo will be worth millions of dollars!