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Thomas Babington Macaulay

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@ condo watcher
You are absolutely correct. We declined renting it for $1450 and were offered the place at $1300 but still don’t think it is worth it. Surely better than a $1200 shoebox of 550 square feet in a “tower” but we are looking on… feeling rents will drop a lot more due to desperate “investors”…


“Christ the electorate in this Province is fucking stupid. I mean REALLY fucking stupid ”

As if electing numerous NDP government over the last few decades isn’t enough evidence of this?


@Patiently Waiting: “Empty storefronts in Whistler” Hey Whistler…. Remember when the Japanese came and you were ‘wold class’ and you no longer needed folks from Vancouver to support your world class resort? Then the Japanese left and the Americans came, and you no longer needed folks from Vancouver to support your world class resort. Then the Americans left and the British came, and you no longer needed folks from Vancouver to support your world class resort Then the British left and the Mexicans (believe it or not) came, and you no longer needed folks from Vancouver to support your world class resort Then the Mexicans left and the Chinese came (although no one ever saw them on the ski hill), and you no longer needed folks from Vancouver to support your world class resort Now nobody comes and you’re wonder… Read more »

midnite toker

@condo watcher: still more and more new condos going up all around that area of poco . Nice area and all but seems a little much

condo watcher

@Patiently Waiting

pretty bad isn’t it—i’m in downtown poco and can hear the train whistles on occasion, along with the hours of “shunting” that goes on in that area
the local papers have recently been running complaints from local residents concerning the trains along that stretch–believe it or not here are a couple of them
1)our realtor didn’t tell us about the trains—all they had to do is look out their back door and see the tracks
2)we don’t like the trains idling behind our house–it shakes the whole house
3)we don’t like the smell of the diesel–the kids can’t play in the back yard when the train goes by
there are many more –lets just say “caveat emptor”


I keep reading richmond is ground zero and am starting to believe it. i heard that mylora golf course was sold and the buyer walked away from his 500k deposit???

Patiently Waiting

@condo watcher: LOL do a streetview of 2664 Kingsway.


@condo watcher: Oops wrong Kingsway!

condo watcher

@ jesse

don’t know of the Norquay area —this is in Port Coquitlam–this 10 unit bldg is “Kingsway Gardens” right next to the railway tracks


@condo watcher: Isn’t that Kingsway stretch in the Norquay development area?

condo watcher

could that be #318 2628 Maple—this owner paid 375k for it in Feb 2010—first listed in aug 2010 for 424.9k–several price drops to where it is now (369.8k)–the entire building is close to being a losing proposition for the buyers—there were 9 listed for sale a few months ago ,most within 20k of what the owners paid–most delisted

check out 2664 Kingsway-(westwood and kingsway)– 10 new units(entire bldg) for sale for a couple of months–price changes of 13k to 32k–they’re going to have to go a lot lower for any takers in this area


So we are now at the highest VW SFH inventory since at least 2005. See the graph here.

We also saw a nice one day + 23 spike in VE SFH, but VE has been well below levels we’ve seen in other years–is VE finally joining the inventory party? VW condos are tracking 2008 levels, but much below 2010 levels. We’re now at 827; peak in June 2010 was 1142.


@bum: “how is okanagan doing recently? i have not seen any reports.”

I would love to see some. Apparently the “top” Realtors are busy as ever up there! (Just a guess) 😉


how is okanagan doing recently? i have not seen any reports.



As soon as he can sell you get your walking papers. Offer him $1000/mth stating this ‘risk’ as leases aren’t worth the paper they are scribed on.


@Islander: “20+ moi for townhouses/condos and 10+ for SFHs”

That’s funny because Bob Rennie said that boomers are going to start downsizing. Guess they don’t like island living and prefer a 1 bedroom 500sqft condo in BPOE.


Another market anecdote: we went to look at a condo to rent today. The owner currently lives in it and has been trying to sell it since June, now wants to rent it out since even after taking it down ten percent and going lower than the 2007 price they had paid when it was new, there are no takers. It is located in poco and priced at 369000 for 1250 square feet. Rent demanded is 1450 a month….


Here are some Parksville/Qualicum stats from march. 20+ moi for townhouses/condos and 10+ for SFHs.



@BulbsForSale: I wouldn’t be surpised if listing were higher, closer to 400. Also expect a fair amount of price changes.


I think listings have tapered off, probably be under 300. Sales haven’t been too high though, probably under 200. That’s my guess.


Any predictions for list / sell stats for tuesdays return to work?

Gresko MCGresko

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We should all go post there, that this thing is old and it was proven not a bubble because most of those houses have doubled in value in the past year.

Uh no. Most of those places are down in value some as much as 10%.


@Makaya: “Think about it for a minute…”

You don’t want to be invested in the TSX.