Pardon the mess.

You might notice things look a little different here. We had a redirect attack on this site that was loading up unwanted pages. We’ve done a complete wipe of the site and a fresh install, new core files, database and admin passwords. That means we’re still putting things back together, so you might notice some stuff missing or not working.

Here’s where we need your feedback. VCI has been running for a few years now and had features dropped on top of old features. It was time for a fresh start anyways, but if there’s anything specific you’re missing from the old site let us know in the comments.

We’re experimenting with a new comment system. We may go back to the old comment system with ratings if there’s demand for it, but that will just take a little longer and our first priority was getting this site back up and running.

We’ve also done away with the local forums, if there’s anything you’re missing from there we’ll try to recover it, but we’re now using for the discussion forum, a little earlier than planned.

Welcome back.

PLEASE NOTE: New policy for user accounts. We’ve had a lot of user registrations lately that are mostly spam accounts. If you register for a user account, please use it to make a comment and take part in the conversation. New accounts that are registered but not used to take part in the conversation within 24 hours may be deleted.

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Hey everyone. Glad to see the site is back on its feet in no time. That was a fast turn-around Pope. Thank you!

Tous Catalogo

How do I get an invite to the Vancouver Peak site?

Hibernating Renter

Looks like the old comment system is back. Thanks for fixing it, Pope!


Yay, VCI is working on the intertubes again! I actually did …work…. at work today. That was a strange experience. Things will be back to normal tomorrow!

…I have logged in as myself (top right corner now gives me the Logout option), but just below this post-new-comment window, it tells me I can comment as a guest, or login with a few methods. Oh no, and my username (M-) is too short when I try to type it in!


How do I get an invite to the Vancouver Peak site?



Thanks for fixing the problem.


thanks for the hard work ! awesome site!


BC's "caution and restraint" budget – tailored to suit the needs of developers and RE cartel.

"The province is introducing several new tax credits including a grant of up to $10,000 on newly-constructed homes for first-time homebuyers. Seniors will be able to claim up to $1,000 for eligible home renovations. "


Good job VCI! Keep it up!

In other news I'm hearing about hedge fund managers shorting Canadian Banks. This is worth paying attention to, it started last fall due to the Real Estate Bubble.

Hedge fund managers always place their bet ahead of the crash.


Thanks for all the hard work!


Thanks for all your hard work guys.

Comments don't seem to be working very well. I logged in to my account here but it keeps asking for my intensedebate wordpress or OpenID account anyhow.